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  1. topaz Silent wrote: ok aparently people can hear me using voice in secondlife but i cant hear them i see the green thing moving but dont hear anyone speak all volume settings are up cleared cache and relogged and nothing works any ideas? "Start Phoenix Viewer Now?" /ok
  2. Kuda Oh wrote: I had seen the category where MESH is being discussed but have yet to look and see what it is. Reading this thread piqued my curiousity even more. MESH sounds exciting. I still use the old viewer the majority of the time even though I also have the new version. I just haven't spent time on the newer one to get a handle of how it works. The short time I am on it I just get a bit frustrated trying to figure things out that I'll log off andlog back on using the old viewer. I have not had a problem with the old viewer for quite sometime personally. At most logged out for being idle or region being restarted. This. I was over there too and even saw some pictures of clothes one guy made using "mesh". They looked like clothes. Possibly more detailed, than what we've had before, but I couldn't really say that with surety. What is it? The only thing I've heard otherwise is that mesh avatars have no facial expressions and can't respond to any sliders that don't control bone length. Then what's the point? Why should I gibber and slobber with excitement? Which, by the way is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and thus seek out opportunities to do so tirelessly.
  3. Void Singer wrote: is it sad that I can hear that list spoken with the proper growling haughty inflection full of disdain and bravado? #5 is definitely my favorite, to sound of Worf's brothers voice ...your feigned sarcasm brings honor to your house. I think my favorite must, MUST be references to debugging as "software coddling the weak". LMA-O!
  4. Ann Otoole wrote: If anonymity bothers you then why are you on the internet? Such a long tl;dr post and it makes no difference at all what you think. Try driving around the mainland for a few hours. I think you will figure out what the real deal is. Especially after one resident's scripted mobile tip jars aggressively attack you and ram you off the roads and LL supports that resident's griefing activities. You'd have done better if, along with "didn't read", you'd added "didn't understand, and refuse to post as if I did" as well. Carole has been arguing through no less than three other threads in addition to this one, just since I've been keeping track, that she opposes those whose sense of entitlement erroneously makes them feel they can legislate either the right to privacy of others or the manner in which others approach SL interaction. A position I have agreed with her on since I first read and understood it a month or more ago. I can't say I even know where flying tip jars that are hostile (and probably nekkid) enter the picture but...it sounds like a surreal good time.
  5. majestic12 wrote: Kascha: That evening gown looks gorgeous on you! Please tell me where did you get that gown? Thanks, sis. :matte-motes-grin: Oh! Thank you so much! :womanhappy: I got mine in-store, but here it is in the marketplace It's the Utopia Enchantment line. The one I'm wearing (and in the link) is Sugar Pink, but I also have Emerald Sea Waves which is really beautiful too. They're fairly expensive, but I'll be getting all of them. Not sure why there wasn't just one made that's tintable, but I'm not whining too much!
  6. ChristineAngelHart wrote: Are there any stores in Second Life,where I could have a skin and shape made my way? I'd like my avatar to be blond (I have the hair already), I'd like her to have only a sl tan, and a really great figure,last of all a 40dd bust ,I'm not sure but maybe I haven't forgotton anything except what all of us have. Christine Yes. As Marianne says you can approach many skin and shape makers and ask them if they'll do custom work. My skin and shape are both custom. The shape was an off the shelf example from Alady and I wanted to be shorter than 100 with different dimensions so I asked her and she not only did one shape she did 8 variations in one package including a special shape specifically for wearing skirts. I think I paid 10000L for the package and it was worth every bit of it. My skin was done by Christy Maroon. She goes under another name now most of the time but I can't remember what it is (I'd have to look back through some e-mails). She took the skin I usually wore, whcih was a freebie whose creator couldn't be located anywhere despite extensive effort, and created a set of new skins based on it. I wanted tan lines and oil in the skin, not on layers, as well as different makeup combos. She did all of that, as well as providing three different skin tone packs. The features I liked on certain celebs she incorporated as well. And for an additional 3000L and my commitment to let her put my image on her marketing materials, I got an exclusive which included me having sole possession of all the .PSD files. 30000L total cost. I think I did okay : Just find a designer whose store sold skins/shape you like and ask him or her if they'll do custom work. You'll find something nice! :womanhappy:
