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  1. You might need to wear a specific group tag when you are trying to rez items on your land. This is a setting that landlords use tp prevent anyone but their renters from rezzing objects. Sometimes coalesced items are so big or have so many prims they cannot be rezzed on normal land. You might have to use a sandbox to open them. If there are Linden plants in the coalesced object you will run into problems trying to rez it at a sandbox most don't allow linden plants to be rezzed.
  2. You have to manually update your tier - otherwise LL assumes you will be purchasing more land to fill your tier. Go to your dashboard at www.secondlife.com. On the left go to Account>land manager>land use fees. On that page scroll down to the "update tier" section and tick the box next to the fee you want to pay (if you click zero you still will be able to buy or hold a free 512 parcel). Make sure to click "Save changes". LL won't refund any unused tier but the next billing cycle will be at the new rate.
  3. AdN has this outfit, not the whole body tho: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AdN-BLACK-STRAPPED/1726918 Maybe this one from Crank: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Crank-Strapped-Up/2284053
  4. Please post a pic when you find the one you like....! Waiting....
  5. This happened to me (so fricking annoying) last night and i fixed it by wearing a different hair base.
  6. yvw Wildcat - i love your pics/avi... very creative and fun
  7. Um... errr, can't really post the main picture cause its not PG (too bare) but here is the mermaid avi in the little pic!
  8. Conifer Dada wrote: I don't think I'll ever become an SL celebrity but the Grid does offer a lot of small ponds for people to become [virtual] big fish in, if they want that. It appears many people do seek to be the big fish - but thats really nothing new is it?!
  9. I think this is one of the best ways to use and enjoy sl, spending time with a loved one (rl, sl or both). Congrats to you!
  10. LoveAngeL Lyre wrote: Hello Jessica. I am about 10 months in SL and i am online daily for many many hours. During my 10 months i have done everything you can imagine except of building and scripting. I started as everyone knowing nothing and my first goal was to understand what is SL and to learn to play. My previous experience for over than 3 years in another similar adult game (although we use to support that SL isn't a game) combined with my plenty RL free time, helped me to comform very quickly. What else i did as a newbie? I was loving to dawdle at the old Xstreet looking the products and desiring to purchase all of them. Very soon i realised how important and necessary are lindens in a virtual world like SL and that i need them. I could follow 2 paths: a)The easy path was to buy them using my credit card b)The difficult path was to try to earn them working. Being natually a person who like the difficulties i started to work. For months i was working every day but i never i felt that i work. Never i saw the job as a job. The job offered me a lot of lindens, fame, many new friends, adventures, experience and knowledge and the opportunity to meet some of the most important persons in SL. The job was fun for me. Jobs i have done in SL are: dancer, hostess, modeling, decorator, security, PR, Head PR, instructor for new staff, staffing, business consultant, assistant manager, manager, real estate. SL time seemed to run so quickly for me. Sometimes it liked like fairy tale. SL didin't give me more confidence in RL. I knew who i am and what i can do long time before SL. Why i am in SL? Because i have fun and it 's a good way to cover some of my free RL. If i feel like a rockstar? Generally no. I am a simple person SL and RL, i could say the same exactly. Of course sometimes there were moments when i felt not only as Rockstar but as a queen. It was something temporaly and soon i knew how to land again in the reality. I don't think that SL affected my RL neighter that i am addicted with SL. . On the other side i admit that i am addicted with Internet. RL is always my priority and with it, i am absolut. About the rumor now that everyone just wants to be acknowledged or just heard, i was the opposite exactly. While i was working (some periods in 2 jobs and i was running like a rabbit) i could say i was famous when i remember that every time i loged in i had unlimited im's by people who wanted to speak with or needed some help and support. Really i couldn't never to be alone. To spend some time for me. Very soon i realised that it was no the lifestyle i was dreaming. Personal time is very very important for me. To be able to relax when i need it. So i stopped to work and gradually i achieved to find again time for me. This moment i live maybe in the most quiet sim in SL, sometimes alone, and some other time with my good friends, away from the spotlight always and i enjoy it. Now i spend most of my SL helping and sermonizing especially new users here in the community and in world also. I find it more substantial than to shake my puppies in the clubs. For me there is no past, there is no future. Everything is present. So i try to enjoy the present, every moment. Do the same. Yes we are avatars but behind the veil, there is a real person. Be real and sincere. Use what you were teached in RL in your SL and the opposite. SL is a big school for everyone. I live rather quietly in sl as well... and I like it that way. You have had a very full secondlife considering how relatively new you are!
