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  1. Thanks ! Solved it indeed. How would someone solve making a gridwide updater? llEmail is slow?
  2. Was wondering how i should remove all notecards in the objects inventory. I now have this and get loads of errors: notecard = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 0); llRemoveInventory(notecard); notecard = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 1); llRemoveInventory(notecard); notecard = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 2); llRemoveInventory(notecard); notecard = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 3); llRemoveInventory(notecard); notecard = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTE
  3. Dear Ziggy, Thank you for your well detailled reply, theres allot i will take out to learn from you sayings, i do agree on the pictures. I had myself argueing with my mind about what description was adequite for the product, but since there wasn't much to "explain" about them .. i just cut it short. I will put more thought into it, and see what i can reach. Maybe have somebody from US/UK write something about it. I had been thinking about that sculpty gun sight, but i think it's easyer and cheaper for people just to buy complete freebie guns and mix those up. The stiletto got most views. (p
  4. Thanks for the advice. I havent had the experience of talking with costumers yet, no sales so far.
  5. Dear Chelsea, Thank you for your kind words, and showing me the checklist you have wrote. I think i would score 7 out of 9 on your list, and will need to improve things. Also i wasnt talking about Ingame traffic, i was talking product views/search pop-ups. I dont yet have my products exposed in SL. &I understand what you are saying, but LL is quite easely tipped off the toes to remove a thread. this is the store anyways
  6. Dear Forum people, as my birthdate explains .. i should have some SL experience. I have just opened up my first store, but im having trouble getting sales. (views are not a problem.) I have already drasticly lowered my prices. Maybe not the right product? I will only give my marketplace URL through private message requests, or search for my name. I do not want to be suggested to be advertising for my store.
  7. What skills hav e yiou got?
  8. Dear Residents, my partner is trying to get her account back. But it has been placed on hold. Yet the 'guest' ticket-system doesnt get any replys, and i cannot unlock the account through my own on behalve of her. What should i do? The contact with LL goes very bare and slow.. hard to settle. --- The account has been placed on hold, and going to support logs it out. The only way to create a ticket for this account is by guest. "If he is unable to access the website, he can submit a ticket as a guest" - ShirleyM Scout --- I had an guest ticket created weeks ago without reply to it.
  9. Dear Knowl, I am not sure if that's a good idea. If you can only build, i will have to find a texturer to texture it .. then we would only get a third of the profits.. witch is just shame of the cause. Maybe you could show me some of your builds sometime?
  10. Dear reader, I like to invent items as a scripter, mainly focussed on smart droids, automated machines, and vehicles. Unfortunately, i lack building/texturing/designing skills to make my ideas ready for sale. If there is any builder up to the challenge, willing to go for a 50/50 split on product. Forming a store/production-line togheter id be very happy to hear from you. As much as i appreciate any reply, i am looking for an more experienced builder. Thanks in advance, Fin
  11. Likes: Scripting, inventing things, building, roleplaying. Dontlike: Combatting, dancing, boxheads. Hehehe
  12. I dont want to be copy someone's work though. It'll be a variation, same idea different package. I respect the creator of the originals.
  13. Heya, sure if you can show me an example of what you mean i can make something similar for you.
  14. Look for an Urban RP sim .. usually reconstructed town/city where you can freeroam.
  15. In my well heartedness, i kept it in the back of my mind. If you are serious about this in the future, and you are planning to stick on the grid for more then a couple of weeks.. You should take this approach: See if anyone in your friends-zone might have some land, or even a tiny room available for you to lend. When you have establisht such 'office-room' it will be your headquarter, from here you will organize and put up any acts/products you are affiliated with. This way you dont forget or miss out on any tasks you may get. Next thing you want to do is find people, either bands salespeople
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