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  1. When I log in I see a message in local chat that I have "Flight Assist is enabled". How do I disable that? Help and many thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi Anyone know if the rumor going around last year about 'Residents' being able to change their username and able to choose a surname was a hoax .... or for real reals? If real then when will this be available??
  3. Yes that's it. How do I do that?
  4. How do i make something 'off sim'? I have done it once years ago to put a boat off the sim but I have lost the NC and the actual boat in the usual SL way of losing inventory items. Somehow it gets linked to a prim box or something then you can move it out of sim? But not totally sure. Help?
  5. Hmmm my sign in to Flickr was through NZ provider Xtra.co.nz which is now Spark and no longer joined with Yahoo.. i think. So I am guessing that's why i cannot log in anymore with my xtra.co.nz email address....no warning. just cannot log in .. All I get is this message on the login page.. "Sorry, we don't recognise this email address." I've since created a Yahoo ID and created a new Flickr page but my old one is still locked to me.. grrr
  6. For some reason over the past week I have lost the info up the top in the navigatio bar,i.e. the icons for voice, scripts, no pushing etc. How can I get them back please? Thanks for the help.. damn i lost your answer but yes it worked :) Cheers
  7. Okay I just posted a question "Who sees all the 'Brenden' guys landing all over the place every few minutes? Anyone know what they are?Just curious." I was referred here to this General Forum and OMG W O W lol. So I aint paranoid then lol. well that's sorta comforting to know. Hmmm so yeh looks like Brenden's been around a long while then. I started taking note of the names in Oct 2014. Someone told me they may be 'copy bots' or Linden staff? But yeh they have never done me any harm that I know of and they don't IM me but yeh. they keep popping up near my home and work and.. everydamnwh
  8. Who sees all the 'Brenden' guys landing all over the place every few minutes? Anyone know what they are? Just curious.
  9. WELL today i went to login and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS it worked!!!!! And i have been in and out of sl a few times now today on my phone. (am currently logged in and chatting with my sl sister) So i guess pmv was doin maintenance on the network or server? and a lot of us got locked out? Not sure but yay its okay now for me. HOPE YOU ALL ARE ABLE TO LOGIN NOW TOO Thanks for the comments and suggestions etc. Cheers All :D :D Hi there I have not been able to log in to Second Life accounts on my cell phone today. I keep getting the following message:- "Login failed Second Life cannot be accessed
  10. It has been fine for the last 2.5 years and now I cannot buy lindens in world or thru the website..or purchase items thru MP....have i missed a memo about cards being declined? I have not maxed out my limit for purchasing lindens for the month and my cards do have sufficient funds. But regardless I cannot re-load one on my account ..(I removed it and tried to reload it..but that keeps getting declined too.) Now I am worried I will lose my land if the fee can't come out. Anyone else having this problem atm? Is it s LL glitch over the holiday season???? :'(
  11. is there a limit on amount of lindens we can purchase in a week or month? I am 2.5 years old but am not sure of this even now
  12. thanks KarenMIchelle.. yeps THAT was the easiest way.. well the only way too to fix the problem. Cheers ...and THANK YOU to everyone who posted suggestions
  13. How can i reposition my Edit box when Ive lost it??? Coz it seems to have dropped BELOW my bottom task bar and i cant get at it to grab it to reposition it back up where i can see it :( It's when i right click on something to EDIT it. The Edit box itself won't show up on my screen as it has somehow moved BELOW my bottom taskbar/toolbar..which won't move down or disappear for me to retrieve it. Same with the Build box too. Is there anyway to removed the bottom chat and taskbar totally (temporarily of course)????
  14. I dropped my dance hud at a club i work at and now I can't see it to take it back.. only the hover text of dances inside it. Grrrr .. I've tried ctrl-alt-T but still can't see the actual device. Should I be able to see it if I turn wireframe on? hmmm.. can anyone help? How do I turn wireframe on again? Sighs.. I have 1000sL in that hud. i would hate for it to be sittingi there ..invisible for ever :(
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