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  1. Tarina Sewell


    Prayers for Aretha Franklin.... Queen of Soul. May the journey home be without pain.
  2. Tarina Sewell

    SL charities

    I do not donate to any charities in SL. I will and do donate to charities I know proceeds will be used as intended. So far, very few are IMHO using funds as intended and more go to pay CEO's salaries than intended charities use as intended. So, no. In world 0 dollars to charities. However, if I find something I want to buy in the RFL I will buy it but I will not give out money just because some "host" at a venue says they are collecting for this or that..... I do not even attend functions like this if I can help it.
  3. Tarina Sewell

    SL charities

    And exactly how much of in world donations does RFL get?
  4. Tarina Sewell

    Then and Now in SL...

    Yes, well said. I miss the Flexi hair and not to mention prim jewelry which sends your RC sky-high.....
  5. Tarina Sewell

    Then and Now in SL...

    I have actually seen some profile stating that if you are not using a mesh body then the person will not talk to you because they spent a goodly (no not bigly) amount of money on their appearance and expect that if you wish to interact with them you must also put forth the same effort. . . . . 🙄
  6. Tarina Sewell

    Secondlife declining player base

    I agree, I build rebuild I do the KittyCats thing.. But when it comes down to it, the thrill I got having a store and making some money (and I did back in the day) there is not a lot to do in SL for me. When I search for places to visit, all I get are 50 results for art installation.. Mostly (aside from a select few) just a bunch of vanity photos of their own avatars and photoshop edits... Where are the people? Used to be you could have nice conversations with people, now everyone is so defensive or down right rude... I spend maybe 5 hours a week on sl now as opposed to the 5-7 hours a day I used to spend..
  7. Casper be like....
  8. Tarina Sewell

    20408 SQM - 7031 PRIMS Mainland FOR SALE!

    You have this set to sale to a specific person, so you are not actually selling it now so you should mark it as sold.
  9. Tarina Sewell

    Grandfathered 30k sim for sale or rent

    Sim does not need to be moved. Please contact me in world. The Satin Sheath.
  10. The Satin Sheath sim is for sale 2200.00 includes 600.00 firm =
  11. Tarina Sewell

    SL vs RL - general thoughts

    1. Do you keep SL apart from RL? Are you open about RL with people in SL? Do you tell your RL friends about SL? Yes but at one point I did not. I am open but no one really ever asks. Sure I tell them.. 2. Do you act very differently in SL than in RL? No unfortunately, I had hoped it would help with a lack of social skills, but I found it is just the same as in RL. Awkward and extremely click driven. 3. Do you spend a lot of time in SL? Do you think you can spend less time, if RL demands it? Do you think SL is addictive? I spend less time lately, it has become a bit boring for me. Same people, same high school drama... 4. Do you think SL affected or changed your RL self? In a good or in a bad way? I dance a lot better in rl now. 5. Do you think SL only relationship can be considered as an RL adultery? Can you manage both relationship without getting in trouble? Yes and No. 6. What is the most important thing there is about SL for you? not much anymore. 7. Do you think a lot about things that happened in SL when you are offline? Yes. Thanks for participation! You're welcome.
  12. Tarina Sewell

    Generally Entertaining Discussions

    Well, Thanks for that. I just spent 30 min watching funny cat videos on youtube because of that suggestion and I can't even post them.
  13. Tarina Sewell

    Show your setup *PIC*

    Model Name: MacBook Pro (15in) Model Identifier: MacBookPro13,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.6 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 16 GB Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics 530 Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 1536 MB Vendor: Intel System Version: macOS 10.13.1 (17B1003) Kernel Version: Darwin 17.2.0 I use a mouse and HooToo HUB Oh yeah, it's pink.