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  1. How is SL not shut down ? the huge numbers of pedophiles and child abusers in full view, in certain 'child friendly ' areas, is more than SHOCKING... These 'people' even that stupid they are putting their own rl photos on their profile. SL leaves their site to be policed by its own members,, WHEN do they take accountability for the safety of all its members ? There does seem to be a small number of real children visiting these areas, but theres more adults pretending to be children, with child avatars, including sexual accessories such as xcite and alpa mama attachments. These people must be registed as adults with a c/c to purchase from the market these items. I went into one particular site as a obvious child avatar to prove this point and within minutes, had 4 IM's from rf grown men searching for sex. Reports have been submitted concerning several avatars in that site. SL,, YOU NEED TO CLEAN UP YOUR BUSINESS !!!!! TAKE AN HOUR OUT OF YOUR DAY, MAKE A CHILD AVATAR AND VISIT THESE OBVIOUS SITES, AND CLEAN IT UP !!! THE MEDIA IS WAITING !!!
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