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  1. Emma Geraln wrote: Seriously I just found out that I'm really made of some kind of squishy stuff and not pixels! I don't know what to do... Please help! Okay this thread is odd, but...I guess it's not as odd as the guy who IM'd me out of the blue one day saying he was in love with me and wanted me to facilitate his fantasy of being as small as an action figure and riding around SL tucked into my buttcrack and peeking out over my panties. :matte-motes-impatient:
  2. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: Rodvik and I were just good friends, with many mutual interests in such things as "The Just Society," ending virtual famine and poverty, and Soviet command and control structures 1941-1945. All scurrilous rumours to the contrary, it was never more than that. Alrighty. And though I have no idea what is going on and have no dog in this fight so to speak, I had to take time out from my uber busy schedule where I look at the wall and the floor a lot, while still finding time to admire my nails so I could say that... Going from ending virtual famine and poverty to Soviet command and control structures from 1941-1945 has caused an accident with my soda and computer screen. All I can hear in my head now is Captain Crunch tapping a spoon on a full cereal bowl and asking, "do you haf...your paypahs???". I KNOW that's probably not Russian but I never said I was smarte! Onward! (edited for spelling - badlee)
  3. Keli Kyrie wrote: This question has come up before: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/Alienware-M17X-Graphics-Card-1-5GB-GDDR5-Nvidia-GeForce-GTX-460M/qaq-p/805907/comment-id/5349 This is what the poster writes: Refer back if still in trouble. It's function key + F7 to switch graphics modes between integrated and discrete but hers doesn't work right and there is nothing onscreen to tell you which mode you're in. Anyway, try it. What she does is pull the battery out and the M17X will boot in discrete graphics mode and stay there even if battery replaced. The integrated mode is really only for when using the laptop on battery power or light use. On battery power in discrete mode, you're likely only to get 30 minutes of use. You can also switch in the bios and indeed set it always to boot in discrete mode but that may not suit you. If in Stealth mode, the M17X will switch off discrete graphics. Discrete, integrated, discrete, integrated - you never know which one will come up next! Some call it...spontaneity :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  4. Cio Koba wrote: Staring at the apocalypse of our planet can also be very relaxing. I love this photo. It's ominous and really gritty in a way I can't really articulate. But trust me I feel it!
  5. My avie looks a lot like me, though with one added ethnic variation. I pretty much came here intending it to be that way, or if not actually "intending", simply finding that everything sort of flowed that way naturally and with much more ease. I did create an alt for purposes of a group, but I must have only logged her on twice since '07 and I don't think I ever even expanded her look beyond the default. As time has gone on, my main avie has only become more synonymous with SL participation. I find myself unable to imagine being in-world as someone else. In fact, I find myself quickly uncomfortable with changing skins for example to one of my faarie skins, for any length of time. It just doesn't feel like me anymore. I don't know how much of that has to do with basic familiarity versus not being able to endure putting away a skin and shape I spent a considerable amount of money commissioning from scratch, but whichever it is, I am quite content with exploring the world of fashion and hairstyles to reinvent or evolve.
  6. Tolya Ugajin wrote: Yes, create a new account and start over. Or, mute her and I think you can also derender her if you run into her. Ain't it great that SL has all the same BS problems as RL? How bout the same SL solutions for RL? How close are we to a combination DeRender/E-Z button? Maybe a remote I can hang on my keychain? C'mon don't give me no bad news! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  7. CarloLaCroix wrote: Is the threat i received a fake? Some executables get mistakenly flagged as trojans and whatnot by virus detectors. Also if you have a firewall built into it, attempts to communicate to and from your computer on what are considered non standard TCP ports, as well as transmissions via UDP, are frowned on by default settings on most firewalls, since default is to block everything except known ports like 80, 53, 443, 110, and 25. What you can do to counter that is to either put your firewall program in learning mode, start SL or its install program, and then okay it when it is detected and flagged. Otherwise you can go directly into your port mapping or policy settings and manually add secondlife.exe and SLVoice.exe to the list of acceptable programs, over applicable ports. This should help hopefully! :womanhappy:
  8. Indeed Val! What Venus said. Welcome back. You've been missed, but I trust your vacation was wonderous, refreshing and full of sweet sights, sounds, and feelings. :womanhappy:
  9. Thorn Garsdale wrote: I wanted to add something else. Someone made that analogy that if someone represented a painting as something it was really not, and sold it as such, then that would be fraud and a liable offense in real life. I understand the analogy, but I think it's flawed. In SL I am not selling you the RL me. I am selling you an avatar. An avatar with my soul, my feelings and my personality. My RL is not for sale. I am not sure why people would make up a complete false RL stories/backgrounds to go along with their SL indentity, especially if they don't have to. I don't believe most gender benders do that. I think it's just easier to believe that if they "lied" about one thing, they have lied about it all, which is totally understandable. With all this said, I don't think people who lie about their RL gender set out to lie. I believe what happens is they form very real connections with someone, and when it comes time to tell the truth, it doesn't come down to a decision of whether to lie or not, but rather whether to risk losing the relationship they have come to depend on or not. That might be selfish, but at least it's the truth. Funny this worked when you said it. This is exactly how I've felt and what I've tried to put across for as long as this topic has presented itself in my years of being here and yet I can't even get people to admit that there could possibly be a shade of gray in this purported black and white area. Not even one shade of gray admitted to without hand wringing, teeth gritting difficulty. It's vindicating for me to know that there is at least one other person who refuses to deal in false dilemmas and can actually fight through Crying Game flashbacks when discussing this topic. Thank you from me and for me, and for my first SL love. Who if nothing else, is a man who showed me that gray in some things can be as beautiful a color as any other if given half a chance and looked at with perspective and self awareness. :matte-motes-smitten:
