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  1. I smoke a fat bowl drink mass quantities of vodka and pig out on gummi bears and chocolate cake and doritos. (this may or may not be true or only partially true)
  2. this is not untrue.. as I have aged in SL I have seen a lot of my peeps pass on to that afterlife server in the sky.
  3. ya that would so suck if it were no trans to.
  4. I do not have a favorite Halloween candy, I eat candy all year. I go through cycles... my current favorite is...
  5. omg, you just jarred my memory of an alt I have.. (and I just checked she is still active) I bet I cant remember the PW though. lol HOLY SMokes// Im in!! woot now to terrorize my boo.. oh wait.. I dont have a boo.
  6. I do not remember it was like 12 years ago. Not sure what was running through my head. Should have made SexyNymphBondageLVR sewell I might be more popular.
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/tarinasewell/
  8. everyone saying look me up.. it is taking way to much time to do that and if you do not give me a link I honestly will not care enough to put the time into searching. ; ) I see yours OP. So thanks
  9. smells like you fishing for more followers... lol
  10. see what happens when you are not in world much...... idk what quick prefs are I swear I feel like nut.. I mean noob.
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