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  1. I found a couple more asking around in game: DV8 Dare Designs Nomine
  2. It didn't use to be like this. It now looks down towards the ground so much that I can't really see what's in front of me as I walk around. I have to keep stopping to adjust my camera nd look around. I also can't seem to fly strait since this change, always flying angled upward and forward and I just press forward.
  3. You know, those chairs people have in their stores where you sit in them and can win a high quality item for free if the first letter of your name matches the chair. When I talk about the best places, I mean places where you have a high chance to win and there's a large variety to win. Red Devil is a one store I've found where you have many chances to win and the variety of items you can win is huge. There have been a few others I've found where you can only win one thing, and there are few chances to win, so they aren't as good. Anyone found some other really good stores like that?
  4. I don't understand why creators would want to put this restriction on their item when it makes proper fitting impossible.
  5. I'm not asking for LL to add a ton of over the top stuff, but some things like better base avatar meshes and shader support would go a long way towards giving players the tools they need to improve both the look and performance of the world.
  6. People historically don't upgrade their PCs for games unless they have a reason to. When SL came out it brought most computers to it's knees, yet still managed to thrive. The advanced stuff can be disabled, not impacting the performance of those on older PCs.
  7. Sorry if this isn't quite the right forum, but it seemed to fit the best. There is no forum for general talk or suggestions it seems. It's been out for eight years. There has been so many graphics advancements in textures of textures, lighting, and the avatars have a lot of issues that could benefit from being addressed. With as wildly successful as the game has been, you'd think they would have the resources to devote to this, right? Or maybe the simple lack of competition on the horizon has made them complacent in terms of upgrading the engine?
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