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  1. I have seen it happen both ways with my products It seems to depend on how strong your sales are. If you are selling a niche high value product at 0 - 2 a day then a "reset" can have a big effect, if sales are high within the MP ratings update period which I think is every day and the sales levels remain comparable with your peers then there dosn't seem any noticeable effect. In my area there is one dominant player and updates never effect its #1 rating
  2. I have 2 niche market items for sale and have been selling regularly so far this month 8 have been sold 7 of item 1 and 1 off item 2. A couple of days ago item 1 was first page position 3, now item 2 is on one page 1 and item 1 is 11th on page 2. OK I can understand that even with good sales others could have done better, BUT... How can an item that I have only sold one off be on page 1 and the item I sold 7 off be end of page 2? And for fun if i look for best seller item 1 is on page 6!!!!!
  3. Thanks Innula, for the response, it gave me the idea I needed to implement a bullet proof animation regardless of the AO or animation that is currently running and with my own priorites.
  4. Thanks Innula, I will look up the lockmeister commands. I do my own scripting but speicialise in HUD's rather than animations. Just as an aside, the animation is a "standing" and is triggered with a attach not a sit, But if the lockmeister commands turn the AO off then it shouldn't matter :-)
  5. 2 ways to do it... 1. Use the beta grid. I use firestorm but i guess its similar for other. Select "log onto Grid" second life beta or it may be called Aditi. The beta grid is often limited on servers and its best to choose one to log into. Use http://aditi.coreqa.net/gridtool.php to find a server. Log in using your usual account and you will get 12000L to play with. 2. Test within the upload. Again this Firestorm Upload the animation and test within the upload. There is a button in the upload pop up that looks like a movie camera. pressing that runs the animation. you can th
  6. I Have spent a long time creating an animation set that lasts about 30 sec. And it works perfect..UNTIL... The user has an AO on!!. I use priority 4 as this is a one off animation and needs to be top priority. But it seems everyone else uses P4 in their AO animations. I initially of course override the AO as I am at P4 too but then asynchronous to my animation the AO changes its animation and bang mine is gone!! There must be a way of stopping this other than telling the user to turn their AO off which as we know they don't read or do or forgotten how to!!!. How can I use P5 or P6 Thanks fo
  7. Hi folks, I have made a simple eating animation using QAvimator that holds the left arm in a position and moves the right as if to take something from the left hand and take it to the mouth. I have set the priority to 4 as I wish to ensure it overrides any AO or sitting pose The problem is that depending on what AO animation is being played the right are doesnt always do what it should it starts from the wrong place. Any ideas how to make it work consistantly? Thanks
  8. Thanks Dora, Using a mesh could faces be overlaid..as that is I think the requirement to produce a selector for example?
  9. Hi, I have noticed that for a while now there have been 1 object huds that have sliders and colour selectors etc (often used to put skin colour and toe nail colours for shoes etc) and I am intrigued as to how that can be done. I always thought the rules were that a object face could only have one texture at a time and alough that can be moved and sized etc to give an impression of movement I cannot see how that can be when a slider or a selector moves against a fixed background on a single object. I am not after trade secrets or scripting code just after what functions can produce these effect
  10. Hi looking for some help I must be doing something wrong. I an using llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() to increment local coordinates of position and rotation making a simple short animation of a worn object. The co-ordinates are initially set when worn and a timer is used to make small movements. The max time between movements is 10 sec and the min 0.4. The problem is only some movements actually take place, those that do work OK and are moved to the right accumulated positions.I display the coordinates of each movement using llGetLocalPos() and they show the object as moved even though it hasnt
  11. I am new to market place and on selling a few copies of my product i moved up in the best sellers listing. In order to maintain and improve my product i updated to a new version and observed that I had dropped to the bottom again. Is this how it works? Do I not improve my product to maintain position. As a new store its always hard to complete with existing stores and seems even harder if not knowing the rules
  12. Thanks Ela, very helpful. With this knowedge I can implement a solution. thank you. R
  13. Hi anyone had this problem or any ideas? I am communicating with a SQL database via llHTTPRequest on a timer and have been getting phantom updates to the data base. I have proved that (by changing the PHP file and debug in the script) that they are not coming from my current HUD object and can only be coming from a older script (the data is very specific with a CRC that's always correct as would be generated by a script). The only thing I can think of is that there is a orphaned script running on a server. That kinda asks where are worn scripts run? And when are those servers restarted? An
  14. HI, Hope this is the correct forum for this. I have scripted a conception/pregnancy HUD system and I'm looking for a prim newborn baby that can be included in the system for the birthing experience. It only needs to be simple, I will add all the scripts. I have made one myself using blender but my skill is not good enough especially the head, so looking for someone that may already have or could make a suitable sculpt. I have tried to contact various in world vendors but not had any replies. The scripting product is of high quality and this last part is its current downfall. If anyone can help
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