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  1. I edited this into my last post but gonna make it it's own post also... What it would need here to prevent abuse of teleporting home is a function tracinf. You would make the teleport home function ONLY work if it's immediate calling function was from llSensor's response function, sensor, and NOT from any other method. If it was called from anywhere other than 'sensor' inside the 'default' it would just not work. Once so called, it would check the location of the avatar and if that avatar was closer then 1m from the parcel edge, also fail (why? To prevent teleports of people that dri
  2. Now go compare those same prices not to a 2D phone game, but the 'cash shops' of games like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, and Finaly Fantasy XIV. - You will find that SL is now, often cheaper for most things (clothes, animations, housing decor, avatar props), weirdly more for others (name change). You're essentially saying photoshop costs too much because look at the price of my kid's coloring books... but those things are not equivalent.
  3. It's basically 100% flat out illegal. See all the laws on the DMCA, and well... Copyright laws going back way before that also. Also... ripping the models themselves might also be illegal in some jurisdictions - anywhere where violating a ToS / EULA is illegal. There have been numerous efforts by industry to make violating a TOS illegal. Sometimes as a major felony involving sentences that make murder seem less serious... in a few places they have even managed to get those laws enacted... and when you go to fight the legitimacy of that law... consider how which lawyers & lobbyist
  4. Examine the re-delivery choices. If the inworld option isn't using CasperVend... it's almost always better to buy on Marketplace as so many other vendor systems come and go and when they go, they take everyone's re-delivery option with them...
  5. This is actually the example where I would be for a restriction. I would like it if an orb that scans on the parcel value - could not use teleport home. That said, these are different LSL functions and LSL is not the most sophisticated language - so making the teleport function aware of how it got the key value it's suppossed to teleport would be... difficult... (*) and without a major revision to LSL, someone could just hack it away by passing the key through a second or third function first... Convert it to a string, add a silly word on the end, pass it to function 3 that remo
  6. There are two LSL functions to teleport someone to a specific place, but they have to give permission. One teleports to the location of a landmark it's given, the other to a set of global coordinates (a SLURL basically). - You can see this function in common use in the HUDs that people use to get into monthly events that are crowded (spamming a teleport faster than a human can, in hopes of hitting teleport before someone else does once a spot opens up).
  7. Yes. I am very specific about my use. First my intention is to have a space where if it gets invaded, people are gone before I even know they are there. Then, I want to make it as clear as I can BEFORE someone gets there, that the space is private. To that end yes - a solid prim at a very out of the way elevation. If you fly up or into it, you just hit the edge of it and no harm to you. From the inside it's invisible because it's a single huge prim - so the texture on it only shows to the outside world. I put it way up there so people don't see that "visual blight" from the grou
  8. Here's the takeaway: The TL:DR is it's over - if you aren't Tesla, you've got no chance. For the layperson who just thinks of stickers and nothing more, that $25k car will do it. But the real reason is that 4680 battery and... using table salt to make batteries out of lithium lying ALL OVER THE GROUND all over the US southwest... cutting out the 'rare earth elements' aspect.
  9. Hopefully so yeah. Banlines are a major scourge of mainland, and it's a major part of the value of Bellisseria that it doesn't generally have them.
  10. Yep. I'm one of that quarter. I see no point in a security orb on my linden home. I DO tend to keep one in the skybox on mainland - where I set it to police ONLY the inside of the box. - and again don't bother with one at ground. I think it's best to discourage their use - so making it something you need to dig through your stuff to find and then use is best. If there was a way to make all orbs in Bellisseria cost 10x their current land impact - I'd be for it. Even if to do it it also applied to mainland. I'd be willing to suffer that cost for the one in my mainland skybo
  11. I want to say a houseboat in Lolipop midway down the bottom pier that bordered the region south of it, not yet released at the time. I'm not sure that was my first though - I think my first was actually a camper... somewhere...
  12. I use a day cycle unless I'm taking a specific image. My builds in SL all use lights with my own scripts designed to light up the space when it's dark and an avatar is present in the parcel. My screenshots where I pick a specific time of day lighting are just as likely to use my 3pm setting as they are to use my 3am one with an added spotlight or 3. (some of the best lighting works by using 3 spotlights strategically - which is how I do shoots in tools like Daz3d, and sometimes try to recreate with SL.) A backlight, blend light, and focus light.
