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  1. Hello there, my name is Annie, I'm 23 in rl, and in second life I imagine myself around the same age. Recently I have rented a land, and i am currently looking for a roommate (female or male). The House has: - 3 bedrooms; - 2 bathrooms; - 1 Kitchen, w/ dinning room; - 1 Living room; - 1 spa room or relaxe room; - 1 garage; - a big patio outdoor, with a foutain, barbecue and pool. and also i have a dog named Marley. There are two rooms left, for you to choose from. They are empty for you to decorate, or if you want I can do that for you. There's still 14
  2. Hey there, how are you? My name is Annie, nice to meet you ? Before I talk about myself for a bit, I am back from a short break of second life. So, now, I am in hope of making new friends. In RL my age is 22 (almost 23 on July 29th) and I like to think of my SL avatar being the same age as me. Currently I have a part time moorning job while I finish my studies. I live in Portugal, Europe (yes the country of Cristiano Ronaldo, if you are thinking of that) so i am SLT +8. Normaly I like to dance and explore on sl, meet new people, or simply relaxing. If you want to know a bit
  3. Time for a little romance with my truly one and only.
  4. You want be proud or just trying to pass a message to the ladies ??
  5. Never said you weren't. I'm straight either but I am more proud of living in a world where people get be whatever they want, and that means equality. Being proud of that doesn't make you less masculine.
  6. You should get a group that says "proud of equality". That is something to be proud of.
  7. Perhaps if you want to find a date or a woman who's not resilient of answering questions about her real life, and maybe ... just maybe wants to go out on a date you should try something like this:
  8. Oh in that case, if you have ways to know for sure, then ... good luck.
  9. Oh believe me, it will be hard to know for sure if it's a girl. Unless she does "voice" with you ( and that still doesn't make it 100% female) or video chats with you, you will never get 100% sure of her/his gender.
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