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  1. It was from my dash cam.. Its on video I just did a capture.. Oh yes. I had to pull over and it took me about 5 minutes to stop shaking. ** I highly recommend a dash cam to every driver. I have one I use on my RV and can use it on my car to.. For reasons like this. In accidents it is proof I was not hte idiot in the situation. I honestly do not know HOW I did not connect with her car. (oh also she flipped me the bird)
  2. oh , my bad, sorry Rolig my apologies I was snarky to you.
  3. Doing some defensive driving in Montana
  4. not a damn thing ** oh Usually the most judgmental people are the ones with .. I'm not judgmental in their profile. Also true for Drama.
  5. ok... I thought you were asking for help and I see it is just a drama thread. ; 0
  6. I see a lot of people making judgments. If for whatever reason this is true may of you are showing exactly why women (and men) do not come forward when things like this really do happen. (not saying it did or did not - I have only read up on what people are saying here) shameful.
  7. Perhaps your setting the bar to high. I do not think there is a "right" avatar. Post a photo, I am sure you are just fine.
  8. respectfully, if you are not premium, o not pay tiers, or rent and have a 0 USD balance then are you really a contributing member of SL? Do you have 0 L balance to?
  9. LOL muhahahahah omg I needed that laugh, been a rough week.
  10. I just finished 3 trails at Big Ridge state park, I heard crickets, birds of all sorts, Herons and the scurry of bunny rabbits and chipmunks, and the rustling leaves and kinda spooky footsteps on dark hollow trail... alas, but right now I am listening to the low hum of my rv's AC and the snoring of 2 tuckerd out dogs while we wait for night fall and the fireflies come out and the frogs begin their nighttime serenade. (and yes, I do this all solo... just me and my doggies)
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