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  1. I did not even know this was a thing.
  2. What is catty? I believe I asked a legit question. I am really confused here.
  3. other women fine them sexual to. but I am with you on this one Beth.
  4. meanwhile, make sure you are hardwired internet. Because wifi will bottleneck you fast.
  5. I am just really confused over the whole thing. It is my understanding that only you can view your settings?
  6. Actually, I just went back and read it all.. I do not see any "trash" I see a nice debated conversation with level heads and counterpoints.. I see people have a lovely conversation.. So, I am honestly confused why you choose to interject with your comment about trash. Also, I find Luna delightful.
  7. Sometimes they are way off, but usually that is because the questions is not clear or the person asking is in such confusion the cards will reflect that confusion.
  8. I have been reading the tarot for over 30 years. I have several of the card suits tattoos, including a VERY meaningful tower card. a week before my husband passed away that card kept coming up in my daily readings. I use a dragon deck. I did not pay attention , if I had I would have know that his death was the catastrophic event the cards were warning me about. This lower arm tattoo is to remind me to never dismiss the cards when they are trying to tell me something. I also have an empress, page of cups, The Sun card and I am working on getting a 2 of swords and the star. This arm is a sleeve where I have a crystal ball... I would also not lump witchcraft, divination or paganism as a cult. I personally feel that magic is all around us and you do not have to be a witch to see it, just open minded and allow yourself to accept it.
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