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  1. As usual, no meeting of any importance is scheduled when I can go. It would be nice if once a month, some inworld meeting were publicized and held at a time when those of us holding down RL jobs and RL lives could attend, preferably in the evening. That, or a Forum posting is used to start the discussion for a few days earlier and that carries over to the inworld meeting.
  2. A mesh with a hole is accomplished simply by generating the correct shape of mesh in the first place.
  3. An Escher Staircase is simple - a series of squares 6 to a side, all touching each other. Have all the squares rotated 25 degrees in the direction of travel, and you have a flat grid of prims that is always ascending or always descending depending on your direction of travel. To add even more realism, have the walking animation so the avatar is rotated backwards 25 degrees as well and you appear to walk up, up, up... The mobius strip can be accomplished with a sculpt. The mobius stripper isn't really all that interesting, as no matter how much clothing she removes there's always more cloth to take off.
  4. So, you don't run any TPV programs then? That's closed source too, unless you can show me the .cpp files for the latest version of Phoenix someplace. I have used Metaverse for a couple of years. I've had no security issue with it nor any other problems. But (and this is the big but!) it is not even remotely an SL viewer for the iphone/pad/touch. It allows me to be inworld so I can chat, IM, and pay people. I cannot see the world around me when I'm in Metaverse. One of the things I'm thinking of building is a pair of black eyeglasses that rez when I'm using Metaverse to signal that I'm blind. While it offers a few uses and is better than nothing, it's not a 3d VW viewer and it never will be. And my line in the sand is 10fps. When graphics drop below that level, I cannot tolerate it anymore. An iphone viewer would likely have an FPS that is best described in archeological terms. So no, I don't see the need to hitch up SL to a mobile platform just because everyone else is trying to do so (and failing utterly).
  5. When I entered SL 1/2 a decade ago, it was a wild and free world where you could do anything and be anything. Freedom to be as silly and crazy as you wanted was the order of the day. Then came some common sense rules. I was good with that, since a small guiding touch wasn't out of line. But then came the iron fist of the mighty armies of King M and the horrors he put into the world. You were no longer allowed to have certain fun in your own homes -- you'd all have to move. You were no longer owners of the land -- never mind that contract, reciept and years of advertisements. Fun? Not in Second Life! They decided that it wasn't a game and they were going to turn the grid into ANYTHING that wasn't fun, just to prove to someone (who I wonder) that SL wasn't a game. Thus, they squelched the fun and the only reason for SL's existance right out of it. Mainland is now a desolate wasteland of empty parcels. Beats me what that's costing them, but it has to be a lot. Now when someone comes onto me in a club I have to worry if the person is underaged in RL and setting me up for a jail stay. Now when I walk around I hit ban line after banline after banline because people are too afraid to leave their parcels open for anyone to wander into anymore. And where used to be inventive and novel builds, now are nothing but storebought cookie cutter buildings, same as the ones in the next parcel. All that's left for me in SL is my group of friends in our private islands where we don't have to worry about the kiddies or Linden good-taste-cops. But as they give up and quit, I have less and less reason to log in myself. One day, there will be too few left for me to bother anymore. And then I won't bother...
  6. I have run both ATI cards and Nvidia cards. My own opinion is... I am never going back to the ATI cards ever again. Period. Their implementation of OpenGL is poor at best and causes many of the bugs you hear about in SL (such as the triangle problem). Updating drivers with ATI involves uninstalling the drivers, starting up in VGA mode, installing the new ones, and HOPING that the new drivers work because you are otherwise stuck in 640x480 mode unless you find the previous version and roll it back. ATI was nothing but trouble for me and Catalyst, for all its good intent, falls way short of the "one driver for all" solution (may work for your card or may not.) Whereas my GTX260 and later 460 cards have never had a problem with OpenGL, were a snap to update drivers on, and have created excellent graphics. And with the 460 cards or newer, you can use the CUDA cores to speed up things like video rendering and encoding. If you are looking to spend top dollar, consider the latest 500 family cards from Nvidia. But for SL purposes, the 400 family doesn't even break a sweat and costs much less. But anyone in SL, my advice would be to totally avoid ATI entirely because their cards are more problematic, glitchy, and work poorly on ANY OpenGL program. ATI views OpenGL as obsolete and would like to ditch it entirely because it draws resources away from supporting directx. So their grudging implementations of OpenGL have been somewhat less than stellar. Whereas Nvidia doesn't seem to care if it's OpenGL, DirectX or some old DOS program from the 90s -- you wanna run it, run it.
