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  1. Ya I've been like that for a long time now. Not because I can't get in, but because the grid has changed so much since I was last in that I can't even really get used to it. I'd literally have to start from scratch. All of my notecards, clothing, landmarks...they're all pretty much defunct. Everywhere I tp I end up underwater when I'm expecting something entirely different, lol. But I still love joining in conversations.
  2. I remember you from this forum actually (maybe in its old incarnation) because your name is unforgettable and used to make me laugh in a great way. It's cute. I'm not here very often and haven't really been in SL consistently since 2008 but if someone asks if they're remembered there's no way I can know the answer is yes and leave them with silence so... Of COURSE you're remembered! And fondly! :matte-motes-shocked:
  3. DeRiso Slade wrote: Hello, I'm back after a 9 year abscence and have found that I'm unable to use my files. I have no body, clothes, etc. When I try to wear something nothing happens. Do I need to start from scratch, and if so, where do I go to find a body? Thanks! Nine years. Wow, you've got me beat. I just came back in after being gone since '08 only to find Kazami North was gone (my home sim), almost everywhere I used to go was gone so now I end up tp'ing to the bottom of the ocean half the time, and almost none of my gear still fits, most annoyingly my shoes and boots! I miss 2007. Can I get a WayBackMachine ride to Festival Island, GOL3, Caribbean Breezes, and that year's version of Ethereal Teal just once? Pretty please?!
  4. Abigail Longmeadow wrote: Be sure you are using a current viewer. Viewer software has changed a lot since 2010. Best to do a clean install: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-uninstall-and-reinstall-Second-Life/ta-p/1375231 http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/ http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory If you were able to log in, then your account is still working, you just are having problems rezing. This is called a Bake Fail. Start here: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bake_fail I had no doubt it would have changed. My question is did it actually get better. Like truly better. Matter of fact, did rezzing in SL on initial login and rendering an avie get any smoother? I've actually been gone since 2008 or so and have only been in-world twice since then. When I did try to get in, it would take me upwards of 20 mnutes to take off enough stuff and jockey through outfits and attachments in order to get fully rezzed. And then there were wholesale differences in capability and feature support viewer to viewer - I remember tattoo layers being one of those issues, leading me to stick with version 1.x of the Singularity viewer for what was likely far too long. I know everything went to mesh, but with the money I spent on custom skins and shapes, and the fortune I spent on prim clothing and hair between 2007 and late 2008, I just couldn't bring myself to trash most of my inventory and start over because by the end, not much really fit well. I did buy a new shape and skin, and I like it, but I experienced a lot of the same issues last time, especally with half the avie being featureless depending on the viewer used. What viewer works best now and how smooth is the current SL experience?
  5. ZoeTick wrote: Alwin Alcott wrote: i won't say it's a open invitation, but going afk on a sexbed is a bit ... ehm ... dumb .. there is no privacy on sl, everybody who sees it can join. Simply log off if you can't keep an eye on your avi. Reported for insensitivity to those SL participants who are actually unable to speak. I suggest you choose your words more carefully. There are plenty of synonyms for stupid which are not gratuitously offensive, like idiotic, moronic, unintelligent, ignorant, dense, foolish, slow, simpleminded, vacuous, vapid, imbecilic, obtuse, doltish, thick, dim, half-witted, daft, dozy, cretinous, all of which you might wish to use to describe the OP's "friend" without insulting the vocally impaired. Wow. That's a whole lot of stuff there. While we're on the subject of foreknowledge or preconsideration of the background of other forum members, perhaps a look at the definition of the word "dumb" right underneath the version you've chosen to highlight is in order. Particular attention shoud be paid to the region in which this definition is a longstanding commonality. Considering the number of words used in other regions which have completely different meanings and intensities in America that are almost never accounted for, I would hope that this tendency to demand such nitpicking lest ye be tattled on is an exception rather than a rule. I can think of a word used in Britain to describe a "jerk" which is typically, again in Britain, used by a man talking to another man which if used in America in the presence of a woman will have her and many around hopping mad. I doubt I have to spell it out, but when the average English guy gets checked on that faux pas the reaction that I've gotten many times was for that very same word to be directed AT ME in the very American definition of itself. And, as alluded to earlier, I am in those instances indeed hopping mad. dumb dəm/ adjective adjective: dumb; comparative adjective: dumber; superlative adjective: dumbest 1. offensive (of a person) unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness. "he was born deaf, dumb, and blind" synonyms: mute, speechless, tongue-tied, silent, at a loss for words; More taciturn, uncommunicative, untalkative, tight-lipped, close-mouthed; informalmum "she stood dumb while he shouted" (of animals) unable to speak as a natural state and thus regarded as helpless or deserving pity. temporarily unable or unwilling to speak. "she stood dumb while he poured out a stream of abuse" synonyms: mute, speechless, tongue-tied, silent, at a loss for words; More taciturn, uncommunicative, untalkative, tight-lipped, close-mouthed; informalmum "she stood dumb while he shouted" resulting in or expressed by speechlessness. "they stared in dumb amazement" synonyms: mute, speechless, tongue-tied, silent, at a loss for words; More taciturn, uncommunicative, untalkative, tight-lipped, close-mouthed; informalmum "she stood dumb while he shouted" 2. North American informal stupid. "a dumb question" synonyms: stupid, unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, slow, dull, simple, empty-headed, stunned, vacuous, vapid, idiotic, half-baked, imbecilic, bovine; More
  6. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: I've logged out with her safe in a church, praying the rosary; logged back in to find her dressed in latex, hair mussed and smoking a cigarette:matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Hilarious!
  7. DJSputnik wrote: There are few sights on SL as sickening as the reaction from women when a Linden appears in a sim. Every time there is a meeting inworld and a Linden attends, there is always at least one old trout who starts lisping over mic, "Oh thank you...thank you...great job...great new video...oh thank you, Ebbe...wonderful" LISTEN, YOU STUPID WOMEN: the Lindens will NEVER date you. So be quiet and stop making us want to hurl with your doe-eyed fan worship. LOL! Wait, you are talking about Lindens? OMFG AHHHHH I LOVE WHEN SOMEONE DOES THAT!!!!! :matte-motes-inlove:
  8. Feldspar Millgrove wrote: Reliability aside (!), isn't SL Voice better than Skype? Skype is not 3D enabled. Is it on perpetual mute then? If so, HECK YA it's better than Skype!
  9. To wear something like these do you have to have an entirely mesh or rigged mesh avatar? Do these work with regular shapes and such? Sorry for my ignorance. I have just returned after being gone since 2010 and know very little about mesh, but got an avie that I love with a rigged mesh head and regular body because it prevents me from having to toss my whole wardrobe. But my bewbs are a bit...stalwart. Stone-like? Okay they don't really move, "much"? I would like something a bit more natural if possible...
  10. Jazleen Raynier wrote: Ive never added to this with a picture, but when I came back to SL after 18mths away nursing a broken heart I decided Jaz needed a new look for a new start and I think I've just about got her there...cept I seem to have one boob bigger than the other...go figure xxxx Beautiful! Ya that's the way you want to come back alright!
  11. Aeromia wrote: I don't doubt it. every single bit of layer/mesh/prim has its uses and when done well, it can create stunning effects. Tis why I don't want to throw away the good things I've collected over the years. I can't just restrict myself to one type and toss everything else. Also started in 2007 and although I have just really come back in world after leaving in 2010, I am the same way. I still have most of my clothing, jewelry, etc that I collected throughout, from many many designers, since I tend to shop on looks rather than staying loyal to any particular designer as well. The real exception would be shoes, where I am still a Stilletto Moody groupie to this day and have multiple pairs to this day. I do it with outfits too, and formalwear. If I like a gown or dress in one color I probably like it in most of the colors it comes in, and I've bought more than one. And with most of my club wear, I do a lot of mixing and matching. Blouses, jeans and whatnot. All the time. It's the whole reason I've gone with a hybrid avie now with rigged mesh head and regular body, so I wouldn't have to clean out my entire existing closet. Because, of course not. No I refuse to!
