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  1. Elite Runner wrote: Suddenly the workday is over as it's 5:00 pm SLT, and I head home. I TP to my home and relax on the recliner. I tune to Treet TV but realised that ELITE 3000 Today and Treet TV switched channels. Then I got a TP invite to the speedway. I teleported there and I saw sports cars, including the 2011 Zapax. I notice the ELITE 3000 logo and the license plate "E3000 E3K". It must be Ryan Elite (Elite Runner)'s Zapax! Ryan Elite is beside his car. I met to him and he gave me the 2011 Zapax stock with the instructional manual. So I hop into the 2011 Zapax and of course ignoring the instruction manual I attempt to drive it into....
  2. A friend of mine has this in his profile, it cracks me up everytime I read it: "Self help books I've read lately are "Chicken Soup For The Obnoxious Jerk" and "I'm O.K., You're The **bleep**." If it seems like I'm afk, I'm probably just ignoring you. If I really am afk, I'm probably hoping you'll be gone when I get back..." 
  3. dayz Short wrote: Yes,,,at all times an avatar appearance should be the individual creators expectation of self...for self's own pleasure...I am a proud utterly vain and self-centered hedonistic masochist though and I will have that guide...she smiles... =D Yes! Aren't we all... or at least we should be, this is afterall our second life, our playground... xoxo dayz, thanks for an awesome thread (Ilearned alot too) /me smiles
  4. I agree that its oki to be a bit better than "perfect" proportions. I am tall in rl so my original shape was very tall - and very long legged. Overtime I have shrunk my height but I still have proportionately long legs and a shorter waist (yeah - call me Barbie if you must - LOL). Its one of the beauties of SL that we can play with our shapes and make what feels "perfect" to ourselves. There are obvious mistakes that many people make, pinheads and watermelon butts being chief among them but I also love to see some of the more creative shapes that people come up with including curvy women (or those SL "model" shapes), chubby or skinny guys. (and that "What The Fug" site is hilarious!)
  5. yvw - being an "Oldbie" and a voracious reader of sl blogs helps! Happy shape making!
  6. Personally I prefer falling... :matte-motes-shocked:
  7. Here is a rl proportion guide. I think one of the biggest problems in SL is avatars with weirdly short arms. There are some awesome tutorials at this blog as well (this is where I got the picture below from): http://wehatewhatyourewearing.blogspot.com/2009/01/shaping-up-shapes-tutorial-part-1.html http://wehatewhatyourewearing.blogspot.com/2009/03/shaping-up-shapes-tutorial-part-2.html
  8. I noticed it too - someone needs to throw a party!!
  9. Once you get yourself back to normal create an outfit with the skin, hair, eyes, clothing etc and name it something easy to remember, like "reset outfit". The next time this happens click this folder and select "wear all" this should get you back to normal quickly.
  10. Its possible that its a problem with LL's system (there was an issue earlier today... http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2011/06/07/post1311/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SecondLifeGridStatus+%28Second+Life+Grid+Status+Updates%29 Try waiting a bit or edit your post to give more information about the error message you are receiving (click the options button on the top right and then "edit post" to add more information). I would not recommend buying lindens thru any third party source. BTW - Did you try buying at market rate or by specifying a rate? Market rate sometimes takes a little while to go thru, specifying a rate can take longer.
  11. Ah! Took these pics of my SL sister - she loves this style! I will have to check the credits (clothes, hair, location...) if anyone is interested let me know, the first is more steampunk Lolita... the second more goth (dress is made of bones!) but still a steampunk setting...
  12. To me "kudos" mean - "good answer!" or "That was helpful" (you see them sometimes in the answers section - but many people ask in the forums instead of answers) and in many of the threads in fashion it seems apropos - maybe not in a vanity thread - but if you find something for someone or help them mod an attachment... I can see its use. I just don't take them seriously so am happy to hand them out when I feel like it. Happy to get them once in awhile too but its really no big deal, I don't care about rank. Edit for spelling
  13. Hahahahahahah! I love all these topics... kudos... :matte-motes-evil:
  14. There are some great fashion blogs that focus on freebies or nearly free: http://fabfree.wordpress.com/ http://slfreestyle.blogspot.com/
  15. Also click the "What is Second Life" link at the top of this page (or the "what Next" link at the top of your dashboard). There are helpful links there to video tutorials etc. Welcome to Second Life and the forums!
  16. I found this thru google, its fairly recent to I hope it helps (if you are premium you could try calling support but likely they will walk you thru the same solutions): http://www.ecu.edu/ecusecondlife/help/init_vfs.html It sounds like you have been doing your own homework as well, good luck with this problem.
  17. There is no real reason to completely delete your account (you could downgrade to a basic account if you are premium and then just ignore it - this way your inventory will be there waiting for you if you ever want to come back). We have seen many people here on the forums asking how to get their account back a day, a week or months after cancelling their accounts. But if you really want to delete secondlife altogether first sell or abandon any land you might own and manually downgrade your account to basic (on the dashboard, under Account). Then go back to your dashboard and click Account>Cancel account and follow the steps. After that uninstall the viewer from your computer and you are done.
  18. I think you would like Artilleri: http://artilleri.blogspot.com/ check out some of the fashion feeds for ideas and inspiration too: http://iheartsl.com/ http://shopaholicfeed.com/ These blogs and feeds usually provide Slurls which are links to their inworld stores. Click on a Slurl and your viewer should open (and take you there or if you are in-world a TP will pop up. Also shopping on the SL Marketplace will help you find good stores (you can always use the Slurls to visit the inworld shop). Click on "shopping" above and go to the marketplace, then search for rockabilly or pin-up.
  19. Steamjunk seems pretty active. Steam Hunt Punks gets lively during their hunts.
  20. There is alot if interesting information regarding server class here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/mono2-performance/Performance-comparisons-Class-5-vs-Class-7-amp-Mono-1-vs-Mono-2/m-p/870129/highlight/true#M46
  21. Hi Wesli97, Also check out these blogs, the specialize in highlighting free goodies in second life! http://fabfree.wordpress.com/ http://slfreestyle.blogspot.com/ Have fun!
  22. You could also get a job in-world, create your own service business or create something to sell to others.
  23. I totally agree! C'mon LL give us a Home and Garden forum!
  24. See Torley's explanation here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/5790281055/in/photostream and here is a list of locations of the most recent splash screens: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Login_screen/Credits
  25. See the info on this blog post... maybe this will help: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Trouble-Logging-In-Billing-Issues-Call-Our-Support-Team-Toll/ba-p/884901
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