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  1. Not when you ave people entering who have no idea about all this... and there is nothing really to alert new users to these issues, or letting them know if the item is well built.... You maybe speak as your experiences are across the board but in fact, most are clueless to render weight. And what I find really brings up the RW is not mesh at all but old prim jewelry and accessories or hair...
  2. Id still rather pay 99.00 on top of my 30k full sim... ; ) anyway, just putting it out there. lol
  3. well that was so helpful. thanks for your input.
  4. what is the new issue, 5 years later... is Mesh body still a band-aid?
  5. so what you are saying is I suck at math? But you have to pay LL a large fee for a new one, right?
  6. Id love to buy your homestead sim, grandfathered please. I offer a reasonable amount. I need a place to be my store. thank you. please send Im in world or drop in my mailbox on my sim at barefoot servants. thank you for your consideration.
  7. I was like hm, cool... then a customers 7 and 10 years old kids told me how they play the game and gave me some info and I was like, umm-ok no.
  8. Do you realize how many user profiles you have violated by turning off advanced lighting!! You will not see them as they wish you to see them!!! You MUST enable all the bells and whistles so you can see these people's avatars properly!
  9. Okay, I just thought of one. Really drives me insane. I buy FP stuff and I am in their group, so for instance... A certain clothing FP creator, and they allow other merchants to post their textures for their products in a spam post to their groups. I may think of more, I am pretty chill on SL cause if it bother me I just log out.. but that one particular one makes me grrrrr... I didn't join the group for that, I joined it to buy your dogone mesh.
  10. yeah . Only one merchant that I don't mind when they do this. But the rest just get closed...
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