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  1. Tarina Sewell

    What are you listening right know.

    the silence of my room with only the whirling swish of my ceiling fan.... the hum puts me to sleep...... zzzzzzz
  2. Tarina Sewell

    How long have you been a Resident of Second Life?

    I miss the wonder of experiencing the sims, the creations etc. I miss the opportunities to make money in SL. (and I did well back in the day)
  3. Tarina Sewell

    How long have you been a Resident of Second Life?

    07/19/2007 (11 years 3 months; 4134 days) but I am a eternalnewb.
  4. Tarina Sewell

    Grandfathered tier on the 28th

    I have contacted you in world, I am ready to buy. All the land Barrons are scooping up these Sims, please give a non Barron a chance.
  5. Tarina Sewell

    SL Chugging >>> Now it's Buzzing! 🐝

    i also use a ROG
  6. Tarina Sewell

    Do you think you are an interesting person in SL?

    I love this show so much I named my dogs Penny & Leonard...
  7. Tarina Sewell

    Looking for a wife

    is it cheating if the other party instigates it and watches?
  8. Tarina Sewell

    Is it better to be a girl or a guy in SL :)

    I find it rare an actual man has a well put together avatar, unless he is just fashionable or has a GF dressing him.. so, when I see an ugly male avatar or not all put together, I assume it is a actual male operating the ava. 😜
  9. Tarina Sewell

    For everyone in SL who use Flickr

    and I just remembered my password, great..
  10. Tarina Sewell

    What did you dress up as for Halloween?

    I love this.
  11. Yes, I am a social moth, always at the best parties but no one sees me. Looking for someone mature enough to see humor in my post and willing to not be a total dweeb and understand my introvert tendencies and total disregard for popularity cliques and whatnot.... No seriously, are there any groups for introverts to extrovert without judgment or snickering at how awkwardly we interact with the social secondlife elite? 💩
  12. well damn Derek, you sounded like my dream avatar. 🤓
  13. Tarina Sewell

    lying during RP

    would I lie to you?