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  1. So. Aside from a few who do actually have broadcasting rights why would I give even 1.00 to someone who is potentially breaking copyright rules. I have no way of knowing. Heck I had a YouTube video I made and you could barely hear a song that was playing in my car radio and they shut me down! It was a driving video of the going to the sun rd in Montana. So my opinion is the whole dj business in SL is super shady!
  2. Yeah looking to find an active group for dating. With possible rl connections. All the ones I have seen are no longer active. Thanks.
  3. All of the merchants items are 0L. They state they have only a short time to live and have made all their items 0L. There are so many scripts they are releasing into the wild here. I reckon we all need to be watchful.
  4. alts could be used in contests to stack odds.
  5. I did that 3 times, ended up right back to the original houseboat in tern key and decided it's where I need to be. I actually like the location for boating. The problem with Bellisseria is for me, once you tour the waterways a couple times, it's quite boring.. Except that one time I ran those people over on a party barge.... lag related. I myself, have a very hard time with lag there. (Yes, I know all the tricks to reduce) There is a very snobbish attitude from many of the people in the Belli group, I have spoken to several members who have been berated, shamed and just ignored. It's
  6. People for sure have some good options without spending 10K in Lindens when just starting in SL.
  7. Thoughts and information about this item on MP. It is sold as an alt detector, but I seem to recall LL banning these items.. (red zone etc) Is this a legit device and how would it work? Understanding that the media and music links can be a way.. Just curious. The sellers profile is interesting as well... a 14 yo avatar. The following if from ad. "This will protect your place in Second Life from alts (a user with multiple avatars). For various reasons many parcel owners and event hosts prefer not to invite alts to their parties. It is perfectly understandable, and well with
  8. Gretchen, SL defaulted older figure skin/shape and hair.
  9. This image keeps getting altered by the flickr bot for being restricted.
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