  7. If LL ran its ship right instead of wasting money left and right, preventing people from having fun and stealing their property (if you sell someone something and say they own it, you cannot take it back from them), they'd have more people willing to pay more money and own more land. Since LL embarked on its little jihad against anyone involved in anything more risque than you'd see in a Miramax movie, they've crushed the enjoyment and community out of this place. Basic or Premium, if the grid is busted, people are going to find other ways to spend their money rather than bother with SL. It is not in LL's best interest to ignore trouble warnings just because a person is Basic - a busted grid means money walking away and never coming back. So ignoring customers because they are not Uber Fantastic Best Shower Buddy customers is an excellent way to make people who rent land in SL (where LL gets their money) and turn them all into EXCUSTOMERS. Because anyone who has a payment info on file is a PAYING CUSTOMER in SL, premium or basic. And some of us who WERE premium and downgraded in protest of LL's incompetence, could be lured back into paying premium and buying islands again. But not if LL cannot keep to a contract and won't fix its deepseated problems. I paid and I paid, and this great experiment just got suckier and suckier. When LL fixes its attitude problem and corrects the mistakes it has made, they can win my money back. But if it gets so sucky I just finally give up and walk, as so many have already, then that money is gone for good. And so is everyone elses.
  8. @dom I would be content to be required to pay the Premium fee to be required to remain inworld, if the money was used to fix the architecture instead of buying (and closing) companies like OnRez and AvatarsUnited. Gee, imagine how many fibers to the backbone SL could have had, if they'd spent the money on actual infrastructure. If they required all people inworld to be premiums, or even require premium to visit M or A parcels, I would be okay with that. But since demanding that everyone in SL pay up or get out will result in an empty world, I don't see that happening. And since clearly my years of paying Premium were wasted, considering how LL has cost me my home, my group several islands, and they wasted their time energy and money, I'm loathe to restart my premium once again. If LL wants money, then they need to get their heads on straight and run their entertainment business like an entertainment business rather than trying to get rid of all the "creepy customers" who are keeping them fed while trying to sell SL to someone else. LL had lots and lots of money. Their failure to take care of their cash cow is solely their own fault, and I'll not reward incompetence with additional cash. When they've corrected some of their gross faults publically and formally, then I'll reward them -- not before. And if SL dies, then it dies by LL's gross mismanagement -- not by any action of my own.
  9. I see. It's a probe to see if we'd pay extra for guaranteed bandwidth from the labs servers. With everything involved in networking and all the ways packets can be delayed or lost entirely, I cannot see how LL could offer a guaranteed bandwidth to anyone. And we'd still have the same mass utilization of the Isilon server cluster which everything has to come out of. The one server cluster is hammered by every other user and all the DDOS kiddies, so even a 1.2Gbps fiberoptic line wouldn't help much. My answer is No, I would not, because I know that such an approach would not and could not work, since the bottleneck is the overworked Asset server rather than bandwidth. What WOULD help is a distributed asset cache model where the viewer gets an address for the sim the person is in. And that cache server only has a copy of what is there inside the sim. When you want to rez something that isn't on the sim, the viewer polls the cache server, the cache server gets it from the Isilon cluster, then gives it to the viewer. This would finally fix the max number of people problem as Asset is no longer hammered by all the users all teh time -- only when something new is added to a sim. Today, 1000 users on 1000 sims get all their data from one Asset system. Tomorrow, 1000 users on 1000 sims should get data from 1000 cache servers, speeding up access and transmission of data. A reasonably accomplishable change that can be incorporated into new viewers while still being compatible with current ones -- the current ones simply won't be able to call the asset cache for that sim is all.
  10. So. To run SL satisfactorily on a computer, you have to have considerably powerful gear. Not top end, but anything short of a dualcore 3ghz machine with a 200 series nvidia card is going to need sacrifices in order to render at a reasonable rate. People spend 1 to 2K$ for computer power suitable to render SL. And folks think that a puny little 1Ghz A4 processor designed to sip power is going to be able to render SL?
  11. 3Mbps for what? Your home connection? Streaming music relay service? Offworld databases and vendor synchronization? You mention a speedy connection but not what it's to and what it is to be used for.
