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  1. George Orellana wrote: When using the newly released IE 9 (I am a Chrome user but my line of work requires me to have the top 5 browsers installed for testing) to post anything on this forum, the content part of the post is not rendered. I had the same problem George. The RC version was doing all sorts of strange things like not showing the content and not allowing the format bar options to work. Honestly I can't tell you what I did to fix it, or that it is completely fixed, because it still acts sort of weird (I hear the forum has a link bug too involving the Reply button). But since I installed the RTM final version, things have improved. I've been using the Rich Text version btw. I haven't tried HTML yet. I'm sort of wondering if these forums (and others I've had problems with) are possibly using Java of some sort, which IE doesn't do well with.
  2. M'kay, it's simple. If we're not the Official Sexiest Freaks of the Week then...it's because they're dead.
  3. Maybe the forum change was a good thing after all. For this to be the only thread on this subject that I've seen and for the majority of the responses to indicate that there are more well adjusted people answering than space cadets is wonderful. It sure wasn't like that before. All I know is that these threads have become reminders of just how lazy and arrogant the human race has become. That's all stereotypes are. Lazy attempts to shortcut spending the time it take to get to know someone by throwing them into a box of predictability. As if the person doing the judging simply lacks the ability or whatever courage it takes to be surprised, or to adapt to the new. Or overestimates the weight of their own tiny pool of experience. I remember when it used to annoy me that people tried to base who I am on generalizations such as the ones in this thread. Then I remembered that defying almost all of them for the entirety of my life was all the proof I've ever needed that I've succeeded in becoming and remaining my own person who had a lot of loving exposure to learning experiences, and took advantage of them. And I rejoice. Solar Legion is right. You won't know unless you're told, or you meet, or you take the time to know them well enough to figure it out. Someone else said every woman is different, and that was right too. You need to let people teach you how to treat them. If you're not prepared to celebrate their individuality but instead want to mistrust and suspect it, then what's the point of being here of all places? (Mother. Avid football, tennis, martial arts, and motorcycle lover. Programmer and graphic designer. Navy daughter and sister to three brothers. Loudmouth. Change my own spark plugs. Won't ever buy you a tie on your birthday. Well, because it's lame. Like obligatory flowers.)
  4. squashy Beeswing wrote: Does anyone know where one can purchase hair to wear under a hat? I'm NOT looking for hair with the hat attached; rather, i need hair that doesn't stick out when i place a hat on top of it. I did find one hair that is specifically 'hat hair' but it's only available in limited colours, and it's not very attractive. :smileysad: What do you suggest? Should i simply shrink my head? I know it doesn't work in all situations, but I usually increase the size of the hat slightly to compensate. At times I'll tilt the hat slightly or change its centerpoint on my head to compensate for bangs. I have a LOT of hairstyles with bangs and most are really bouncy (look at my hair in my badge photo). My ponytails are the same way, and they present more of a problem, so I either wear hats with no brim area in the back like caps or berets, or if I'm wearing something like a sun hat, I'll move it or tilt it forward so it will clear my ponytails. Of course, I only can do this when the hair is tied in loose fashion. Others that are actually pulled up and tied don't allow this. Don't shrink your head though; just supa-size the hat :womanvery-happy:
  5. I worked really hard on my property and it was really big and the outer grounds and hedge maze were created for people to wander around and sit in. I even had a playground inside the maze with a working gumball machine, so it disappointed me anytime I looked in and nobody was there enjoying it. My main house was another matter entirely. If I was there with my bf, or my 'playmates" when I was single, it would have felt like a violation for someone to suddenly show up or to look out a window and see them facing the window and obviously scanning the place. No can do. I had cameras, an orb, and locked doors. The orb and cameras felt silly because they were too much in comparison to keeping people out with just a locked door in RL, but that's what it takes in SL. My house is for me and my friends and invited guests to enjoy. So were my poseballs. Finding someone using them was about as icky when it happened as finding someone using my "bedroom technology" in RL would feel.
  6. See? This is about as far from neutral and darker/charcoal colors as I ever get:
  7. I was having that problem last night. It didn't seem to matter what my draw distance was, and I have everything on maximum, including at one point the network bandwidth slider all the way open and buffer size up to 1 gig. I changed settings of those too and there was really no difference. It was happening at 3am PDT at Magicka hair shop with only two other people in it, and another hair shop where I was the only one. My avie came in fast, but the posters and such on the walls that show the product took nearly 30 minutes to become legible in some cases. None were readable until at least the 20 minute mark. My movement was unimpeded - nothing else seemed wrong except for that. Until I got to Analog Dog Island and all of a sudden the entire interface became unresponsive on two consecutive logout/login attempts. All I could do was listen to the music and spin in a circle. I was on the official latest version viewer btw. Which was force installed after I had to relog earlier with no warning that it was an automatic install.
