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  1. at this rate I am going to have to close my private sims, it used to be cheaper to rent a 1024 or 2048 sqm plot on a private island but now a private sim costs almost twice as much plus 600 usd to set up, there is no way to compete, especially if you theme your sim because the LI used to make a sim pretty can't be rented out anymore. Why is LL making private sims unattractive?
  2. Believe it or not, but one of my renters has told me governance8 linden did comment about child oriented spank zones in their parcel but so far nobody appears to have been banned over it.
  3. Lately it looks like at least governance8 linden and maybe some others as well are on a hunt, for 3 days now I have had him come to a set of family oriented sims where I rent parcels out and inspecting every object that has anything even close to do with child avatars, I can understand doing a scan for an hour or so after a report was filed but this is looking like harassment of my renters especially when it is a systematic close up inspection of every parcel in 2 connected sims
  4. I have banned plenty of people for it, some even tried to ban me from the land they where squating on, they learned quickly you can not ban an estate owner/manager
  5. you get the 1000L$ after 45 days and 300L$ every week on tuesdays. The 1000L$ has nothing to do with the you tube channel by the way, everyone gets the 1000L$ signup bonus
  6. Some estate owners like myself will offer a deal where you pay a sum upfront to be tier free for as long as you are active but keep in mind that the amount you pay upfront will be equal to what you would pay for a few years as they still have to pay for the land each month.
  7. KonishiPolis wrote: I would suggest exposing these types through video and audio captured from a screen recording utility and posted in a public location like youtube. Don't break the SL rules, don't try too hard so the pedos can cry entrapment, and don't break the youtube rules. Once you have a small collection you can begin getting the word out to media, bloggers, law enforcement. Anyone with an interest in exposing this sort of scum. The problem with that strategy is that the media and most people have long ago lost interest in SL, it was a hype for media in 2007 but that time has lon
  8. Bryce, are you paying for the land you use for sailing and flying? if not then you are a guest of those that do and have nothing to demand.
  9. It has been calm for a while with L$ scammers from mmook but it looks like they are back now with a new webiste with Lindensecondlife in it. So be warned of these people, you will lose your money if you buy L$ from them.
  10. it is not a minimal amount but minimal days after first buying L$. currently you will be automaticlyt be allowed to sell L$ after 8 days https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-limits.php the first month it will be 300 usd limit, 28 days after first buying L$ you can sell for 2500 usd per month
  11. We can't intervene as we are just residents like you are but we can point you in the right direction, if the tips you get are not working you could try putting in a ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ That is the only place to contact a Linden as they are not reading here.
  12. one thing makes me wonder, are you complaining that she used an alt to talk to your alt or just sharing that info?
  13. First thing I usualy look for in a profile is RP info, some background on their character, maybe family or history. things like RL pictures or bashing the moto rl=rl sl=sl usualy makes me close the profile right away.
  14. the only "missed" messages I regulary experiance that I know of are those that the system hangs on untill I log out, at that point they get send to my mail and are waiting when I log back in again, sometimes they also go right to my email and will be in my offline messages when I log back in, mihgt be that the IM system gets confused about my online status from time to time, offcourse if the reverse was to happen the message would be truly lost as it gets send to an agent that is not there after the online check meaning it does not get send to email but I won't know about them
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