  12. *examines the date* It's wrinkly and kinda dark. Sort of a deep purple with splotchs of brown here and there. It's a bit pliable still, so there's still a little juice in it. Why, yes, I have a date ma'am. My Palm gives me a date anytime I want one. Why do you ask?
  13. There is a category of Griefer who enjoys being insulting. They like making other people not have fun. Some theorize that it makes them feel better about their own failed lives if they can make others miserable, a passing on of the pain sort of thing. I don't know. But there are folks who get their jollies by speaking garbage and calling people names. You'll find folks walking into packed clubs and calling various people vile racial names without even a clue about the person's nationality, race, creed, etc. It is hardly a new problem (especially for Furries, who seem to be a favorite target). It is best handled by simply banning and muting them. What, you're afraid you are going to hurt the griefer's feelings? it's a shame that the griefer doesn't extend the same courtesy to you, now isn't it?
  14. I noticed several things about 2.6 I don't like. undo doesn't work. While working on a prim, escaping out to select a different prim makes it revert right back to the way it was again. It's almost as if there is a 15 second lag between what I do in the viewer and what the sim accepts in respect to building. Not to mention the rezzing delays. This change is semi-poopy. Once it's fixed, I plan to turn off the Auto Update -- last night's building was impedded because the new viewer ran like slugworks. And that would be fine if I had all the time in the world to complete this project. But actually, it's rather time critical, and this didn't help. I'm hoping things either work better today or a .01 fixes it. But atm I'm not impressed.
  15. Storm: I trusted them to behave like a business. To sell A and deliver A. To make the grid stable and functional. To keep the changes to society as small as possible so interpersonal business could operate, which provides the funds necessary to then give funds to LL for its products. To operate its entertainment product like an entertainment product. To even obey US commercial law, getting right down to the absolute minimum expectations. LL has done none of these things. Their business decisions have been ruinous. They repeatedly sell A but fail to deliver. The grid's functionality has been stuck at Broken since day one. Every change LL implements seems to be designed to make customers as outraged as possible yet deliver little of substance, driving them and their money away. We can't even expect to own the land we paid thousands of dollars for last year, even though we have reciepts and LL itself said we own it. And without my trust, you can count on my rather fat wallet staying as shut as possible. There are better things to spend it on then feeding LL's incompetence. While it is possible for me to change my mind on this, it'll take an outstanding admission from the new CEO and an abrupt change of course before I'll consider it.
  16. what for getting the UUIDs??? Hardly all encompassing or thorough enough for deployment use. Just create a prim for those you are going to give money to touch and spit out their UUIDs. Then you can copy paste the UUIDs into the notecard. touch_start(integer ignore) { key toucher = llDetectedKey(0); llOwnerSay("the uuid of the person is "+(string)toucher); // ownersay so the whole world doesn't hear it. }
  17. I trust my group that I know in RL as well as SL. I trust certain people in SL with considerable weight as they've earned it time and time again, RL and SL I trust those that those above trust, although not as strongly. They've yet to earn that. I trust those I do not know only to certain limits. A certain amount of money or a certain amount of detail about my RL and SL self I trust total strangers with rather little. But that's because they've not earned said trust, nor distrust. I trust LL not at all for they've repeatedly violated my trust and business contracts. Indeed, it will be very hard for LL to recover said trust again. I imagine this is true for most inworld who have been here for more than one year.
  18. I've built many such a thing, principly Balloon rides and Innertube rides. The biggest problems these vehicles have is the sim crossing glitch. Especially when the builder putting them out hasn't heard about the problems with sim crossing and Mono. A mono script is faster and can be much larger. But it thus has to transfer far more data from server to server at a sim crossing. A vehicle going into a moderately loaded sim may not transfer data in time, or worse find itself only partially transferred, where the prims arrive but the script state does not. Tada, you have a junked car in the road. Writing this code in LSL instead of Mono helps as only 1/4 the datasize has to move. But it doesn't eliminate the problem. I used to have a balloon ride that circled all the islands in our chain and start over again. But every day, the balloons would die at a crossing at some point. And so I had to have a timed generator and mod the vehicles to simply derez when they returned to the launching point. The sim cross problem is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon, so I limit my installations to single sim runs to avoid the problems simcrossing causes them.