  12. Coby Foden wrote: Kascha Matova wrote: But as you can see, there is a really serious problem with the lighting on the textures. Now my face appears to have a really strong facelight applied, but the body is completely left out, and it never looks even passable except during broad daylight. There is option in the HUD for the head: Full bright ON/OFF. As you have noticed with full bright ON the head looks ok only in full daylight. To not be like a lighthouse in darker places just turn the full bright OFF from the head via the head HUD. Haha thank you so much. I did actually figure this out after, and this sounds really pathetic, learning that there were more options on the HUD for the avie than I had actually noticed. Wow I wish there were better reasons I dealt with this! :matte-motes-mad:
  13. Veronica Kanya wrote: Hehehe I think with me it's finding people and places to go. I found a cute little blues place last night where people were dancing and having a good time. It reminded me of my first days of running into a wall and dancing at random clubs. I was afraid places like that didn't exist anymore. It's good to know that they do Haha I remember that too. Used to do that all the time in 2007 when I first got in world. I still miss Festival Island. Total rave atmosphere and SL seemed like a magical fairyland back then. I worked at like 6 different clubs as a dancer including my original favorite GOL3. Had a crew of like 8 of us girls who were just total brats and ran together constantly, got hired as a group, tore it up. Sigh. Miss those days. The paranoia of SL both inside and outside took that away from us, both from the seemingly right wing extremist voice Nazis and gender witch hunters and from the jackbooted overbearing government regulators taking the...the...what was the name of those balls that used to hang over the dance floors throwing out Lindens? The furor over the so called "gambling" you know. Just killed everything. We ended up spending more time defending the ludicrous and the obvious than anything else and the innocence went away. I walked away from an $1100 USD estate and park that I had created with my own hands and funded and a burgeoning landscaping career disillusioned. But I just haven't been able to unfeel that disillusionment and un-know how people had become. Looks like I'm not the only one, huh? :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  14. Veronica Kanya wrote: Yeah I was taping a video yesterday so I had all the graphics turnt up. Luckily the subject was about people not rezzing and everything looked amazing. Yet when I closed out my screen took forever to close, and then it went pink. I'm sure it's more my graphics card than anything. I don't even know what is the perferred viewer anymore. I still use firestorm. Is there anything else? I'm still not sure. I remember going through tons of viewers back in the day, settling finally on Singularity because of its interface and response and because it handled tattoo layers so well. But it seems like their development has not really progressed much since version 1 or maybe 2. Some features just never turned up it seemed (I think ultimately it came down to yes it handled tattoo layers but it never got to multiple tattoo layers per attachment point, or something like that). So trying it now in 64-bit, it doesn't seem to handle mesh quite right, although that could have been because I wasn't doing something right in configuring my avie. My head texture wasn't showing up, so I went to Firestorm, which did the same thing, until I learned the avie. Now it's perfect, so maybe I'll do Singularity again just for a comparison and stick with it if it works. FIrestorm is very good but there are more controls possible than I have need for control. I prefer the older interfaces.
  15. Agreed. I've been gone from In World participation since about 2010 and everything is different. Of course I haven't seen much of anything yet, but things appear smoother and now I have a whole world of mesh to explore. However, it is annoying that some things have stayed the same. I was quickly reminded of the fact that there is not much to talk about unless you allow yourself to be shoehorned into using voice, which I will refuse to do all over again. And now it's gone one better (or worse) and progressed to Skype and Google Voice. What is the point? Why don't we just do that and forget SL, because it's not a virtual world when I'm staring at everyone's real face all night. Oh, and we still cannot log in without having to immediately be accountable to all my friends who are going to feel butthurt because I appear to all the world to have something I was planning to do upon logging in that had nothing to do with being TP'd to their location to do what they think I should be doing. Will there ever be a way to reserve the right to decide whether or not to be detectable online? And no. Logging in as an ALT is not a sufficient alternative.
