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  1. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Since we all share this world each one of us has the responsibility to treat others as they would like to be treated show respect and tolerance of others who show them the same use server resources as efficiently as they can create an environment that doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of others they share an environment with remember that they too were once a newb without a clue and help as they can This /\ ... I was going to say "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "if you can't say somthin nice, don't say nothin at all" but I think Amethyst said it better. The only thin we can take responsibility for is our own actions and reactions.
  2. Its beautiful, but likely heavily photoshopped to achieve the shadows and shading. Your best bet is to send an IM or notecard to the shop owner which expresses your admiration for her/his creativity in creating the look and (assuming you have purchased whatever they are selling in the ad) asking where you can purchase the skin, hair and shape to complete the look. That is your best bet but don't be surprised if it doesn't work, the shape, skin and/or hair might be custom made for the look. The creator might be unwilling to share the info, or the photo might have been so altered in photoshop that there isn't anything in sl to compare.
  3. I would think you already have a child avi in your inventory (that you use to design the clothing) so why not use yourself and a few cute animations and accessories, I would think it would be cheaper than hiring a model in the long run.
  4. Definitely file an abuse report if he has been verbally abusive or threathened you in any way. In addition, you may need to mute him, delete him from your friends/contacts list, delete anything from your inventory that he gave you (it could have a tracking or listening script if you rez or wear it). If he doesn't leave you alone after all that you may have to leave groups that you both belong to and worse case scenario create an alt that has no... and I MEAN NO connection to your existing main account. Only you can decide how seriously malicious this guy is, just don't be blinded by sweet talk. take care
  5. Try going into the appearance editor and slightly tweaking the eye size or eye bulge settings, it may be that whatever shape you are wearing is not matching the skin or eyes you are wearing. Save your existing shape before you start tweaking on things so you can always go back to it.
  6. Just know that you can't take that personally, follow all the good advice here and know that it has happened to all of us. When it first happens it is such a shock that you don't know what to do, later you learn to get the name of the person/object and can choose whether or not to file an abuse report. In my first few months I was caged one time and attacked at my home with flying saw blades, it freaked me out but I learned to deal with it - and also with sandbox griefers... find a nice quiet one or rent a place for your home where you can rez your own purchases. Good luck to you and enjoy sl
  7. Well, you won long ago... So this post seems pointless but if its winning you #points or #kudos or some other mysterious twitter thingys (I don't twit) - then YAY more power to you!
  8. I am currently wearing Pulse skins - every year around my SL Birthday I tend to do a makeover including a new skin and I modify my shape a bit - nothing too drastic. I am going to bookmark this thread so I can check out some of the skin makers mentioned. To me skin shopping is both time consuming and fun!
  9. There are great suggestions and lots of help in this thread - I am going to post this pic just for good measure because being way out of proportion will make you look freaky but of course there is room to be creative and sl is a bit different due to camera angle and default sizes...
  10. This isn't actually new for 2012 but its new enough for me, I have been brunette and blond in sl but i love this look especially in red...
  11. Your question is a little unclear... do you want to sell the item so that the buyer can copy it? If so set the perms for all the items in the box as copy/no transfer. In general, you do not want to enable both copy and transfer options as that would allow them to resell your item to others. If you are selling a texture or some other kind of building component then you might want to add the transfer permission with a disclaimer that they are not to resell the item individually (only as part of their own build). If its a bundled item then you should be able to set permissions on each item but generally things are set to mod/copy-no transfer or mod/transfer - no copy.
  12. As Alarzarin said, FB and many other social networking sites are really data mining companies (haven't you ever wondered why the ads you see on your FB page are weirdly apropos, or not?) - since they haven't figured out how to market to avatars they find those accounts a useless waste of space... Perhaps they should talk to LL about marketplace ads to avatars but until they do you will find it a potentially hostile and temporary place to network with friends.
  13. People can find you in multiple ways even if you "unclick" for them to see you online. One way is thru groups you belong to if a friend searches there they can see when you were last logged in. Another is that many people use HUDs that will show when you are online even if you have unchecked them to see you online. So the best way to avoid drama with friends on your main account is to create an alt - a new account that you can log in with when you want privacy. The key with alt accounts tho is to avoid your usual hang outs and friends, otherwise they will likely figure out from mannerisms and even typing styles that this "new" person is you, thereby creating yet more drama.
