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  1. Venus Petrov wrote: Mayalily wrote: Women are still somewhat expected to be that saint in the kitchen and the devil in the bedroom with one man, and not too much more than that when it comes to sexuality. Do you think women are still chained to some kind of irrational expections and/or victims of a double standard where sex is encouraged for men, but not for women before they 'settle down'? My view is that stereotype is dead in most of society (if it even existed in some). It sounds like some Ozzie & Harriet kind of sitcom thing. The ideal would be to find someone with whom you could explore all of life's complexities and be fully free to express yourself. I am most comfortable in a monogamous relationship. I cannot speak to the over- or under-relatedness of it as it is a personal choice. Sounds like something Hugh Hefner prescribed... I am thinking Devil in the kitchen, Magician in the bedroom? lolz
  2. I have met many friends/lovers in just the same way... casual coversation turns to flirtation and then a bit more. You should definitely be open to it but be wary as well, not everyone is as genuine as you are. I have been in SL quite awhile and have literally experienced or seen thru my friends, the good and the bad of sl relationships. The most important thing is to decide for yourself... how much your are willing to share, how open you want to be, are you looking for flirtation and/or a sl affair or a possible rl connection? My best advice... don't, do not, tie yourself down to one man in sl, unless you have known the guy for more than... oh say six months and he is really that wonderful. Believe me, any normal male in SL won't demand exclusivity unless he is a control freak (or he might really love you). The cynical would say assume he is lying about everthing he tells you... I would say take everything with a grain of salt, trust your intuition - if it sounds to good to be true it probably is... but maybe not. SL is an opportunity for you to experiment with relationships, sl time is faster than rl so you will see some bfs come and go... When you have decided what you want from an sl relationship then that will determine how you deal with the men you meet... there are many good men on sl, many men seeking rl love and companionship - I have met men here i cherish deeply, and i have had my heart saddened by liars.. sometimes I have forgiven the lies they tell, or ignored them... because this is our second life, and personally I don't care about rl details but i do care about character, and I expect to be treated with love and respect when we are together. Don't ever EVER put up with abuse or dissrespect in an sl relationship... Remember that you can re-invent yourself as a princess, a dragon, a warrior, a witch, a goddess, an elf.... I hope you see my point, make your sl your escape and/or find your prince if that is what you seek, no matter what, set your expectations high and do not compromise the things you value.
  3. Luckily the new default avatars are much better than they used to be - but you can still totally customize your avatar in so many ways it defies the imagination... I am not sure how it works in the new viewer version but in the old ones, right click your avatar and choose "appearance" would do the trick... good luck and welcome back
  4. A demo version allows you to try on the hair style and sometimes various colors for little or no cost. I always purchase a demo version first when buying hair and skins. Most hair vendors also have a freebie hair color pack somewhere in the store that will help you pick the shade you like. eta: once you find a hair style you like and a color then you should buy the non demo version - they are usually located below the big pic in the store and separated by color, sometimes you have to buy several colors in a pack. eta2 demo versions always have a floater above your head or off color hair sections they are not meant to be worn, the hair you purchase won't have those.
  5. If you are feeling harassed by a particular person you can and should file an abuse report... but as others have said here people & cultures can have very a very different sense of humor. If its a random act of silliness try not to take it personally, respond with humor or remove yourself from the situation or fight back with your own silly weapon of choice. In my 4 years in SL I have been trapped in cages, attacked by saw blades and giant pink p.... (oh nevermind), zombies and worse (at sandboxes especially) its something you sort of have to learn to take in stride.
  6. you can meet "the one" anywhere and anytime... the key is to be ready in your own mind and heart... are you self-confident and self-loving? If you are coming from a place of "need" then you are setting yourself up to be used in rl or sl. As a famous person said when it comes to love you must choose wisely and treat kindly... so, when you meet that person are you ready to give more than you get (and be delighted with the rewards you reap?)
  7. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: The first point I guess. For me, SL is an online game where people tend to get bored and leave after a while. I've learned my lesson in other MMOs and no longer get emotionally attached to online acquaintances or their RP personas. I don't know these people in RL and will never meet them, so they don't owe me anything. I'd find it rather strange if somebody offered me an explanation why they're leaving SL, that always reeks of drama. When I grow tired of SL some day, I'll pack up my things and leave without bothering to write what comes down to a virtual suicide note. /me laughs and agrees for the most part... there are some people I have become close to both in and outside of sl, and I know why they are no longer in SL... but those big, drama "IM LEAVING SL FOREVER/BEG ME TO STAY" IM's leave me cold... I don't think I will leave sl completely but its just not as fun as it used to be I think (I put a note on my profile that I am not around much)... That suffices.
  8. I find it very odd that among your reaction/responses - "worried" wasn't mentioned...I have often worried about friends that seemed to suddenly disappear - but never assumed they died, #4 seems unnecessarily dramatic. (unless like others stated, they knew their friends were gravely ill). Good friends continue to communicate - or let you know that RL is overwhelming sl - or they suddenly reappear with a reasonable (or not so) explanation. I don't judge people on their comings and goings in sl and I hope not to be judged by my friends either (my time in-world has been extremely limited for many months). Since I am not in world that often anymore I don't notice if someone disappears, I sometimes find myself off a friend's list and I don't question that, I haven't been a very good sl friend in a long time. Of course we are all sad, lonely and maybe a little jealous when RL takes our friends away, but I have never "de-friended" someone for that - and sometimes they reappear to my delight. Oh - and some have passed inventory/land to me upon their dramatic departures from sl... It's all part of the game/slife... to each their own slife I say
  9. Welcome to sl and.... have Patience... SL is graphically challenging on your computer (everything takes quite awhile to load) and has a bit of a steep learning curve... many people drop out in the initial stages. But if you stick around it can be very rewarding and fun... most people who have been here awhile love things like building, live music venues, socializing and exploring the vast sl world. Hope you stick around!