  16. I'm sorry. Don't want to mess up a continuously great thread. But I just got back to SL after a lengthy absence and am trying to get up to speed on mesh. I fell in love with a hybrid avie, shown on me below, which has a mesh head and regular body so I get the high quality face but can wear any clothing I already have plus anything I buy. But as you can see, there is a really serious problem with the lighting on the textures. Now my face appears to have a really strong facelight applied, but the body is completely left out, and it never looks even passable except during broad daylight. It's no modify btw, and even when I go in to one of the few areas I can and try to mess with full bright settings on the body textures, all I can do in uncheck that and then the body gets even darker. Which means yes. In these pics, the body is using full bright textures. People at the SLMarketplace in the comments confirmed this is not just my copy, and one person mentioned messing with the lighting to fix it (which I don't know how to do). Can anyone give me any advice as to what causes this and/or how I can lessen this effect?
  17. Ya I imagine there is quite a bit more backstory to this than it appears and that this is being framed as harrassment because of that. However, even if there weren't? And this is an isolated incident or something that is being visited only on the OP with no history of griefing reported by others? That's actually all it should take. The determination of what is distressing to an individual requires no consensus agreement by a community panel. It is an individual line defined by an individual who is the only one that has the right to determine when/if it has been sufficiently crossed over.
  18. Hey Marianne. I've been gone a really long time but was thinking of coming back to SL. Where is that sim you took the pic in? It is beautiful. The sot of place I'd buy an industrial loft, write, have lots of sechs, and loop Bowery Electric music in with all sorts of old movie posters on the walls. In fact, I'd proably start with this one on move in day :
  19. Wow! SecondLife has seemingly come a long way since I was last here in like...2010. Of course, that girl was just a tad creepy and emote-crazy but...that's what makes her FUNNE! Amirite? :smileylol:
  20. nikita Jefferson wrote: I have had a couple of Character test failures, Twice after LL did restarts i logged in and was "ruthed" nothing i did could get me back to normal. Trying to wear Current outfit would not work either Finally i read if one makes up a folder, puts a shape and skin and all you want to wear then right click the folder and choose "replace outfit" everything goes on. That how i have had to resolve it when character test would not work. I'm on Phoenix by the way As for being an egg, might be diferent. I fired up an old computer i ran SL on with an intel chip, i was an egg when i logged in, i did 'nt worry about it as i was'nt using that computer . But i do know what you mean about being an egg, i assumed it was because my chip could nt handle SL very well I did the ready built folder thing all the time, and still had the egg problem. Either that or no recognition by the system that jeans had been changed. One or the other many times. It's why I finally just stopped trying to log back in. And this after having come back from a hiatus of several years only to find that my cable connection had so much packet loss despite being wired to even make a serious attempt at SL. So I switched back to U-Verse, got rid of the packet loss, have since upgraded to an even more powerful computer with 16GB RAM a GTX460 and a Phenom II X6 1100T 6 core chip plus other things, and still can't shake the egg thing more often than not. Sometimes it simply proves itself inefficient in the extreme, does SL.
  21. Dillon Levenque wrote: And no, you don't need to answer the question. I was flying around looking for some waterfront land in a fairly well populated place. Had property lines and land owners on in View so I could see what's what. I was flying, so I was trying to stick to the roads and public spaces, stopping now and then to cam out and look for unoccupied parcels. Saw a little slice that didn't come up colored in view and did not have any buildings. Could have been available but there was no way to tell from where I was, so I flew over it and like an idiot landed before I looked at 'About Land'. It was of course owned and not for sale (I'd looked at two other parcels that were similarly unoccupied but WERE for sale at waterfront prices). Seeing I was on someone's private property I wanted to scoot. Could I fly away? NO. Flying not allowed! I could have tp'd home but I wasn't through looking. So I walked off the island and Jacques Cousteau'd it through the harbor till I got to some roads, and then along those for a while until I could fly again. If there is a good reason for prohibiting flying, now's your chance to tell me what it is. I sort of understand it in sims where shops are around the LP and most visitors are more interested in what's going on elsewhere in the sim, but even then it's a waste of time: once people catch on they just run through the mall to get to the good stuff anyway. So why? I would think for realism - even in non-RP environments, like say just on someone's property. I used to do this, because I was on a whole lot and designed my property such that I wanted everything to look "actual factual" no matter where I was sitting and viewing it from. If I was sitting out on my beach and someone came up, it would look ridiculous for them to come up flying. I didn't spend close to a week meticulously choosing, purchasing, and placing birds, trees, and the associated sound effects for those, making sure they were time of day and location aware, plus realistic waves and water sounds based on whether the water was still or moving, so that the experience could be blown by a flying candy bar in a top hat! I would expect said candy bar to simply walk out of view of course. Everything proper and in its order, see? Candy bars cannot wave and fly at the same time. Everyone knows this. I admit now that this was a hinderance to people who may need to move through my property when I was not there of course. So I usually tried to turn flying back on before logging out.