  19. I'm not personally concerned with how you run your business. I'm merely answering your question about what I like and don't like. And a mall which lures me in and then makes it difficult to a) get around the mall or b) leave the mall, just annoys me; that's all. And I did give a suggestion how to incorporate the fun aspects together with the shopping aspects by adding the freebie boxes to the exploration areas, thus encouraging people to explore them more thoroughly. This also encourages those who don't have the time to do anything but shop to come back later when they have more free time. Also, those who are just having fun are likewise exposed to the stores that they wouldn't be otherwise. If you do this, drop me an LM because I would like to see what you've built. I'm a busy guy (hence my shop and run approach) but I'm always game to see what my fellow creators have created.
  20. Irene: Exactly. If I am there to shop, I am shopping and not exploring. If I am there to explore, I am exploring and not shopping. I do not usually mix the two functions as I get distracted from my task if I do so because I am easily... oh look, a bug. If you want to encourage exploring, have signs in the mall announcing that more than 6 freebie boxes are hidden throughout the area you want people to explore. Then it becomes a game and more people will join in on the fun, especially since there is a reward involved. But wanting to leave and finding that I have to walk to the border of your place rather than just flying away makes me grouchy and less inclined to return there again.
  21. What possible sales boost would it give you to forbid flying? What's the purpose of such a restriction? Me, as a customer, I'd not be all that interested in returning to any store where the flying was turned off. Especially those malls that are 2 or 3 stories high. If you make it more difficult for a customer to get somewhere, then you make it more difficult for them to spend money. It's as simple as that.
  22. One toke over the End of Line, sweet jesus. One toke over the End of Line...
  23. The gross incompetence of SL's management is a given. But even if they went and said "turn all the new toys on today!", only those with the newest LL viewers would be able to see them. This would create a haphazard world where some people start walking into walls they cannot see, ignore warning signs that are not visible, see avatars differently from other people on other viewers, etc. If you think I'm a LL cheerleader (boy howdy!) please take a look at my writings for the past 3 years. I've screamed at the top of my virtual lungs that LL is running their product into the ground and destroying it, and recent history bears me out on this. I've even been temp banned due to my acid pen, which I struggle to keep in its holster even now. What I think needs doing is keeping the 2.5 code under the hood and fixing most of the UI. I'd go even further and simply seperate the entire sidebar into a daughter window with all Messages as tabs on the top, so people with dual displays can have everything up at once and laptop folks can have the world window in front and below the comm window, and be able to see the flashing tabs that signal an IM. But regardless of the state the viewer will be in, it IS all of you rejecting the V2.5 codebase that are holding up the improvements in the world. Unless LL wants to see a world where what you see depends on what viewer you run, they have to wait until everyone is on board with viewers (any viewers) that can render the new stuff. And by insisting on sticking with an old viewer, you cannot render the new stuff. So the new stuff cannot come out. It makes no sense that so many of you complain about problems with crashes and lack of reliability when you won't step out of the old jalopy wreck that's responsible for so many of the problems in the first place. Much improvement has gone into the code underlying 2.5 yet you'll never experience it because the UI isn't what you are used to. Fine and dandy. What people want to run is their own business. But don't try to convince the world that it's the lab's fault nothing is being changed or improved when it is all of you on 1.23 after all this time who are the ones refusing to change and standing still. The lab has updated its code -- you guys running 1.23 have not. So no matter how you butter the toast, the new visual toys are not out because so many of you won't run something (TPV or LL) that is capable of visualizing them. Unless there's a magic trick which embues mystical capablity upon the 1.23 code, giving it psychic ability to be able to run code not written when it was completed to render items not thought of when it was completed to generate rasters unheard of back then and with protocols undreamed of and compressions of 1000:1 using algorithms unimagined when 1.23 was finished. I would love to know how 1.23 codebase is able to incorporate all the new features coming out. Many have been my efforts to add a magic scrying mirror to my code, and I always get a "ERRor -- futuresight.lib not found" problem when compiling.
  24. I don't know what issues you are talking about. I'm running on a top end computer with a top end card myself and my picture is fantastic. Bugs? 2.5 runs for hours and hours on end with no complaints and no faults, better than I ever could do with 1.23 (which always crashed after 2.4 hours). I never said 2.5 was flawless. I've never seen any viewer from anybody that was. But except for the UI issues (seriously, what's so hard about the two buttons bottom right for Play/Stop of parcel music and parcel video?) I get outstanding reliability, fps, and picture quality. Other people's milage may vary but my results have been so stellar that I put up with the **ap interface to have them.
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