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  1. Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KR_Nhm1BnA
  2. Oil shower on the head... 3... 2... 1... All oily.
  3. For me Flickr is one of the best place to discover new things quickly and follow stores
  4. Someone's trash is other's treasure. Look at those cars! Just a little bit duct tape on the side and it's good to go!
  5. You can fix any mismatching seams easily in most 3D softwares by texture painting tools. (You paint around the 3D object's seams and it get's projected to the flat 2D textures). The SL classic avatar's 3D files can be downloaded freely. http://lecs-opensource.secondlife.com/fittedmesh/SecondLifeAvatarSkeleton.zip
  6. Best approach would be to use the same mesh, for the bodies, but fitted and aligned to each body by pushing the verticles around, this way you keep the same UVs, same maps. Whenever possible, I do this.
  7. I'm already using for some of my projects, and honestly can say, 2.8 is the best Blender so far. Even it's still beta, seems pretty stable too!
  8. No one can criticize my candy consumption habits! ....yea, I smoke more than I should, you're right on that.
  9. After cooking the next batch of... well, cotton candy. Yes, just cotton candy in all the boxes.
  10. Very-very useful feature, looking forward to try it!
  11. Crias Rowlands – Content Creating since 2007 Owner of Dusty Hut https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/15532 Expert in mesh apparel, outfit, clothing and accessories creating. Services: - Whole outfit design and creating - Individual pieces design and creating (shoes, coats, armor, etc, anything you wear, except hair) - Environmental props creating indoor and outdoor (any kind of sim accessories except vegetation) What I offer: - Strong mesh modelling skills, using moderate polygon count to keep performance on acceptable level - Strong texturing skills, combining editing, hand-painting and baking - Consistency: all items made by me will be in harmony with each other - Delivery: Shipping all custom orders in reasonable time Prices and payment: All custom orders are different and priced based on the technical complexity. To have a price quote all custom orders needs to be described, communicated properly along with attached drawings, illustrations or photos. All payments can be done in Lindens or USD through PayPal Prices are calculated on the complexity of the project and the average rate of 15USD/Hour Contact: Please drop a notecard about your project including the description of your ideas and at least a few pictures. I’ll contact you for further details and availability of my services. Name your notecard with the following form of „[CUSTOMORDER]-YOURNAME-YOURPROJECT”
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