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  1. Those feathers, in the skin.. are giving me the chills.. I just can't! 🤢 (It is a lovely picture.. I just.. cant.....)
  2. Did you accept an experience permission?
  3. In my experience, I was up in the mountains of Montana with only a satellite connection and no cell service what so ever. You are only allowed so much data on them during the day but after 1 am I believe it is free until I think 7am... Anyway, my experience with it was that I could connect but nothing would rez and if i dared to go to a event.. instant crash.. So, yes you can run SL however it will eat up your data allotment and you will be VERY, VERY slow to load and lag horribly. This is from personal experience with hughesnet
  4. The thing about fashion is this... You have the confidence to carry it off and then not one person will laugh, they will say damn that old lady rocked that outfit... If it makes you happy do it. The hell with everyone else.
  5. I believe right now there are 16 active volcano, or as of the 16th. https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/volcano-activity/news/119331/Volcanic-activity-worldwide-16-Jan-2021-Fuego-volcano-Klyuchevskoy-Popocatepetl-Merapi-Semeru.html
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