  7. Hey Carole, I've been posting about the exact same problem with the exact same item for almost a month now. It appears to replace the lower half of the skin and attempting to put on something else does nothing. Then I had something of a breakthrough when I uninstalled every viewer except SL 2.6.1 and learned that Detach All and Remove All Clothes do not affect the glitch pants. They are on the underwear layer, but it is misleading because the character test female character is still wearing a pair of black panties and a bra ( which are in fact a part of the Girl Next Door "character test female" outfit) when everything is taken off, and neither those nor the glitch pants are removed when you do a replace outfit. You have to character test, then go into the Girl Next Door folder directly and take off the glitch pants, and then manually dress yourself with all your real stuff item by item and avoid dressing with the outfits. Until I abandoned replace outfit, I still had the glitch pants problem. And even when I coudl take them off, I would be unable to change out of whatever pants I replaced them with later, even though the pants were on the actual pants layer. So now I get dressed manually every time, and the problem appears to have lessened as a result I still get issues with the cloud hanging around until I character test, and still get unchangeable pants issues after being on for a long time, but nothing like it used to be. Hope that helps :womanwink:
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: Top 10 things likely to be overheard from a Klingon Programmer at Linden Lab. 1. Specifications are for the weak and timid! 2. You question the worthiness of my code? I should kill you where you stand! 3. Indentation?! - I will show you how to indent when I indent your skull! 4. What is this talk of 'release'? Klingons do not make software 'releases'. Our software 'escapes' leaving a bloody trail of designers and quality assurance people in its wake. 5. Klingon function calls do not have 'parameters' - they have 'arguments' - and they ALWAYS WIN THEM. 6. Debugging? Klingons do not debug. Our software does not coddle the weak. 7. A TRUE Klingon Warrior does not comment on his code! 8. Klingon software does NOT have BUGS. It has FEATURES, and those features are too sophisticated for a Romulan pig like you to understand. 9. You cannot truly appreciate Dilbert unless you've read it in the original Klingon. 10. Our users will know fear and cower before our software! Ship it! Ship it and let them flee like the dogs they are!  = Full of Win :smileyvery-happy: For the record, I think you should all quit all of your viewers and join me in a mass exodus towards Ascent, complete with screaming, yelling, torches, pitchforks, and miscellaneous untraceable shouts of "Shoulda been done aeons ago!" Because for the record, breast physics in Ascent seem just about right. No configurations, no concussions, no Helium, NO PROB-LEMAAAAH! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  9. Here Luc - here's the JIRA I responded to: JIRA SVC-6766 --> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6766? Don't know what's wrong with hyperlinking (oh Steve Jobs just called and said I'm linking it wrong :womanwink:) This JIRA was actually about UUID problems where the server was unable to retrieve and send said UUIDs for attached assets. I referred also to the related SVC-6769 where detached stuff turns up attached again or otherwise refuses to come off, making clothing/jewelry/shoe changing impossible. (Edited to say as usual, Steve doesn't know what he's talking about. The link actually did activate once posted!)
  10. Luc Starsider wrote: I'm sorry, Kascha!!!!! I searched for a jira, and on the forums, before posting. Couldn't find anything... Promise!!! Post a link to your jira, and I'll add my findings to it and set mine as duplicate. - Luc - So...you want me to like - discover it? Like track it down and say where it is, or something? Like in the JIRA? Heh - I'll...ya I got that link right over here... /me runs, making random and sudden direction changes No okay okay! I'll try to find it! All this pressure, how am I to even breathe long enough to- I've had the issues for a while now. Since I went to V2 viewers. It's been suggested that it could be all sorts of things, from packet dropping and line quality to other stuff I can't remember, but the problem with inventory loading and texture load failures goes away immediately as soon as I switch to a 1.x viewer like Ascent. Each and every time. This is through the latest version of the official viewer, latest Kirstens, latest Firestorm. Any V2 viewer. Multiple tattoo layers, such as hairbase, lipstick, eyelashes, and full body tattoo (which is what I have mine on) and sooner or later trying to swap hairbases will not work. Rebake fix = false, Relog fix = false, Clear Cache fix = false. And the same goes for changing pants for me. Eventually I will be stuck wearing the ones I have, despite them going bold = off and the replacement pair going bold = on. And I was being stuck in a cloud for in excess of 10 minutes easy every time - long after surrounding textures had loaded. I rolled back to 2.6.1 official and deleted all other viewers except Ascent, and I am now at a point where I appear something closer to 1.x speed and, at least for the first 10-20 minutes, I can change clothing. But that always breaks down at some point. I was also having a problem with character testing my way out of the cloud only to find that the glitch pants that are part of the Girl next Door outfit had replaced my lower skin and could not be removed. Oh and, as with you, since I stopped using outfits to dress, things have improved. Did that around the same time as the viewer rollback. Just an FYI. I'll look for that JIRA link! :womanvery-happy:
