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  1. Love this retro western shirt... and the socks, and the boots. Oh and the cool hair...! Can't bear to take any of it off, I guess if I were in world more often I would get bored of it - since I am not, I don't!
  2. Welcome to SL and the forums! There are many ways to customize your avatar. Start shopping for shapes, skins, hair and clothing that closely resembles yourself in rl. It might be easiest to start with complete avatar sets (available on the sl marketplace - see the Shopping tab above). Good Luck and have fun!
  3. The store Sirena has long hair and offers a black pack with tips in white, blue, red and purple. Here is a link to their marketplace for a REALLY long hairstyle. Best to shop their store in world and try the demos. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sirena-Spirit-Black-Pack/4974
  4. I update my look about once a year... and spend a lot of time looking/shopping and trying on demos because, like you, I don't want to change my look drastically. Your appearance is a combination of the skin you wear and the underlying shape. Here's what I have done in the past, take off your hair and take good front and side pictures of your head/face. Start looking on the fashion feeds/blogs/flickr for skins that appeal to you. Track down the vendor/creators and buy the demos. As you are trying on the demos take the same pictures as you did in your original skin. This will help you compare the new to the old more objectively. Sometimes you have to adjust your shape (lip thickness or width, eye openings, etc) to enhance the appearance of a new skin and bring it closer to what you are comfortable with. As long as you save your existing shape before you start tweeking it you can always go back to square one. Once you have found a skin/shape combo you are comfortable with you can buy the actual skin and variation of make-up etc.
  5. My friends in sl are as real to me as my friends in rl... it breaks my heart that my rl work life has taken me away from both, but when I can and do connect to friends in either world it reminds me how wonderful, valued and true these friendships are. I don't drop anyone from my friends list (unless there are weird circumstances - which is rare). Part of my pleasure in sl is catching up with random old friends. But I do understand when friends dissappear from my friends list. I used to be on daily - sometimes for hours - during the day and also evenings. Now I am rarely on, I am not a very good sl friend at the moment - actually I am not a very good friend in rl either, when it comes to socializing or even checking in. I just hope that all my friends (rl and sl) realize I still care, still think of them and will be there when i can.
  6. What... WHAT - of course you are the "baby Daddy" and as such you owe the "baby Moma" half (maybe more) of all the proceeds from your sl income... child support (even for prim babyees) is really really spendy these days. oki oki - you might be new at this but if you don't want to get married you at least have to step up, be a gentleman and offer to pay for her ( and the babeees) housing, health care, education etc. for the next 18 years... (you probably thought this was a harmless game - WHOOPS!), I am really (no really) sorry i didn't have better news. You better get a really expensive sl lawyer before she does... shhh (kidding)- sleep easy friend, unless you are as crazy as she is
  7. You can make or wear a discreet facelight, granted you may be the only one who sees your face in the perfect light of your own viewer but nonetheless I think it does improve my (or your) appearance. Back in the day you could buy... or some hairs/skins... would come with a huge, multi-light attachment that literally made you glow and wiped out all the local lights on builds - this is what makes so many people anti-facelight. Search for the creator " four Yip " he/she makes a great free facelight with options.
  8. Hi Kumol, I perhaps should not have been so flippant with my earlier reply. My best advice to you would be this, explore and enjoy SL, treat it as an escape, when you encounter new people and new experiences be inquisitive and enthusiastic, do not divulge too much personal information. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give anyone you meet in SL the book length version of your personal history and desires that you have explained here. Be curious about the people you meet, why are they here? what do they like to do? - not anxious to explain yourself. You do not have to explain or describe your rl to anyone in sl until you feel comfortable. Be wanton in choosing your lovers but be very discerning when picking your friends (in sl and rl).
  9. Where are you trying to rez these items? On public land (ie sandboxes) or your own? either way the place is likely prim full - the items should bounce back to your inventory lost and found folder or maybe even trash. If the land is maxed out for prims then it won't let you rez anymore. try logging out, clearing cache and then searching thru inventory folders for the items. check the available prims before rezzing new items.
  10. Need a bit more info, did you have an event that overloaded the sim? If you are a mainland owner you may be able to contact LL, in a private region I don't know if you have any options besides keep trying and then once you get there start ejecting people,
  11. I am sorry sweet/sub/furry/girl your story is fishy vs furry... (for reasons mentioned above)... me smells the stench of troll ewwww
  12. Is it a cornfield.... or a maze? hrmmmm?! Either way I had fun there, thanks for sharing its a great place to play around with the windlight settings!
  13. Well, it all depends what you are interested in... art (the RL kind or the "Not possible in RL" kind), fashion, music, architecture/building, socializing, relationships, photography, gardening, site-seeing, dancing... there are so so many possibilities. You should treat sl like Google - just type something into search (like your favorite hobbie, sport or activity) and see what comes up - join some groups with people of like interests, make friends, etc. Personally I like to prowl the destination guide on this website and then go take pictures, planning outfits, poses, lighting etc. (while chatting with old friends who happen to be online), its a creative outlet. I also like to build on my little chunk of mainland.
  14. Hey Linda, I agree with you totally concerning auto-greeters/menus/group invites, etc. It seems you can hardly visit a store without being bombarded with junk IM's. With regard to dress codes - well, I don't know what regions you are visiting but its definitely their (the land owner/renter) prerogative to specify a dress code that blends with the role-play going on - even if its role-play in the sense of a "formal ballroom" or "biker" or grunge" or "medieval". Many people find it fun and relaxing to dress up and dance around a ballroom all the while talking and treating others with more formal manners than are common today. Really, can you fault them for that? If you don't want to interact that way then go someplace else. I agree, there are friendly ways to encourage patrons to participate and there are a lot of power tripping snots - I once showed up at Frank's Place (a well known ballroom dance place) as a Greenie in formal wear, they put up with me and my friend for a bit but eventually asked us to leave LOL. SL is not so different than RL in that way - the land owners' rules still apply - you can argue all you want but it won't get you anywhere.