  10. I'm going with what Ceera said, twice, and for all the reasons she said it. It was always no to voice and pretty much always will be for me. The people who need to hear me talk or to talk to me from SL have my phone number. At one point in '09 I considered trying voice since some of my friends used it, but the bully tactics of many guys I met who thought they could guilt me into using it only reinforced for me that it was a lousy addition and it sort of died for good right there. I'd also like to add that whomever mentioned that people here who saw no use or need for voice could not be gamers was not being entirely accurate. My brothers are all avid gamers. Two of them older than me and I played several of the games with them. All of the first person shooters like Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, et al that put multiplayer online gaming on the map and were directly responsible for the very existence of COD and others multiplayer gaming had text based group chat ability and some preceded any realistic ability by VOIP to support voice-enabled team play. It would be ridiculous to claim that people who played the games I mentioned so fanatically that those games were named public enemy number 1 of networks and corporate production everywhere were not "gamers".
  11. Storm Clarence wrote: Imo, and no disrespect intended, WildCat would 'kill' him. :matte-motes-bored: Well she does seem like a pretty tough kitty. No telling what happens if he arrives doubled up with catnip however :matte-motes-whistle:
  12. Jaylin Wytchwood wrote: Mayalily wrote: I may try this Phoenix viewer also. It's going to be a whole new set of tools for me to learn tho, not to mention I've bought things that say for v2. No Problems then, Phoenix has all technical abilities of V2, primarily meant is the use of the Tattoo layer, or the use af alpha masks, that makes an item "for V2". If you are used to V2, you might like to try the Firestorm viewer, as it mixes the look of V2 and V1, allowing you to customize its look. Wait. Again I'm confused. Are you saying that the regular Phoenix viewer supports multiple tattoo and alpha layers as well as multiple attachments? I've used it and unless I'm going crazy it has never worked. Their only product I've seen that work on is Firestorm, which it's anybody's guess when that will ever come out of beta. I thought Phoenix was primarily V1 code with single tattoo and alpha layer functionality added in?
  13. Venus Petrov wrote: Welcome to the forum, Fayt! That's an awesome avatar! Great look you have created. Thank you for posting! He does have a great look. He should hook up with Wildcat and do a photo session with her and her super cool vehicles and fighter planes. :womanhappy:
  14. Mayalily wrote: I got it, I think. It looks like Luc... omg... those eyes Luc. Those eyes are striking to say the least. Mmhmm, it is Luc. I knew you'd get it, and yes they are, Rawr!
  15. Randall Ahren wrote: Kascha Matova wrote: Any questions? :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: :matte-motes-delicious: :matte-motes-evil-invert: I don't get it. This thread is about what looks hot on a woman. Are you saying a man looks hot on a woman? Or are you saying that deep inside every man is a secret desire for another man? Perhaps you intended to post this in the other thread about what looks hot on a man, which is black eyeliner, an earring and a vest open to show some cleavage as in the image in your post. Sorry. It's more of a continuation of something that started in another thread. The guy whose picture it is will probably be laughing hysterically at me in a PM soon after he sees it and the others who were in on that thread will get a giggle out of it too. Just ignore it - a little goofing is all it was. Edit : To answer your question, that particular man would look great on a woman. Ohh la la!
  16. Any questions? :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: :matte-motes-delicious: :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  17. Bree Giffen wrote: Something always strikes me as unnatural when I look at avatars. I'm sure it's a combination of things. While we get constant reminders on height we rarely mention width. I think our avatar torsos are simply a little narrow and it does cause problems when adjusting other body parts. Thighs for instance. They seem way too skinny on men and women. Breasts and buttocks also suffer as the adjustment skiders make them grow front to back, up and down, but not side to side. What do you think? Are all avatars this way? Or are they ok? I do know what you're talking about Bree (that's my daughter's name btw except we spelled it Brie, so yay!) I've noticed for a long time for example that while my butt looks correct from like a 3/4 angle from the front and also from the side, if I turn the camera so it's looking from the back and slightly below, especially when I'm wearing tight jeans, it looks...I don't want to say like a boy's butt but it seems to lose some of what my eyes tell me should be the natural curve that fills it out. It just doesn't look right, or the same at all. I don't know whether that's lighting or some limitation of 3D modeling (doubt that part because I've seen it done properly elsewhere). Also, I've noticed the legs thing - specifically that from certain angles only, my legs look like pickup sticks while from others they look toned but very definitely feminine. It's almost like there are viewing angles that make the avie look either 2D or skewed, like if you increased height in Photoshop with maintain aspect ratio turned off. Is that what you mean? Because otherwise I'm babbling! :smileysad:
  18. Venus Petrov wrote: Nice photos Kascha! Might the first shot also be the camera angle that 'enhances' things? /me grins You're probably right. Hey, would you like to get in on the ground floor of my new business where I peddle cameras at bars that only take pictures from this angle? Kiss your 9-5 goodbye! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  19. This just in : Sometimes, in this world...dresses with built in pushup bras though wonderfully strapless, still make bewbs look...hmmm. Alright, well. I love this dress anyways. So this is my latest mandatory weekly excursion to Candy Nail. Complete with gritty "Financial Restraint Is For The Weak" thousand yard stare. En - Joi! :matte-motes-big-grin-evil: See?! Bewbs not hugemungeous! I told you - Balloons scare me more than the clowns that wield them!
