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  1. Hello 😃 I'm so new to scripting, I haven't even stated one yet.... not quite true but almost. I hope someone can help what i have...10 sec. length sound clips,2 animations, a standard dancer script that plays one animation and loops perfectly.. what i need....to change the script so that it will allow me to take the first animation...A1, and play it for a specific length of time, then step in with A2, and play it for its duration, then step back with A1 same.. then A2....and then loop to begin all again. I dont know if this is possible. Am i looking to insert an event that sa
  2. Would love to know who made this, or even who makes items like this as outfits Thank You! =)
  3. I assume you are trying to log into the site for Fish Hunt, since that is the topic heading in yoiur subject line. You have to first collect a coin from their game to verify yourself and then reset yoru password thru their HUD and then should have no issue logging in to their website
  4. Speaking from 4 years of using the Goldtokens Fish Hunt System, I can positively say it's brilliant. You do NOT need to buy anything but small worms in order to play, and they gaurantee profit if you use small worms. It isn't suggested that anyone quit their day job , it's meant to provide the Landowners with traffic, not customers, and to give residents a way to earn some lindens that is fun, creates social contact, and help a community to grow and thrive. Speaking from experience, in 2 weeks of heavy fishing a new player can and does earn over 3k Lindens. Yes, a new player. On the social si
  5. The noob blues? You will hear alot of war stories about finding the look and getting it right and about how long it takes to do...and it's true...but it's also a fun journey and your idea of who you want your avatar to be or to represent will change as you go along... If you can afford to buy lindens I suggest doing so. Then you can proceed to buy the starter look you want and a walking AO...hair..etc... (side note) in edit appearence is a tab that will bald you...also, right click your hair for now and choose detach from the menu) If you cannot afford to buy linden you can earn some very
  6. :matte-motes-asleep-2:Did you recently change your shape? If so, check to see if it's modify or not...if it isn't, the shape modify option would automatically be grayed or gone.
  7. TA-DA !! I can finally wear the Gypsymoon pirate outfit that never fit right before. I am 7 1/4 heads tall and two heads wide at both breat and hip ...although that top seems to make my shoulders look puffy but ok I can deak with that. I have no watermenlon but and my fingertips reach to not quite the middle of my thigh. I need some more tweaking but omg...do you know how many expensive skins I have tyhat I don't need because they never ever looked right? I can be a new me every day for a week or two ...Thank you all ...now lets work on my bf/sl partner's height because he is still 9 feet
  8. I like that your guide does not overlook the humanity of each person behind the avatar...and that you offer at least one good reason to excuse my vanity...Ineed it fior a job ma !! hahah..
  9. This is another great guide - thank you for it's link. =) My real life sister actually created my avatar first...to use as a Tiny Empire subject, and when I finally got around to checking out SL I just took over the account for that avi from her....and gained the friends and society she had already aquired with their pre-formed norms for size /height/etc.. After two year and then an additional year of hiatus from SL..I am back and making my own social circles and setting my own standards of what is "norm" in appearence..or what I prefer...some of my friends may bot fit those standards and
  10. Again, another excellent, well-explained guide. As I follow this and the other responder guides to a well-proportioned avatar, I truly do realize and become more aware of the oddity of shape in so many other avatrs that I had previously thought was what I should be aiming for. No wonder I was so dis-satisfied and kept fiddling with it all again and again..Now I realize I have been an overly tall sucked-in pin-headed chick with a flat ass and tiny pig feet who thought she was looking damned hot ! Hey, I bought/buy high-end skins and that's all one needs, right? NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ... and I
  11. I so heart you responding that the true look of beauty and contentment is and will be found in meeting only the requirements of one's individual wants . And i am not striving for some medium meld of what ?"society" deems as a set beauty standard . I am an artist and a poet and have and do see beauty in the form and content of most things society often turns her back on...tyhe bent side appeals to me...but as an artist an perfectionist and knowing that thr right tools are a huge factor in whatba person creates...I want to create what I deem as ideal...I seriously doubt or care whom else will ag
  12. Thank you all for some really great feedback on this...and omg I am still reading and giggling with the Fug biz....oO A few really good links inthese responses that I am finding solve all me second life shape mysteries so be sure to check them out if you haven't yet done so...I am all set to be one hot and wholesome proportionally appropriate non-watermelon butted babe and proud of it !! Keep the feedback coming.. and thank you !!:matte-motes-sunglasses-2:
  13. now..those links you provided...That's exactly it !!! Exactly the type of secret society info SL knowits have been with-holding from me for years...and all IO had to do was ak? who knew Thank you!
  14. That's one way of staying a "head" of the game huh?...hehehe...had to had to...:matte-motes-big-grin:
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