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: Do you like wearing make-up or do you prefer a natural look? Hi Valerie. I guess I need more help than I thought after not being in-world save for two or three times in the past year and a half or so. I hear everyone talking about tattoo layers and new hair styles that have roots drawn in and such (from the kissing thread I think), and I realize that I have no idea what anyone is talking about and so don't know how to shop anymore because none of these things existed when I was running through stores like a madwoman and a lot of the places I used to buy from are no longer around. I have tattoos,and I wear them pretty much all of the time. Mine are on a clothing layer, as they had to be before. Are you saying there's a special layer just for tattoos now? What do I have to do to use that? Do I need to update something or can I just put my same tattoo objects on a different layer? Do I need a new avi model or viewer for this? Is there a thread that talks about these changes that you know of? Oh, and in the interest of not hijacking the thread, I am pretty pale in RL and so I do use makeup, but most of it is light and soft jut to add a little more color as bright colors really stand out on me. Since the main version of my avie's skin is close to my own, I do the same there too. I use some light blues and reds/roses for eye shadow and a little blush if anything, or I do my favorite and go with charcoal or other dark coloring for accenting, and more neutral looks without blush. I'll post more pics of what I mean from my other computer later :womanhappy:
  9. Wildcat Furse wrote: ...... *meows* Wow Wildcat - if I was ever going to break my own rules and become an annoyingly petulant, stalkerish yet curiously and assertively persistent lovestruck paramour-to-be over another woman who happened to be digitized it would be you. No doubt about it... What a beautiful avie you have! Such a...a, a supa-stah! :womanvery-happy: Oh, and where'ja get that hair?! My current long hair is fired!
  10. Venus Petrov wrote: There is nothing 'wrong' with your use of your profile. After all, it is yours. I was just stating my opinion. I am more likely to strike up a conversation with someone if I can see something of interest in their profile. If it gives me nothing, I move on. I am suggesting that I am shy and like to have some common interest (or an idea of one) before I say 'hello'. I can understand shyness. And again I really wasn't getting on your case. I guess I just feel like quality people are often levels deep and don't necessarily put themselves out there in a profile, preferring for people to actually commit to getting to know them. I know I'm that way. I'd want you to just come up and say hi if you wanted to, without pre-qualifying me like I was trying to buy a house. If you see me in-world, just throw a rolled up pair of socks at my head, or paddle my butt with a tennis racket. I'll chatter like there's no tomorrow and you'll know all about me. It works almost like a ripcord :womanhappy:
  11. Venus Petrov wrote: There are those who leave profiles fairly barren because they wish to have a conversation first--i.e., ask me what you want to know. I prefer to find something that might be of interest to me or is a common interest to start a conversation. So, look at your profile as if it were someone else's and think of how you might start a conversation with yourself. See now I don't get that. I saw you say it was curious to have only one pic in the profile after having been around for two years, but when did there start being an obligatory usage of the profile for anything? When I first got here in '07, I threw all kinds of pictures in my profile and shoutouts to friends, stores, clubs, blah blah blah. After a while, I just stopped doing it. Not for any particular reason besides that it was simply one more thing to update constantly. Then on breaks, I've completely wiped it, like it pretty much is now. I don't feel much obligation to start filling it out again. Everyone is a stranger until they take the step not to stay one. Not getting on your case Venus, but this need for the Cliff-Note version of people ahead of time is a very bad carryover from RL. Interaction between people is not the better for everyone needing a quick summary of others before deciding whether or not they're "worth the time". I remember the days when if people wanted to talk to someone they'd walk up and start talking. They'd discover as they went along. They'd get to know them by getting to know them. I miss those days.
