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  1. Looking for well made snowy land

    Check out maidenmothercrone
  2. rent 1/4 sim 4096 sqm 7500 prims 1L a prim wk , residential and light commercial welcome private region. NO BARRON LAND. Private owner. been on sl 10 years. half sim available. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MaidenMotherCrone/194/60/21
  3. Linden Lab Goes Copyright Nuts

    So what?? Not sure what your point is.
  4. Is it cheating?

    It's probably been said, but you started cheating when you had a partner in sl and you were married in rl. (sex or no sex)
  5. We are unable to decode the file storing your credentials. Need help?!

    I am on a MAC and I constantly have this issue even when no OS upgrade is preformed. It happened twice to me today.
  6. Linden Lab Goes Copyright Nuts

    I said the GRID, not the forums. Which would in turn put them in world more to see how things are. Can't you reboot your own sim? If you own it, you should be able to.
  7. Linden Lab Goes Copyright Nuts

    I would love to see more Lindens on the grid. I remember when you could request help and a helpful linden would tp to your location for one on one help and it did not require a paid account as I recall.
  8. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    If the numbers keep decreasing on SL, which they have in the years I have been here, then requiring someone to have a paid account is just going to contribute to that.
  9. I never get hit on and I am a real woman.. You must tell me your secret to entice men to make a pass at me.
  10. New Perk for Premium Members ?

    Oh finally, I've been waiting forever for this!!!
  11. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Not enough people to rent private islands parcels. (non Barron land) High land fees and the amount of fraud in the marketplace from people willy nilly reselling empty boxes as "full perm" mesh items and LL not taking a more proactive approach to it.
  12. Please vote up this jira for premium suggestions

    Um, no offense but the Lindens know what they are doing, they never react well to "suggestions" anyway. But, good luck.
  13. Problem logging in

    I'm sorry, what is so cool about that?
  14. Problem logging in

    "We are aware of numerous problems with logins, rezzing, and other SL services. We are actively investigating, but believe this is due to overall issues with the internet today. Another rough day on the internet seas." Well, IDK the rest of my internet is running smoothly..
  15. Two 1/4 sim for rent 5000 prime 4999L week. Land is currently a snow cap scene. With purple crystals, white snow and crystal flowers on purple grass. Very pretty original textures. Buy land, first weeks tier will be applied. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MaidenMotherCrone/194/193/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MaidenMotherCrone/184/32/29