  11. Void Singer wrote: yeah, my thought is that it's a sorting issue, since they sort of snuck sorting code into multiple layers.... but if it's happening before a relog it may be easier to test for, but a slightly different cause than I was thinking... it should be able to reproduce with something like 2 or three items... apply A then B, remove A, then reapply... or extend the same idea out to thre layers, causing a previously baked and sorted layer to change positions, or a new layer to be applied after an earlier layer is removed from the stack (just not the last one applied)..... throw in actual clothing layers for added testing, but it should give you an idea for where to start for getting a reproduction that others can test. OMG have I been sayin it? Have I been sayin it? Oh YA! I been sayin it! I been sayin it for three weeks and got my own JIRA complaint out about it! I can't believe he said nobody's been sayin it it cause I've been sayin it!! /me radiates with joy. Free! Free! I wasn't targeted by failure! It hunts us all!!!!!! :smileyvery-happy:
  12. Trinity888 wrote: I was looking for something else and stumbled on this post. (and very glad at that) Ive only been on a month, and have had some insist on the same... pics, voice... but tough... they are not going to get it. Why? Because I am here for a SL experience not a RL experience(if I want that, I turn off the computer). Its a shame that some people cant respect that everyones idea of SL is different than theirs. Thanks for this post. I dont feel so bad now when I say, 'sorry, I dont share RL stuff' because I am not alone. No, you are most assuredly not alone.
  13. Poenald Palen wrote: it is only a matter of time you have 10+ parrall CPU cores running in your home AND two or three GPU chips doing double duty for some tasks! Sounds like a great setup! For SL to poop on. The app can't even deal with the horrors of SLI and Crossfire with a mere two cards running together. What would it do with chained architecture like you're describing? Rez a huge disembodied hand that zooms out of the center monitor and punches the user in the face? :smileyvery-happy:
  14. Dizzy Tearfall wrote: it seem slike everyone in second life nowadays, are LIARS! i've come upon so many people who end up not being who they really are. SOOOOO, on that note. I am no longer associating RL with SL. For security reasons. and on another note, WHO wants to be friends?
  15. Elisheva Sopwith wrote: In the old forum, there used to be regular threads that people would start about the reality of the person to whom they were becoming attached. It was always dressed up somehow so that they could convince themselves that they weren't really trying to pry into rl details, but it was always obvious when they were, and they took mighty offence if you pointed this out. You could even get ARed for suggesting that if they wanted to be sure that everyone they were speaking to was young and attractive enough, and their gender of preference, they should look in real life and not on the internet, unless you first apologised for the audacity of making such a wicked and unreasonable statement. You do not owe anything to complete strangers on the internet. You do not have to voice, give your age, give your real gender or anything. If you are pixel porking on here, you accept you are going to have only a virtual experience, and as long as someone delivers that virtual experience to you, you have got what you came for. If you want to make sure you're talking to a real man or woman, look in rl. The sense of entitlement you find among people who you know in rl could not pull as much as a rotten tooth out of a dead horse's head (thanks, Dave Lister) is astounding. It would be funny if it were not so constant and insidious. This. This whining is simply a result of peoples continued inability to judge their own worth by looking inwardly, rather than on whether or not they can find someone else to reject as inferior. One can make up whatever they want about it or spin it any way they want to. The fact of the matter is, SL removes any and every superficial advantage one believes they may have had in RL and puts everyone back to square one, where they have to be interesting and attractive, INSIDE. Some can't coexist in that environment. They lack the imagination, the confidence, or they've got little to offer outside of their looks, if that (as you so humorously referred to in your post) And therein lies the crux of this problem. I hear a lot of people in threads like this implying that they are exactly the same in SL as in RL, and expect that of others, because they are so immensely satisfied with who they are in RL that there's no need to embellish or re-imagine any facet of themselves, and so this is why they take a dim view on the self embellishment of any they deal with. I remain dubious.