  22. Dresden Ceriano wrote: I'm just happy you took my response in the spirit that it was meant... instead of getting all bent out of shape over it. For some reason, I've come to expect that from everyone... lol. ...Dres Actually Dres I agree with your views as well 100%. It is not the idea that there are people who are unhappy with facelights or who wish to enjoy environments as designed that is getting said people a backlash to their stated feelings. It is the ad hominems and non sequiturs about the character and motivations of any who don't comply that is the problem, as well as the seemingly total disregard for both the learning curve of the SL (and any 3D) system and the somewhat non-intuitive nature of the viewers. There are tons of people who aren't even aware there are other viewers available. I was on here from '07 to mid 2010 before I started using an alternate. And the only way I became aware of any is through this site. Whatever I learned about alternate camera angles or seeing other assets/laser guided brouhaha showing hidden objects/light decay, etc. I learned mostly by accident, or by losing stuff under or above my house! Also through using weather systems with invisible emitters. Some people talk about using an alt to see themselves as if such a thing were obvious to everyone. It's not, and there are a fair amount of people for whom the use of an alt has always equaled evil anyways because there has been that hanging debate over the years as well; even right here on the forums. Back before Windlight, when facelights were a lot more prevalent, if they went overboard and someone wanted to tell them, they just did. Not everyone took that upon themselves though - some simply let the wearers walk on oblivious, unless asked by the wearers directly. With voice, avies walk around in silence not even obviously communicating at all. Who knows what anyone is thinking about those around them. The point is, there is no reason to think the worst of everyone who uses these and to imply there is is fallacious reasoning. It's also really unfair to hang 100% of the responsibility on the wearers while never saying a word about the creators of such grief-capable products. Either about creating them in the first place, or about not being honest regarding their undesireable effects. On a related note, if you could point out where one could get such subtle lights, or even better, lights with adjustable intensity, that would be great. I continue to take a dim view on the idea that because not everyone can see the effect anyway, I might as well simply not use them at all. If that were in any way valid, nobody here would be wearing anything that couldn't be seen in a 1.x viewer, including multiple tattoo layers, alphas, and a host of other things.
  23. Baloo Uriza wrote: Lighting is unpredictabe in the real world. Lighting, unlike what you claim, can't change a bad looking skin or accessories from looking bad. Then they just look bad, brightly. If you're trying to imply that poor skin design is the only explanation for why facelights were needed, I'm going to have to disagree. My top dollar skins by household word designers looked just as crappy in '07-'08 as the freebies I'd wear just to be funny. Light may not be predictable, but it doesn't shine according to pedigree either. As for the real world, the unpredictability of lighting does not stop makeup manufacturers from trying to design to exploit it, and it is certainly important enough for photographers to control it where they can. When they can't control natural light? They use their own lights. Lighting may not be able to make the Elephant Man look like Jolie, but the wrong lighting will see to it that Jolie doesn't look anything like Jolie either. In fact, with eyes and lips that big, cheekbones that high, eyelids that heavy and too much shadow? And pale too? She looks like a cross between a zombie and that guy on the tricycle in Saw. Here's the only thing I claim, that I think ought to matter: There are as many reasons for residents to be wearing facelights as there are residents who wear facelights. The arrogant self absorbed fools are not the ones wearing the facelights. They're the ones who think they can narrow the motivations and situations of the entire lot down to an if-then conditional. The problem here isn't facelights. It's lack of tolerance and humility. There's your relevant comparison to the real world. Such generalization fails in the real world too, and is pretty universally considered a marker for ignorance.
