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  1. I know virtual reality is a big thing and can lead to many possibilities real life can't handle, but would you live in a place like Zootopia from the movie but in Second Life? I'm talking putting real life into a virtual reality and living in a Zootopia as a furry so would you take the challenge if it's possible? I don't mean physically disconnect your personal life but I actually mean use VR in Second Life to live in an ACTUAL replica of Zootopia where there's real life rules. With more content being made for VR and companies building more hardware for it it's pretty much gonna be something like The Matrix so why not do it with SL? If anyone hasn't heard sensors are being made to manipulate our electronic signals in the brain to simulate everything we do in real life so yeah again would you do it? There's really no wrong answer through this thread it's the matter of opinion...
  2. I actually am a premium membership and how do I do this I go to the web market on Second Lifes website and i'm having a hard time fanding the right place to settle my avatar in I like cosmic themed environments like night scapes or outer space maybe a fancy little house while i'm at it if you have any suggestions fill me in if you can please?
  3. So I got a real life I like to play Second Life because it's the only way to interact with online people to try and ask this as simple as possible can I just buy out land and retail and keep it without a monthly bill fee is this possible? I'm new to the whole premium membership thing and land owning and want to get creative with the services. The most part of owning land I want is for retail and developing my own community if anyone answers thanks!
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