  14. There are also some skin makers that make specialty skins, sort of non standard... if you give us an idea of what you are looking for we might be able to help you find something that won't cost you an arm and a leg (so to speak), if you can provide a picture that will help too.
  15. I live on the mainland so I get lots of random visitors and I kind of like that random interaction, if you prefer not to be bothered by stangers just get yourself a security system which will allow you to ban indivduals or non-group members, you can set them in various ways. Likely it was a random explorer so I wouldn't get too upset if I were you
  16. You might also be trying to teleport into regions that are overcrowded (like nightclubs or shopping centers), try searching your map for uncrowded regions and see if it still happens.
  17. I think your best bet would be to send the creator an IM or notecard and ask this question. Hopefully someone here might know as well.
  18. If you don't want to do the Mens Stuff hunt then just go to their lounge, there is a large wall of freebies just for men. I don't have the slurl handy but here's their webpage: http://stuff-sl.com/menstuff/
  19. I think they might be cute too with actual hair textures... the key to selling them would be to find the right "key words" and giving samples to the fashion bloggers - they could be the next big thing! Good Luck!
  20. Try Nomine either in the marketplace or inworld , gothy/bloody distressed skins, I think you will find what you are looking for.
  21. I have to say, I have not experienced this feeling, I started as a brunette, then blond, sometimes red, sometimes black. I do the same with skins, I love to change up my look - but always feel myself, I wish I could do it in rl! Mostly blond these days (close to rl) but still love to wear fantasy skins, ethnic skins, delicious mermaid fantasy looks. I try to update my avi about once a year, usually around my rez day... I am super picky about skin details and finding a new one that feels right takes awhile and usually requires a bit of shape shifting to make it fit right. Mostly around the mouth/lips, it seems most skins are geared toward a small, bow shaped lip with the upper lip larger or equal to the lower lip I personally prefer a wider lip with the lower lip more full (closer to me in rl). so some skins just don't fit right. Once I have a skin I like then the sky is the limit - I always feel like me and I love to explore different avi's/hair/skin tone/whatever... I think you just have to explore and enjoy whatever makes you happy - if you feel uncomfortable, shelve that look or hair for awhile - but don't be afraid to explore how wearing something outside your comfort zone (shape/hair/outfit) changes your outlook and/or the way that others react to you. Its fascinating to me the way that people (not friends) will react to the different looks I where - the mermaid outfits are often a conversation starters, smiles.
  22. Another suggestion would be to join a hunt with a theme that sounds interesting to you. You will often see signs in front of a store that show what hunts they are participating in. One hunt I am doing right now has 150 stores and most of them are really awesome and new to me. Its a fun way to pass time in sl and the group chat can be amusing. Here is a blog about hunts... http://slhunts.wordpress.com/ ETA: Most hunts right now will be holiday themed but you might still find some fun stuff and new stores. I would recommend grid-wide hunts over store or sim hunts - you will get more variety.
  23. Before you pass the picture on I would suggest that you right click it, select edit and check the permissions. I wouldn't pass a picture without disabling the copy, mod and/or transfer permissions. Otherwise you have no way of knowing where that picture could end up.
  24. go to www.secondlife.com and log in with your name and password, on the left click account and scroll down to "cancel account" click there and follow the directions. Keep in mind that if you cancel your account and change your mind later it will be difficult to reactivate and restore any inventory you have. If you are a basic account you can just delete your friends list, put a note on your profile that you are gone and your basic account will stay active indefinitely in case you change your mind. If you are a premium account sell or abandon your land and change your account back to basic and then you can keep your inventory and just dissappear.
  25. Jessika Rang


    Bottom line is that you need to buy or rent land to put your house on. The size and prim count of the house will determine how much property you need to purchase (or rent). Everything in SL is made of prims which are the building blocks so to speak of sl. Some houses are 30 prims or less and made to fit on the "starter" parcels of 512 sq meters - and then everything becomes more elaborate and more expensive as you add prims and footprint size. There are houses that have a small-ish footprint but the prim count mandates a big parcel. The first thing you need to know is how big the house is, it should say in the information what the footprint size is. This will tell you the minimum size property you will have to buy (or rent) so that it will fit. Then there should also be information on how many prims the house (with or without furnishings) is. If you buy a house that is small but heavy in prims you might need a bigger parcel for the prim allowance. I would recommend buying land directly from LL over renting from estate owners but there are varying opinions on that as well. Its fairly complicated and it would be good for you to do a bit of research before investing or renting... here is a place to start: http://secondlife.com/land/
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