  24. Innula Zenovka wrote: Kascha, I think the reason facelights are still popular with new players is pretty much the same as it was before we had Windlight -- that they make skins look a lot better in the default SL lighting. And it takes a bit of time before you realise that you can adjust your Windlight settings to achieve much the same effect and also -- which took me rather longer to realise -- that because other people are playing with their Windlight settings, too, you really have very little control over how you look to other people, whether you're using facelights or Windlight settings to control how you look to yourself. What really brought this home to me was when I made an alt once and bought her a starter pack that included a skin, clothes, hair and facelight. When I was logged in as her, she looked really pretty good. Then I logged in as me, and she looked like she was standing under a floodlight, which meant I couldn't really see her face properly. So I switched to her, ditched the facelight, and played with her face a bit till she looked good in normal SL daytime lighting and even better using the Windlight presets I tend to favour. But it takes time, I think, for people to realise that, whatever they do, they can only really control how they look to themselves, not to anyone else, facelights or not, and that, anyway, half the time people aren't going to see their facelights, no matter how subtle they are, because they'll have turned them off to avoid someone else who has got megawatt lights. Yes! Exactly! This is exactly my point. This is not Doom. It is a far more complex system to learn and the people attempting to start new are never prepared for it. I was lucky to have a complete angel take me under his wing within a few minutes of rezzing in the main grid for the first time who was patient and taught me what was what. And then when I learned it and he saw what he'd helped me do and realized how his patience and care made me feel, he proposed to me. And still with his help I was learning something new about the place every day and doing less and less "dumb" as I went. Now I even teach him things, including what he's bought to wear that can never again see daylight if he expects to keep a wife with eyes. I actually left SL for a year and when I came back, my boats didn't work, my facelights looked like they were the only lights in the entire neighborhood, shoes didn't work. I tried to buy new versions of that stuff and they just weren't the same. The facelights weren't subtle anymore they were double facelights and they resembled the sun in brightness. I tried messing with them in different Windlight environments. They were no longer effective. I could see that for myself, and I stopped wearing them. According to some, there's only one summation for why I ever wore them. I'm an idiot. Que my default response, mentioned in an earlier post. If people want to lie to themselves, act like it's realistic to claim this system has a linear enough learning curve for new residents to see through deceptive advertising to the real performance of such items, deny that they too looked like fools until they learned, and then on the basis of that, cry about their own false dilemmas? Fine - it's a free world for the moment. Just don't try to present that world as the SL world we all live in. Because it is not. That's really all there is to it.
  25. Jenni Darkwatch wrote: Others have already pointed out what exactly facelights do to others. It's pretty irrelevant whether the facelight is too bright or not. Besides, Facelights promise something they cannot keep. What people see depends too much on individual settings. Instead of "making avis look their best", all they do is make their users look like imbecile, inconsiderate idiots. Half of what "others" said referred to overly bright facelights shining all over them, and the surface around them. Doesn't match any version of "irrelevant" that I've come across at all. Whether or not it actually makes avies look better or worse, is what is actually irrelevant. They are historically sold to improve appearance. Until I bought several and realized that they all are generally overpowered and there is no way to standardize their effect, I went with what the manufacturers. said on the box. So did almost everybody else who bought one, which would include more people here than will get off their high horses to admit. I remember you from when I used to come on here a lot a few years back. You were pretty level headed. So you likely realize that there are only two types of people on this thread. Those who didn't know better when they got to SL and learned through experience what works and doesn't work. And liars. Now when you want to add "proud" to "dishonest"? You get "fool"; a very close cousin to "imbecile" and next door neighbor to "idiot". So if that's your kink so to speak, you needn't run around SL looking for people with mag-lites hanging off their faces. And honestly? That's the "lollipops" response to entitlement-based squawking. The default response is more of a hand-gesture. People will learn. Eventually they stop wearing giant genitals with nothing else on. They stop walking into the homes of others unbidden. They stop asking "U Want Sechs?" And yes, they stop buying everything they see that sounds good, including facelights, especially once they've learned that they may be doing more harm than good. And the ones that don't, get de-rendered. At least by those of us who have in fact learned something about this place and would rather solve the problem than stand around acting peed on.
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