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  1. I was just sitting watching a movie. Suddenly noticed My name in the main chat saying vulgar things. You click the name and it would pop up my profile. I did not type nor push anything. Has this happened to anyone else? Also how do you protect your self and how does this happen. I feel violated by this.:matte-motes-crying: the words were blue on my name. I only have my av on hair and bare rose clothing. nothing else. I am on Phoenix viewer. I am not shure what RLV is to be honnest. It made it talk out in the main chat like it was me saying things to get me in trouble. the only odd thing I can see was spacing there was a huge space between the name and the text but nothing in it. I tried clicking there and hiligting there to see if there was something hidden. I have been here for years and this is the first time I ever seen somthing like this. Ack I wished I could give You all Kudos. thank you Everyone! *gives you all hugs instead*
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