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  1. lots of times when im having a 'slow connection' my nails will be completely off my hands, resetting my connection and relogging in will fix that.
  2. head on down to these three places Collabor88 The Dressing Room The Dressing Room Blue. check out the glam affair, atomic & illusory skins there. I wear them a LOT. they are so pretty. they are usually 1k per skin but at these events under 100L for special makeup on the same sets. can't beat the price! This is atomic This is glam affair You might also want to head out to Al Vulo, as they give away a free skin a month and joining the group is free. this months free gift
  3. this is who i based my avatar off of. tried to make her as realistic as possible. anahata
  4. but your name is 'sextoy'? surely you knew when you were naming yourself what kind of people you would attract?
  5. the only way to truly know it's a girl is take them shopping with you for three hours. real men don't like to shop. that is a joke. (but true, all the guys i know hate shopping)
  6. this happened to a friend of mine that was a lesbian in real life. she was attracted to the avatar and got over that it was a guy because she fell in love with the person inside, and she liked looking at the female avatar in the interim. didn't even see 'him' as a male cuz she didn't know him irl. my ex boyfriend was 'married' to a guy playing a girl too, he knew it was a guy. it was roleplaying to the extreme. i'm pretty sure he kind of liked it. good way to experiment. sucks that they didn't tell you though, in my examples the other person was informed. better late than never thou
  7. i don't mean to sound weird, but wouldn't it be easier to meet and date girls who live in the same area as you in the real world? i mean you wouldn't have to worry about long distance relationships and would actually get to touch someone's skin and smell them (not always a good thing). am i living in a world now where people in their teens and early twenties prefer dating online? i just wonder because i met this 14 year old kid on wow yesterday who was telling me he and his girlfriend only talk on facebook and have only met irl a few times. that kinda freaked me right out.
  8. does anyone know how to put a link in their profile page? i wanted to have my blogs link in there.
  9. there is a store called CRAZY that has a really cool pair of black wedges, can't find it on the marketplace though.
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lamb-Lo-Fi-Chocolate-Bars-Pack/2308825 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TRUTH-HAIR-Evelyn-browns/3088362 truth has a bajillion hairs
  11. that video reminds of a place i used to 'camp' at for money back in 2008ish. can't remember the name. lol.
  12. i made my first character in 2006 and didn't log in again for three years! i was an oldbie and still a noobie.
  13. that video was AWKKKKKWARD... (the redhead and her english beau, gah... no chemistry at all!), and her husband! what a wimp! anyways. i've had lots of RL stuff come from games, not just SL. still friends with all of them. it's all good.
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