  12. Jazleen Raynier wrote: @ kascha : its wonderful that this amazing place helped you through a really bad time, and that you came through it. I would imagine a lot of people came here for the same reason, to escape and heal themselves. Thanks so much. It's true - there are a lot of people here who are needy, for something. Like I was. I needed to build a paradise, you know? Somewhere where I could go and just "be", in exactly the surroundings and with exactly the ambience I knew I could heal in. And I was able to create it in SL. I built the hedge maze and park area you see being built in this first pic to play and sit in, but by the time I was finished, people would just go in and sit there all the time, or play on the Merry-Go-round or swings. It covered that entire area, plus wrapped around to the front when it was done. It had fountains and a gumball machine and all kinds of stuff. It felt great that I could create something that made others feel as relaxed as it made me: I built a bridge that crossed over from this property to my original one. You can see it just between the trees in the top middle. And on the other side, I set it up this way: There was a gazebo and the entire property was heavily wooded and I had the sound effects for each area set up perfectly, even varying the birds and insects you heard based on time of day. It was very effective. Later, I put in a weather system too, and the waves off the beach, and a whale, because I love them. I'd sit on the upper balcony where you see me and play my harp, or my digeridoo and just close my eyes and listen. And float away. I wish I still had the pictures of the finished property that I used for my landscaping brochure. These were in the creation stage still and don't do it justice. That's what Your World, Your Imagination means. This place and the people in it, and the experiences I had. I wouldn't trade any of it for anything. :womanhappy:
  13. valerie Inshan wrote: @ Josie: lovely photo! Valerie I love your hair in this photo! You look so cute! Was this a recent photo, because if so then hair has come a long way since I was in-world on a daily basis a couple of years ago. Back then the hair you see in my badge and in this photo on me (from Analog Dog) was super high quality. Yours is way more detailed and realistic especially at the roots! Anyways, here's one with my ex, who I was with in the only partnership I've had in SL with another woman. What a crazy relationship that was. But this was taken during our honeymoon phase :womansad:
  14. Here's me trying to look like I'm hot wearing a hat
  15. I've heard enough online about which interests and pursuits of mine make it impossible for me to be a woman that it has become cliche and predictable to hear from people. Like something that doesn't even require originality or dynamic thought anymore. I happened to be watching the Twilight Zone episode where an entire plant full of people were replaced by robots by the pocketwatch swinging owner for efficiency increases, until finally the owner himself was replaced by a robot that swung its own watch, and my signature sort of formed itself. Anyway, I got laughing about the concept of it and couldn't stop, and so there it is. :womanhappy:
  16. Poenald Palen wrote: I keep pondering this. The clothes are so unrealistically tight (for some styles, but obviously not all. We must all see people who look like their clothes where painted on them now and then LOL) that they sort of are like.Ell.."In SSL this is fun to see, but man that would look wierd in RL that tight!" and others simply look almost like muscular people with tailored clothes...sort of. So I mean, the next question is....do you feel like all you need to do is work out and build some muscle and start gettinig tailored clothes or maybe there is no hope to look like some of the avis that are sort of more normal than doll looking? 'Normal' does not mean anything specific about style, I mean about the way the whole stuff looks and not even to much realism is needed to aid your imagination in how the clothes would fit etc. I know my bone structure etc. Is not there, but still....I wonder if people really are shooting to make their av look like a muscular or toned person with fitted clothing and might actually do this look in real life, or at least dream or wish to in the future! Do you think it could inspire people to work out? It doesn't seem to remind me though, I am not a huge looks improver (sort of no hope LOL) and do try to walk around and such for the health benifit of it all. Tailored clothes? I don't shy away from all DIY and we must know at least one person in our town who knows how to alter clothes, right? So.... Does your avatar (or others avis) make you feel like improving your own personal looks, buying fashions, working out, or getting altered/tailored clothing? If you simply don't want to put a person answer in here, any thought are welcome so you can keep your own personal life out of this LOL. Please excuse retarded spelling errors, the spell checker has only grey buttons....zero text...yes, I got mixed up and don't care so much as this is understandable enough I think lol. Yes and no. Yes, I have increased appearances in summer dresses with matching hats and shoes that look like they are coordinated on purpose Southern Belle-style, as well as wearing ankle boots a lot more, so that's good right? On the other hand, attaching a large clear balloon to my butt hasn't worked out because it doesn't actually disappear, gets me laughed at ceaselessly and doesn't increase the number of dances I know how to do AT ALL. That part is not as good...
  17. I've set a personal best at saying "Ellie's Elegant Elephant" quickly. Yes, just this morning. 46 times before lightheadedness, lockjaw, and the annoyed chorus of "STFU ALREADY!" set in.
  18. I found SL when I was dealing with a bad breakup not too long after I had my daughter. It was in 2007 and SL was really exploding with activity and whatnot and I really needed some way to escape what I can now accept was the result of some pretty bad PPD and horrible timing on the part of my ex. Somewhere where I could discover new things and have something and someone to look forward to that didn't cause me fear and anxiety. The first person I met here was so good to me. He helped me un-Ruth myself, showed me around, showed me how to add to friends lists, and was my companion my entire first week. We ended up dating for several months and even when I hit the brakes on remaining exclusive our relationship continued to deepen and we remained BFFs in SL my entire time here. I think I must have been just reading stuff online and something mentioned SL - I can't exactly remember how I found out about it. But it intrigued me and when I saw the website it looked like something I could get lost in that could help me relearn how to have fun. I credit it with helping me through what will hopefully be the most difficult time of my life, and in the end, I think I came out okay.
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