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  1. I just finished 3 trails at Big Ridge state park, I heard crickets, birds of all sorts, Herons and the scurry of bunny rabbits and chipmunks, and the rustling leaves and kinda spooky footsteps on dark hollow trail... alas, but right now I am listening to the low hum of my rv's AC and the snoring of 2 tuckerd out dogs while we wait for night fall and the fireflies come out and the frogs begin their nighttime serenade. (and yes, I do this all solo... just me and my doggies)
  2. I wonder how many are taken by alts, alts allts? To bad they do not restrict to IP address lol
  3. I am posting this to let you know I have died. I will be leaving SL for good. I am not sure what I died of or probably my ulcer or lack of nutritional balanced meals but more than likely my job in retail did me in....I am not sure when I died either, this is just a pre-dieing post prepared in the event of my death.. I am leaving my sim to the Lindens, who without them I would have no sim.. And all my inwordly goods shall go to no one because they are all no transfer. Please light a scripted candle for me and say a few sarcastic words and mild insults, and outright flames in my memory.. and remember me when failed tps crash your pc...... I just want you all to know what you ment to me and how I treasured every conversation, every "lets have sexor!" and every single.. "Can I borrow some linden?" and every single... "Show some linden love." every one has ever said to me.. I love you guys.. Goddess be with you all and may all your tps be successful. .. . .. . . . _____________________________________________________
  4. I put a memorial for my late rl husband there and that was in 2014.
  5. Yes, of course. Some are real deaths some are also get away from a crazy ex deaths to. I myself have been to a few memorials. Not funerals in sl, that is just weird but a memorial is nice. I had someone I knew for almost as long as I was in SL pass away and it was only then I found out a whole bunch of truths about him that made me so against getting to know anyone in sl on that level ever again.
  6. Not sure why you would get rid of no copy.
  7. I was to lazy to turn it off.... truth be told. Previously you had to be prem to own land... apparently that is not so now. (private sim) I liked the live chat help to. Other than that, I think the "gifts" are silly usually and never anything I can use and the stipend is a joke. I am sure of it.
  8. Oh boy, Sex sims are is lube in the SL machine...
  9. OP, you have a blank profile in world. I was going to go see your sim but...
  10. busy locations also contain a lot of bot.
  11. Happens to me at my sim all the time... Are you angry because they are not tipping you to?
  12. Well, I get the old housing options.. so... And yes, I am very much considering canceling premium which I have had for a good 10 years or so... And no the reason I am considering no more premium is because nothing at all is a benefit to me.
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