  15. Ahhh - after such a busy summer and just a bit of lurking forum time I am happy to have a thread inspire me. I took these pics earlier this summer for a hair fair contest. I think the location was Tempura. **me/waves hello to all the regulars, missed you guys!** I think autumn is my favorite season, the warm days are delightful and the cold ones make me happy to snuggle into sweaters and boots - oh, and not to mention (US) football to watch on lazy Sunday afternoons.
  16. Pandora Drezelan wrote: Even if you didn't hear from them for months? i have people in my contact list that haven't logged in for close to nigh on 3 years
  17. I used to be very active in SL but not so much now... I was/am picky about who I add as friends - as in, unless I feel a connection I hesitate to add random friends). but I rarely delete a friend once added. I don't resent friends for deleting me (since I am not here as much as I used to be) but I do miss them and often think about sending a "hello" IM -I joined SL in 2007 and I still have friends from then - we are close in a virtual/rl kinda way. I am lucky to find old friends online sometimes - grins - its a happy reunion! To answer your question, the best answer is to be more discerning in the first place - don't friend every person you meet/know I have deleted friends when they have become stalker-ish or needy in an annoying way. I usually try to handle things... personally and diplomatically before cutting someone off. I've found the best tactic is honesty - especially in sl where you have anonimity - "I'm just not that into you" "You aren't my type" "I don't need/want a relationship right now" Um, if you can't say that much in rl, sl or any other soc net chat - if you can't be that honest - with no chance really of any repercussions, then, well nevermind. Be honest and be firm... if the guy is a creepy-type, never Ever say something like "I'm sure we will be friends" or "lets stay in touch". If you are stuck for words just say "good luck" When it comes to friendships in sl, well, you have to make your own decisions, did you feel close to them? have they changed? do they seem to care about you?...don't give more than you are getting back - thats not a friendship - its babysitting. I have learned that in SL time is compressed, things happen fast and intensely, so follow your heart and also your instincts, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is... many men want to play the "hero"- for a single moms and molest your daughters (or sons) (arrg i hate to say that) - but its true on social networks and games, single moms protect your kids. I Bottom Line: I won't delete my sweet, old, friends for new, cool "spicey" friends... facebook transcends age, gender, reality and virtual, Dear "Deleting Contacts": Really? This is the most important thing you can post about... everyone, i guess worries that they are not interesting, funny - or on the opposite sprectrum, bitcy enough
  18. Oh... back in the day I did try to bring some rl friends in, they were disinterested at best, so long ago I decided to keep my sl to myself and I still prefer it that way. Its an escape for me... tho over the years close sl friends have become friends on other rl social networks. I like that
  19. Nacy, my experience in sl is very like yours, I used to be very social and logged in alot (several hours each day). I love to build and create but back in the day I could hardly find time. Then the economy changed (in sl and rl lol) and now I log in about once or twice a week - if that. I count myself lucky that most of my friends have not deleted me but some have... and I don't fault them, I am not the sl friend I used to be. When I do log in I mostly spend time exploring and taking pictures, sometimes chatting with old friends if they are around ( I hate to bother people so I usually start with a "/me waves" - and I either get a wave back or a conversation)... a couple months ago I built myself a new house - its really more of a gallery for the sl art I like to collect... I often think about selling my land in SL but I am attached to it... and its part of why I keep logging in, its still a peaceful place to escape to. Short Answer: I still keep coming back.
  20. I think that being absent for "several days" is excusable, altho I do understand the worry and pain it must have caused you, especially if you were used to daily (or more) contact. I think it would be worth having a conversation with your partner about how you both view SL (is it a pleasant distraction or a true second life). Given that they dissappeared without warning or explanation I would be concerned that they don't have the same level of immersion that you do and that could be a problem for the future of the relationship. As in RL its something you will have to work out between the two of you - there are no rules, no right or wrong - just what you are comfortable with.
  21. I have friends in all three of the OP's categories, one very good sl friend who was looking for an rl relationship and found one in sl (and of course this friend is not in sl much anymore!). There is no right or "wrong" - I have always been upfront with the people I meet in SL about my limits and I have a few friends that have sort of slipped into my rl (we are friends on FB or they have my personal email) but thats very rare for me as I am one who prefers to keep things separate for the most part. I do not view sl as a virtual dating service - I log in to play, explore, create, meet people and chat with old friends. I wonder why the OP feels so "judged" by people... I have never really had that experience in sl - oh, I have had people pissed off at me I guess, but i don't take it personally.
  22. Have you updated your graphics driver? If you don't know how to update your drivers try google-ing it, I did and here is what I found: http://tribaltrouble.com/driversupport.php 
  23. You are very welcome Mariah good luck and have fun in this crazy l world!
  24. When it comes to textures and other such items they are always full perm and always specified that you cannot resell the item in itself... I would file a DMC or abuse report against the seller.
  25. Wow this thread has been interesting reading for me, I had no idea that mesh presented all these issues... no i do not want to give up the ability to customize my avatar in any shape i feel like... nor do I want to purchase non-customizable accessories because i don't own mesh compatible software. As a creator i worry about being out-teched in the marketplace - will all the future content providers have to be 3-D wizzes? It appears so and the joy of my sl is building - especially custom builds, homes for people to suit their needs or the peculiarities of some parcels. LL seems to be leaving average user/content creators behind - obviously they make more money catering to the more "professional" 3-d content creators
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