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  1. The water exists only on the surface. If you submerge a structure there will be no water. If I am understanding correctly.
  2. I would love to see this in SL. Different ways that it is celebrated in each country... https://www.globaltiesus.org/news/9-news/833-12-halloween-traditions-from-around-the-world
  3. I *****ing hate them. Mostly used in live music venues..
  4. When I used to do retail, it was like day after thanksgiving 12:01 am and thus it begins
  5. no it doesn't, the list was a complication of countries who do in fact celebrate. But apparently everyone got their panties in a wad over it...omg ffs. people dress up all the time in SL and they pretend to be things they are not, but they absolutely will not celebrate Halloween.(explain the logic here) All it is is a good time for a party for kids and adults alike. (I reckon those might be the straight edge who only go human in SL to..) I can not believe how many Halloween haters there is in the crowd. I adore it, I love all Hallows eve and I LOVE that we will have a full moon thi
  6. For your reading pleasure... https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/countries-that-celebrate-halloween China 1,439,323,776 United States 331,002,651 Russia 145,934,462 Japan 126,476,461 Philippines 109,581,078 Germany 83,783,942 United Kingdom 67,886,011 Italy 60,461,826 Poland 37,846,611 Canada 37,742,154 Australia 25,499
  7. It's always Halloween in my region.. SL never puts me in search results though.
  8. I can imagine, In Florida we have lightning all the time hits. Lots of smaller fires. We usually have a lot of rain and that usually keeps it under control. I witnessed a lightning strike hit the tree of my neighbors yard, it split it in half. So, I can understand.
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