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  1. When I log in I see a message in local chat that I have "Flight Assist is enabled". How do I disable that? Help and many thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi Anyone know if the rumor going around last year about 'Residents' being able to change their username and able to choose a surname was a hoax .... or for real reals? If real then when will this be available??
  3. Yes that's it. How do I do that?
  4. How do i make something 'off sim'? I have done it once years ago to put a boat off the sim but I have lost the NC and the actual boat in the usual SL way of losing inventory items. Somehow it gets linked to a prim box or something then you can move it out of sim? But not totally sure. Help?
  5. Okay I just posted a question "Who sees all the 'Brenden' guys landing all over the place every few minutes? Anyone know what they are?Just curious." I was referred here to this General Forum and OMG W O W lol. So I aint paranoid then lol. well that's sorta comforting to know. Hmmm so yeh looks like Brenden's been around a long while then. I started taking note of the names in Oct 2014. Someone told me they may be 'copy bots' or Linden staff? But yeh they have never done me any harm that I know of and they don't IM me but yeh. they keep popping up near my home and work and.. everydamnwh
  6. Phew ...doh...thanks for that...yes i forgot all about that..... shrugs....*facepalms* cheers
  7. D'oh...*facepalms* .lmfao....thank youuu...phew..forgot all about that.....yayyyy....not an error...excellent ..thanks again...
  8. Hi I've just checked my L@ balance through my dashboard while i am out of world and see a linden grant of L$1250 made today.. What would this be? and why would i receive it? i have had no email notification so far. Sure it's nice to receive...but ummmmm..could it be an error? How do i find out where it came from and why? Cheers Lola :)
  9. how do i turn it off so that when i chat publicly i dont type in the air? doesnt look right somehow..lol i'd appreciate your help ppl thanks very much :)
  10. Hi ppl just wondering if - when i receive IMs in my email inbox (while i am offline) - if i can actually reply just as normal email?? hit reply etc and send and will the sender receive at their email?? as i can't get in to SL while im at work....i can still keep in touch with friends while in rl? ??
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