  10. Well, " a few hundred lindens" to be honest isn't going to get you far... but in general you can buy hair, eyes, shapes, non-human avatars, skin, clothing, shoes, accessories, land, furniture, houses, plants/landscaping, toys, weapons, boats, cars, and all kinds of weird vehicles... there is an endles choice of things to buy (its part of what makes sl so addictive - /me laughs). Check out some of the freebie blogs below and feel free to blow your lindens on something fun! You don't have to spend alot of money too look good. Welcome to sl! http://fabfree.wordpress.com/ http://slfreestyle.blogspot.com/
  11. That is the beauty of building in SL... just remember that the units are metric (if your not familiar with the metric system you can find conversion charts online - 1 meter is a bit more than three feet). Floors and walls can be thick, thin or even transparent (on one side or both)... the possibilities are endless. It very much depends on the style of house you are building (for example castle walls might be very thick... like .5 meters but regular house walls might be .05 meters). Wall height depends on what you are comfortable with and the proportions are usually larger than rl because of the camera angle we deal with. A house with 2.5 meter high walls (which is close to 8ft and very typical in rl) in sl tends to feel claustrophobic (to me at least) because the camera behind me barely fits. You might consider picking up some freebie houses and then pick them apart using the editing tools to see what dimensions are used or just play around with it till it feels right to you.
  12. Even if you delete this person from your friends list and mute/block them from seeing you online, if you belong to the same groups they can see whether or not you are online on the group info and they can see when the last time you logged in was. There are also huds sold on the marketplace that will tell them when you are online. So it is not possible to hide from someone completely unless you create a new ("alt") avatar and do not visit your usual hangouts, do not join the same groups and avoid friends of your first account - the more anonymous and separate your alt is the better chance you have of remaining undiscovered. Sorry - its not very good news. Alternatively ignore, mute and file abuse reports if necessary and carry on your sl as if this person doesn't exist. The more you feed the drama the more they will persist.
  13. For that size on house you need a 4096. On the mainland that will cost you the initial price of the land itself (and that price can vary wildly depending on where you buy) plus a tier payment to Linden Lab of $25.00 per month (US$). I am not sure what it would cost to rent a parcel of that size on a private estate sim. The benefit of owning mainland is that you pay directly to LL and that is somewhat more secure than paying to a private estate owner who may or may not make their tier payments to LL - and who is also free to sell the land to another who may or may not honor your rental agreement.
  14. hehehe - nonetheless when vamps are portrayed this way in the media it is no surprise that women are hunting for hunky vampires!
  15. You need to give us a little more information so we can try to help you. What error message do you get when you try to log in? What viewer are you using? If you have a premium account try to contact support (click "help" above your dashboard).
  16. Land Bots are scripted agents I don't know of anyone who sells them, if you google "sl landbots" you will find some interesting information. You might also try browsing thru the LL land auctions. That is probably the cheapest route but you will still probably want to visit the parcels. Desirable parcels go for higher prices of course. Go to Buy Land at the top of your dashboard thn auctions and then Linden $ auctions (there haven't been any US dollar auctions for a long time - they used to use that for new sims. Or follow the link below. http://usd.auctions.secondlife.com/lin/auction/auction/list/
  17. Ishy - you obviously haven't seen Being Human (BBC or US version):
  18. You could try looking at some of the fancy ballroom places, some vamps hunt there... places like Franks Place, Bogarts, Phat Cats... also joining Bloodlines is a good idea I think (contrary to what others have said) and hang out there. Someone like this perhaps?
  19. You don't have an avatar yet? Not even the basic newbie version? Have you logged into sl? get a pose stand and sit on it and start adding/editing the hair prims.... texture, shape, flex etc
  20. Have you been able to login in the past? Is this a new problem? Try the tips here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/My-Viewer-wont-load-up/qaq-p/860085 or post more information.... Good luck!
  21. Your avatar's appearance is a combination of shape and skin (plus attachments such as hair and what not). It could be that the troubles you are seeing are because your shape is not working well with your skin. In addition to Chic's suggestion I will send you a shape or two in world that you can try out and modify. You can also buy full avatars with shape, skin and hair on the sl market place for not too much money but personally I like developing my own shape over time. Good luck and welcome to SL and the forums!
  22. As Knowl said... first you need a pose ball script which is easy to find for free. Then you can create your own pose ball, and add the script. Then you need the animation itself (which may or may not be available for free). Then you load the animation into the pose ball (you can drag it from your inventory into the contents of the pose ball). Its not hard to make your own poseballs once you have the script and some nice animations to add to them. You can also add animations directly to furniture pieces but it is a bit more complicated. Here's a link to a free pose ball script: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Free-Open-Source-Poseball-Scripts/2048445 Here's a link to a ladder climb animation: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Ladder-Climb-Animation/1141224 there are more, search the marketplace. Good luck!
  23. Not sure what viewer you are using but in the View menu you should be able to toggle view banlines on and off.
  24. Another way to look for land is on your map. Open the big map and click the "show land for sale" button. This way if you find an area you lke you can search for land sales there. Edit to add: There are some double prim parcels on mainland but you pay dearly for them. You can find them in the areas known as Bay City, Nautilus and on the adult continent Zindra.
  25. Hi Heatherjs, Yes you can change homes. See more info here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Linden-Home-FAQ/ta-p/700101#I_have_my_Linden_Home_yet_would_prefer_a_different_theme._Can_I_change_my_selection.3F
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