  11. Alazarin Mondrian wrote: ....but it's illusory and never lasts long. So true... something usually comes along to knock us off our personal pedestals!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX6uLlWdxZo This rings so true, for me when I started - this was every guy i met (at first - and still sometimes). Started me wondering, what do we want from our sl, fame? fortune? friendship? love? games? ... Many or some of us have been (or wished to be) sl rockstars in whatever circle we travel in. So my question is... how did you start? What did/do you want? Did you "rock it" - do you feel bigger and better in sl? Does sl give you more confidence in rl? Are you an sl rockstar...? SL made me way more comfortable talking to people in RL, I started to realize that everyone just wants to be acknowledged or just heard. I think i am a rockstar in my own sl...i am not sl famous, i am not all that talented but when i log in - there are those friends that are stoked to see me and I them = that is why I keep loggin in after 4 years, smiles. I realize this a big topic, I know that sl has influenced my rl in both positive and negative ways so I mean no judgement in my questions or discussion
  13. Griffen it was this reply below that I apparantly misread as implying the non-monogamous are liars. I apologize... "Ah. It's all clear now. So, even though, theoretically, you yourself tell no lies, you have no problem seeing the "good" qualities in someone who obviously doesn't know the meaning of truth. Got it."
  14. @ Griffen - Why do you assume that someone who is not monogamous is a liar? I think there are many polyamorous people who might disagree with you. :matte-motes-evil: @ Hippy and others - Treating others with caring and respect while admirable mearly shows that they are empathetic (or good at rp-ing empathy) and that they have nice manners. IMO it shows nothing of their "Character."
  15. One more thing... There is a limit to how many characters can be in your reply (read that link provided for more details) so always delete the copy of the original IM in your reply.
  16. Its hard to recommend role playing groups when you haven't given us a clue about what your interests are! Here is a link to an overview of what is available. http://secondlife.com/destinations/roleplay
  17. Here are some links I found... http://www.spreadshirt.com/second-life-logo-accessories-C3390I3345328 http://www.zazzle.com/second+life+gifts
  18. You can also go to your account > transaction history (on the left side of the dashboard) and search for the purchase there. If you purchased the item in world it will give you the name of the item you purchased and that might help you search/find it in your inventory. If you purchased it on the Marketplace go to My account > My order history and look for the purchase there. If the purchase doesn't show up then something went wrong and you should re-purchase (you have not been charged). If the items are in the history but not in your inventory contact the vendor who you bought them from give them the transaction number (shown in the history) and request re-delivery.
  19. Freya Mokusei wrote: Usually I just ask if I can has their stuff. :smileyhappy: You beat me to it... can i haz yur stuff drama queen? (kidding aside - if its a good friend I usually already know the reasons and I support them and miss them)
  20. Visited one of those fancy dance spots with my partner in crime - in "greenie" avatars - tho appropriately dressed in evening atire... they were not amused...
  21. Is it lying or is it that person's second life? It's a fantasy - whether their avatar is human or a dragon. Its how they have chosen to represent themselves in this virtual world... you call them "liars" but perhaps you are expecting too much. Why can't you accept what they have told you as the truth of who they are in SL or even maybe the truth of who they are when they are with you? You can't expect more than that most of the time. In SL I find its best to accept and love the person you have come to know in SL and not worry about who or what they are when they are not sitting in front of their keyboard.
  22. If you are talking about a premium membership it will save you money to pay for a whole year, with the stipend you receive its "almost free".
  23. Is this mainland or private estate land? I can't see this happening on mainland - if it is private estate land then you have to deal with the owner to rectify the situation. If the land is set to a group then you should wear that group tag whenever you rez something to place it on the land. If you aren't wearing the group tag then the land may be set to auto return. To find the missing items try clearing cache and relogging. Or check for other tips on the link below: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss
  24. :matte-motes-grin: Thank you Valerie... coming from your glamorous self that is quite a compliment!
  25. Welcome back! - I too joined in March of 2007 - and am still here (sometimes anyway)! Send me an IM I would be happy to help you re-adjust. Good luck to you!
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