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  1. Thanks again for the help, I fixed his neck and head, and I think it looks good. Ya, meeting quality people in a thread doesn't really do much for me--we can't exactly sit here and hang out, have a conversation, etc. My IM box is always open, so feel free to contact me in the game. Cheers
  2. Ok, marianne thanks so much, I knew there were a few things I could tweak to make it that much better. With a slimmer neck, and a bigger head, he's decent looking. Ok, I've seen "equipment" mentioned more than once here.. at first I thought you guys were joking, but maybe you're not. I still have no idea what is... expected of a man on an SL date, and I'm getting the impression that it, like fashion, is up to personal taste. If you're referring to the poseballs, it does nothing for me--it's the intimacy, the closeness, the sharing that I'm after. I mean without those, you have nothing: no feelings, no desire, no truly intense anticipation. To... stain that by jumping on some pose balls seems a little crude, when words and ideas seem superior. Just looking at the labels on some of the beds in the furnished multiscene had me laughing--do women like that stuff? If they don't, will they tell a man they do because they think he expects it? So many questions, and I doubt I'll get consistent answers, so I guess it's better to just see what happens through trial and error. Thanks again, you guys REALLY helped me get my pixelated act together. Maybe I'll see you in world sometime--always happy to make new friends, I don't really know too many folks in SL. Then again, I don't know where to meet quality folks. I guess I don't know much of anything, do I?
  3. Thanks for the great replies, folks. As far as personality, charisma, intelligence, confidence, all of that I have--this is just some eye candy to go along with it.  So, here's my makeover... I have before pictures, but they're too embarassing. I think Willow was right about Tristan's fashion sense, she seems to know her stuff. 
  4. All righty, some of you are missing the point. I'm not looking for a catch-all, or magic look that will attract all women. There have to be some fashion dos and don'ts when it comes to what girls/women will like, or won't like. That's all I'm looking for. I had three girls approve my skin, and my shape. What I'm looking at now are clothes and hair.
  5. Well my budget is up and down, I work for my linden in world. But I'm willing to save up for the right stuff.
  6. I'd like to get a wardrobe of hot looks, so girls will enjoy looking at my avatar. I know someone will say that hot is subjective, and that's fine. Anything at this point will help--I have zero fashion sense, and certainly no idea what looks hot on a guy--that goes for hair, shoes, clothes, etc. I wouldn't even know where to begin shopping. Thanks!
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