  16. Dana Hickman wrote: 2.6.1 is what I meant instead of 2.4.1.. 2.6.1 isn't up to date with the last round of changes that LL put into place, and It also doesn't have the latest exploit patch either. It's what I've been trying to say this whole time, that version is not compatible now that the entire system for appearance has changed. If avoiding outfits helps some on this version, then using the latest official LL client or the newest Kirstens (which I use) will completely fix the issue for you and you can go back to using outfits as well. 2.6.1 came out before physics, and there's been at least 2 major updates to the appearance format since then.. it's no wonder that viewer is getting confused and giving you these problems. Okay then fun-loving dancing woman with the smiley that whistles in the corner! I'll give the latest version a try again. So there! LOL :womanwink:
  17. Tiffy Vella wrote: Nice design! What grass did you end up putting in there? Is it some Kidd? Thanks! Loving how it's going so far. The grass is on the marketplace and it's from OneDom That's the link I left you up there btw. I'm heading back to them to get flowering grass too :matte-motes-grin:
  18. I'm on 2.6.1, and I've been operating with HTTP Textures turned off the whole time actually. What I have noticed is that things improve if I dress from the original pieces every time instead of using the outfits. Maybe there's something borked about the linking, I don't know, but whenever I get dressed wearing the actual objects one by one, I am able to operate as normal and change clothes at will. It's just annoying to have to do that because I have to character test or something else every time I log in and then start from scratch. But it's better than what's been happening, so I'll take it. I always did things one by one before outfits, so I'll just have to go back to that. :womanindifferent:
  19. Here are some pics. They're hasty cause it's SleepyTyme right now, but you get the idea! Here's the overhead of the place. I need to get rid of that crappy dayglo grass stuff in the courtyard - yuk! : Here's the grass you can see on the left side of the overhead that I just put in. The trees too: Here's the view of the ocean from my front facing second floor balcony: And finally here's a view from my first floor beach chair at night with my lights on: You like? I hoping you like a lot! I mean really likey likey! I'm not finished with it, but it's a great start I think! :womanwink:
  20. Scratch what I said earlier. Remove pants = false is back and better than ever tonight, despite relogs, reboots, 5 character tests, and lots of cursing and wheedling. Also, apparently incensed by my dismissal of it as simply "an oversight on my part", the glitch pants from the character test female outfit have made a point of proving to me that it was no "oversight". Tonight they're on despite me searching through every folder in my inventory for them and observing that none of them are being listed as worn. </rope> </report>
  21. Tiffy Vella wrote: Ahh great!..I was just going to say "piccies, please" Your tool does what I thought it might- scans and gives you a sculpt map of the terrain..and like Marianne said, thats a flat texturable surface, not a fluffy grassy one that you can walk through. I can see though that it might be handy for those of us on Mainland who can't edit our terrain textures, and could give us a nice option to throw our own terrian textures onto. I'm not a huge fan of the grey-ish grass I'm stuck with. I have a feeling that Sculpt Studio might have this option too, so I'll go look into it. Your post has given me ideas. (runs off to get all busy ) Well actually, the creator claims that the LandMap scanners will follow whatever the lay of the land is, whether flat or bumpy. I imagine the true definition of bumpy is only as bumpy as the SL terrain tools can make the land, but it should definitely be able to follow hills and such. Anything that's going to allow relaying back xyz coordinates. So I wouldn't entirely count it out for more in-depth scanning. It was $1500L, but if you go up tothe marketplace and look at the comments on it, you'll see why I took the chance. It's being hailed as a Godsend. Best of Show in this area. I didn't see even a single neutral comment, much less negative. The closest to one was somebody wishing he didn't have to go to the website for the maps and then import them into SL for $10L. But let's face it. No matter how you do sculpt maps outside SL, you're going to get them in the same way, just like any other image. Glad I could inspire! I'll be looking forward to seeing your pics too! :womanwink:
  22. Rux Foxclaw wrote: The issue is that the viewers are trying to use the wrong graphics card entirely and I cannot run any graphic settings at all without it looking choppy and awful. I have a perfectly good graphics card but it's new I guess and hasn't been added to some magical list of approved cards? I would look to the OS and making sure the drivers were taken care of and latest version, and then making sure that OS based DirectX and OpenGL configurations were sound to diagnose what's happening with the choppiness. I have a GTX460 that is direct from NVidia (not a remanufacturer or 3rd party reference card) that is shunned by SL setup as not recognized and is even mentioned by Ascent 1.x as being insufficient to run SL in any capacity. Yet I can max out every single graphics setting on the card when running Ascent without a hint of slowdown. So grain of salt with the hardware support thing. If your card isn't absolute gaming-adverse guano, and it came out in the last 4 years, it can run SL on some level, even if it's not listed as supported. If it has OpenGL and Direct X capability, it should be fine with proper drivers. :womanhappy:
  23. Lyra Blackthorne wrote: I use the Marketplace to search for items but will only buy online if I know the seller or it is VERY inexpensive. Otherwise I will tp to the inworld store. I find the online pictures do not always reflect the true quality of the product. If someone does not have a inworld store I will not buy at all unless, as above, it is super cheap so if I end up deleting it because of quality then I am not out much. This. I wish it was some other way but, and especially for anything major like expensive hair, landscaping stuff, houses, boats, etc. I like to see it rezzed first. I do however, usually go looking for important non-clothing items on the marketplace rather than in-world. It's just too much of a pain in the butt to filter through all the crapola in In-World search, weather the failed tps and stores which no longer exist although they're still advertising, and whatnot when I can simply get a very targeted list of possibles online as well as reviews from previous customers. That last part is a big one too. Going store to store in-world you're just taking your chances that what's in the box is anything like what's "on" the box.
