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  1. Hello there, my name is Annie, I'm 23 in rl, and in second life I imagine myself around the same age. Recently I have rented a land, and i am currently looking for a roommate (female or male). The House has: - 3 bedrooms; - 2 bathrooms; - 1 Kitchen, w/ dinning room; - 1 Living room; - 1 spa room or relaxe room; - 1 garage; - a big patio outdoor, with a foutain, barbecue and pool. and also i have a dog named Marley. There are two rooms left, for you to choose from. They are empty for you to decorate, or if you want I can do that for you. There's still 14
  2. Hey there, how are you? My name is Annie, nice to meet you ? Before I talk about myself for a bit, I am back from a short break of second life. So, now, I am in hope of making new friends. In RL my age is 22 (almost 23 on July 29th) and I like to think of my SL avatar being the same age as me. Currently I have a part time moorning job while I finish my studies. I live in Portugal, Europe (yes the country of Cristiano Ronaldo, if you are thinking of that) so i am SLT +8. Normaly I like to dance and explore on sl, meet new people, or simply relaxing. If you want to know a bit
  3. Time for a little romance with my truly one and only.
  4. You want be proud or just trying to pass a message to the ladies ??
  5. Never said you weren't. I'm straight either but I am more proud of living in a world where people get be whatever they want, and that means equality. Being proud of that doesn't make you less masculine.
  6. You should get a group that says "proud of equality". That is something to be proud of.
  7. Perhaps if you want to find a date or a woman who's not resilient of answering questions about her real life, and maybe ... just maybe wants to go out on a date you should try something like this:
  8. Oh in that case, if you have ways to know for sure, then ... good luck.
  9. Oh believe me, it will be hard to know for sure if it's a girl. Unless she does "voice" with you ( and that still doesn't make it 100% female) or video chats with you, you will never get 100% sure of her/his gender.
  10. Hey Mike. Some people like to keep their RL private and separate from SL. It's a choice we all have and need to respect. Probably they get mad or angry because they get a lot of questions like that and they choose not to share their life details. All you can do is respect their choice and if you don't feel comfortable not knowing more about the person, there is always others who likes to share both SL and RL.
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