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  1. Hi guys..im not sure what class this server is ? Second Life Server
  2. Hi guys..i not sure how many Homestead and Private Full Region sim script allow ...Curently im only a 1/4 sim Private full region with about 1700 vendors..BSM script . But lately nextdoor told the sim lord that the sim very lag ...The sim lord say i cost the lag ...But later i go to Debug > Get top Script ...and it only show 1 or 2 script that " day " high . My question how many Private full region scripts allow and what the limit of time and Mono consider i over lag the sim ? Viper
  3. Ohh how do we know what Class the Sims we going purchase ? can we tell from About Land ?
  4. Lately a friend told me some full region sims are Class 4 and Class5 but as far i know LindenLab did mentioned last year that all full region sims no longer class4/class5 because they all upgraded and all Same level . Then another friend told me she used to Purchased " grandfather " sims which fee Cheaper ..Here im confuse grandfather sims still exist ? If Yes..then last yr lindenlab say all full region sims all upgraded ..Then whats going on ? I mean Am i the only one still confuse or alot still . I just want to know if all Full region sim in SL now all SAME LEVEL / FUNCTION ? Viper
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