  24. Rolling back to 2.6.1 seems to have solved all of my issues. That, and discovery of a flaw in SL with the Take Off All Clothes and Detach All options. Seems that neither of them actually removes the underwear layer item included in the character test outfit. I spent days now agonizing over why these pink polkadot pants from the character test outfit would not come off even through countless outfit changes, character tests, cache clearings and relogs, and this was the problem. There was also a problem with an alpha layer that I was using to mask eyelashes not coming off so that the no-modify foot hiding layer that comes with my favorite sandals would not load. Can we really not use more than one alpha layer at a time even in V2? Anyways, the point is that with 2.6.1 all of the standard methods for dealing with slow rezzing and whatnot suddenly work, rezzing without workarounds has still sped up, surrounding non-avatar textures still load very quickly and my asset issues are down to a dull roar, hopefully for good. So I'm happy now! And no forced upgrade back to 2.66. Must have just been the beta. :womanvery-happy:
  25. @Tiffy et al : Wow! Thanks for all the responses and the beautiful scenery! It's nice to know so many share my enthusiasm for creating breathtaking and realistic natural surroundings for their homes! For those who guessed about the machine I was talking about, you were right. It is literally called LandMap and was purchased at the marketplace. It is a really easy to use tool that allows me to rez these little UFO looking scanners that in turn rez 4 beacons which can be repositioned and whatnot, and then used to scan the terrain within their boundaries and create a sculpt map(?) out of the data. The scanners can be drag-copied and they are supposed to link and share data when the boundaries are close enough between scanners. Then, I go to a website that allows me to import the map images into SL, where they are dropped onto the respective scanners and a sculpt texture is created, oriented and placed. I can then edit and specify a texture for each, link them, etc. It works pretty well. I have two wide runs on either side of my property, plus a very narrow run at the water's edge, which I am trying to set up, and I was able to put down a grassy texture with that. I followed up by putting OneDom's MagicGrass over the top of it, and it looks beautiful. I'll follow up by using the sculpts I got in that big kit from Lilith Heart, which are absolutely beautiful, and set up rocks, trees, and flowered areas. Since the runs on both sides are pretty similar, I just copied the prim I made with the machine to the other side. There, I will unlink the section closest to the water, sink the ground to extend the water inland, and then set up a wraparound dock so that on that side of the house I have a nice boat slip for one of my yachts that I will keep perma-rezzed as decoration. The house itself is magnificent. It's the 2017 futuristic estate house that's on the marketplace. Fully furnished, taking up most of a 6144m plot, and yet only 300 prims and with all kinds of electronic goodies, and I got it for $350L! Perfect for doing my previous estate house from two years ago one better. My grass is menu driven, and allows me to use sounds and change textures. Unfortunately, if I want to remove the scripts (since every instance has a script), I'd have to re-rezz if I want to change menu options. I don't think I can use one instance and then stretch it - something about megaprims reverting to 10m size if you change their dimensions, but I have to double-check. I also visited RealWaves and got a beautiful off sim curved rock formation that shields the low-lying front of my house and my shallow beach from incoming breakers. So now waves crash on the sea side, but I get gentle flowing waves lapping up to my beach. And the seagull and ocean sounds make it all the more realistic. Still not done though! More to do. I know this is a book and pictures would help so I'll post them here soon! :womanhappy:
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