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  1. I haven't been to the pool yet but are there food and drink dispensers there? I think food items are socially fun and I love buying food/drink items with the feature to hand out things. I've been so busy decorating that I haven't looked around and seen if there are rezzers for boats, bikes etc. Things that make public places more interactive.
  2. Keep trying, I was using 3 different browsers, but I just got lucky to be in front of my computer when the release started.
  3. Yeah I just figured that out! When my house disappeared I got really scared then a new one popped up LOL I thought I lost it.
  4. Yay hello Evard with my fav Winchester. Jesus my heart when it popped up.
  5. Congratulations! I'm trying to figure out how to set up the auto refresh correctly. How do you get it to run at 90 second intervals?
  6. Just letting everyone know that Ingrid Ingersoll is a SL icon that inspired me so much when I first came into SL.
  7. For plants and flowers my favs right now are Mithral, Dust Bunny, What Next and Ariskea
  8. At the end of the day, if your neighbor goes out and buys the same furniture that you have, it means that the creator of that furniture makes more money and has gained a new buyer. For all the hard work that creators put into making Second Life a more beautiful place, they deserve all the praise and earnings that they can get. So I wouldn’t look at it as an insult, but as another contribution to the creators of SL. Without the creators, we would all be sitting on rocks, naked lol. I could care less if I had 10 neighbors who had the same furniture as I did. I would consider it a compliment
  9. Apple Fall has a great kitchen set. Also Laq, and Moss & Pink, and David Heather.
  10. I kinda wish we could just spot an empty one inworld and just claim it lol.
  11. Hi, I don't even see the option for the new homes on my land selection page. I only see the previous 4 themes on the drop down menu. Is this because Bellisseria sold out?
  12. 1024 water parcel for sale $4500L. Beach themed area. Home rezzed with living room and bedroom furnished, as well as outdoor seating, all mesh. One empty room to furnish as you wish. Teleport: Land for sale 4500L Jorunn
  13. For the first show of 2018, Host Cinders Vale shares her favorite hunts for January. Happy Hunting! features hunts that are put together by Hunt Organizers from all across Second Life. https://happyhuntingtv.wordpress.com/
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