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  1. I see this often in people's profiles.... you must have a mesh body for my attention.. I honestly went back to wearing my classic avatar a lot more. This requirement is not racist, but it is a big reason mesh body sales are so high. The downsize is they are clogging up the effective playing of second life. I am so sick and tired of tping into a event or area and being accosted by body parts or clothing. Aside from the fact I am really tired of seeing naked people, having to shield my laptop screen so people are not thinking SL is nothing but a peep show... I would hope if they require it, they would offer free bodies people can use. The Ruth project is a free mesh body, are they passing that out to people?
  2. where did you get those pants? I need them in rl and in sl.
  3. wtf is cisgender. omg I just can't keep up with all the genders.....
  4. as of yesterday, I'm feeling a year older. And my ungrateful ADULT children didn't get me a gift. At least this year they remembered to say happy birthday, so there is that. lol
  5. just ... you know why cooking it on same grill they cooken the meat on.....
  6. I know there was a really creepy one from Kayak .. Lecture. But he was backwards with his head shaved.. no mask. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7K7e/kayak-lecture
  7. so, my rl bday is sunday... I could use one of those.
  8. Perhaps it is time for a SL media scandal? "Man arrested for breeding kittycats in his dungeon home in second life, hoarded cats will be taken to pound." More news at 11..
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