  20. I think the designer of my own skin either left SL during the two years I wasn't on much or changed her name. But I can say that the girl behind Alady, who did my custom shape, is extremely competent and very flexible - delivering more than is actually asked for and will create from scratch or modify any of her already existing shapes to make them personalized for you. My look, while not exactly Lord of the Rings Elf, is pretty delicate in its own right with a wide mix of ancestry and in keeping with my own real complexion, is I guess, something approaching porcelain, although I also got darker versions and one that is mod for skin tone, plus included body oil. On the oft chance she can still be contacted under her original name, it's Christy Maroon. If I can find the info about her new name, I'll put it here as well later. Other than that, I would listen to Marianne. She is a perfect example of avie design done right and she won't steer you wrong. :womanwink:
  21. Wow. I've gone through so many changes since I was born in early 2007 I can't even really catalogue them all. I was always starting from the same base though, which was a good likeness of me, and simply refined myself. Added an Asian influence to go with the German and Ukraine in me, but still managed to maintain my real sense of style. This below is a pretty good little picture show. I guess then it took me 4 years to become the me of today :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: '07 : This look is quite - BAD. No matter, as long as I can get the most suggestive shiny jewerly money can buy, and it looks great and helps me at work with my neverending quest to be the best pole dancing dirty tramp I can be! '08 : I discover the art of looking like a professional woman and keeping it simple and elegant. Since now I have busines meetings to go to for discussing home/office landscaping and decorating gigs. '09 : I experience several blonde moments while trying to look the part of someone who could afford an estate as huge and well decorated as the one I live in. Call it my Lara Croft moment. I settle on both a permanent shape and skin designer. '10: I make the jump to a fully custom skin and shape, and finally break my addiction to the three Analog Dog hairdos I thought I couldn't live without! I finally feel like this is the real SL me. '11: I enter the 2.0 era, and everything I wish I could do with my appearance at the same time suddenly becomes possible. YAY!!!
  22. At my old place, I had converted close to 10000m to a hedge maze, in which I placed fountains, benches, and a playground. One of me and my ex's favorite things to do, or what we did almost every time we were on together, was wander around the maze and end up in the playground, in one of the two person swings just swinging for hours and talking, or on the merry-go-round. With the ocean right there and all the other ambiance, it was a paradise that always seemed like it never needed to end. We also loved to go dancing, so we spent a lot of time at Caribbean Breezes when it was still around, and we loved hanging out at Ethereal Teal, because it is such a favorite of mine. Also sailing and jetskiing in various locations, including around my property which had a bridge splitting it that was fun to go zooming under.
  23. Mayalily wrote: Your eyes are striking Luc, they truly are. I think your avatar photo is very, very...........ummmmmmmm... well, gorgeous. And you are not alone at all either. I've developed a curious tendency to start nibbling on things while looking at Luc, and I can't figure it out. Also, a sudden need to do something with my hands. That can't be normal! Luc is a god! :matte-motes-inlove:
  24. Kascha Matova


    This is of course incredibly immature of me and I will rue the decision to decend to this, but omg LOL!!! The look on the face for crying out loud! And the arms out to the sides just makes it so much funnier hehe!! Like the "after" photo from a stun gun attack! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: Okay okay! I've regained control of myself. So...what "they" said. Cause it works quite well! The character test especially because it loads all attachment points from scratch again plus re-writes the body dimensions. /me puts muzzle back on, adusts strap, and engages lock
  25. Dillon Levenque wrote: Kascha Matova wrote: I'm not concerned with whether or not "some" are no good. My concern is when it becomes "all" are no good. Because that's bull, and I've seen that it is. Okay. I'll accept that you found a way that it worked. I will continue to think that to be an exception and a rare exception at that; rare enough so that "all" is still the right word. And in keeping with my other response to you on this subject, screw anybody who allows the individual to fall through the cracks in their zeal to embrace the big picture. As common practice, but twice over where my friends are concerned. I keep my word. I will not begrudge you the option of doing so. But I will also exercise my right to make this the last conversation we ever have, because to dismiss him again above once I've told you what he's meant to me is to spit in my face as well as his.
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