  13. In Jamaica this is referred to as a Riddim. Riddims occur when singer all record their own songs to essentially the same music - which can often start as an instrumental. Some of them will make some changes to that music, some will just use new lyrics. The results can be dramatic either way. It began as a way to reduce costs of studio musicians, but it's become something of a tradition and a great way for established artists to help lift up their junior peers. Put out a riddim album with some famous singers, and all the minor ones also get some boosted exposure, and some of those wil
  14. The Kingsmen version had a lot of mishaps during the recording, and one of them yells out a profanity when he dropped his drumsticks in mid recording. The incoherent singing is because the lead singer was a kid with braces on... For some odd reason... somebody kept the recording and released it rather than trash it as was supposed to happen. And even odder still... of all the 1000 versions ever made of it, that is the version that went globally famous. After all, the original version was written by a guy in LA who heard a Jamaican on the radio while sitting on the toilet, grabbed a roll,
  15. Let's see... Rez and attach some prims and... Done. Easy as that. 😛 As you can see, I haz lots of books, so I've got me lots of learning on this kinda stuff. 😉 EDIT: Other people answered the serious question, so it was time for the literal answer. 🙂
  16. Is this an advertisement? Anyway... here's one thing to consider about the smaller land limits of SL. They mean that most of us are forced into communities. If everyone has their own isolated island - why bother with SL at all - just use Open Sim.
  17. The 'custom rigging' appears to be script loaded deformers. If you use the option to delete scripts, you can get as low as 256kbs of scripts still there. But among the scripts it will delete are the ones that keep those deformers loaded - so you lose all of that customization on your next login. Before removing scripts it's a big more script intense than the old heads. There are some good things, and some mixed things. It appears to be higher complexity than the older Catwa - but only by a small amount. It does remove some un-needed layers. It appears to be made
  18. That's like how, back in the old days before they had as many options as they now do for reporting issues - it was very common practice to just file an 'Abuse Report' against Governor Linden. It was basically how you filed a support ticket for a glitch...
  19. Ah... the joys of mainland... I've long felt banlines should be required to be visible to anyone who is able to go inside them, but people who are blocked by them should have the option to make them invisible. If they made that flip in design - a LOT of banlines would vanish. ps: You actually can write a script that will make actual global banlines of everyone in SL... but I won't post the details. I suspect if someone writes it, we'll see a new addition to the covenant.
  20. Agreed. For me, and I suspect many others, the purpose of Linden Homes is that covenant and the assurance that my neighbor's build won't be some nightmare of inconsistency and lack of design, at least not on the outside. (yes one of my neighbors has managed to put a bed halfway through an outside wall and leave it there for months... but that's still mild compared to mainland). The covenant brings a LOT of value to the table. Yeah, the prefabs are not as amazing as the latest thing from Trompe Loell, and not as customizable. But they're still pretty good. I suspect they mi
  21. I could go for a southwestern / Mexico / Pueblo theme:
  22. A lot of folks seem to easily forget that this is all variables and instantations of blocks of data in the memory and CPU time of assorted servers in a datacenter and on datacenters on the cloud. They seem to start thinking these are real objects, and a real inventory. So they make odd comments like that, that... completely miss what's going on. This is why I worked so hard in my first post to not call them what they're called in programming, objects. Because non-technical people confuse that with an object... and get jumbled about what rezzing involves. an object... is NOT
  23. Some of those builds are annoying. Some of them really help to understand what is possible on that land. I built a cliff house for myself back in 2012 or so, and stayed in it until 2015: I only built this after seeing something like it on the land of that 'big Zindra land baron' on a nearby region. - To this date, that house remains my favorite ever design, and I still have the pieces of it in inventory in case I ever live on a cliff again. Other times when I have gone to an area looking at the land and considering a purchase or not - it's been those builds left by
  24. That's actually 'somewhat' one of the old linden home themes. As such the Lindens and Moles likely know already how viable such a theme is in terms of popularity. I suspect it's not... but I could be wrong. The themes we have seen come out so far all seem to be echo'd in some of the commonly done themes from house-makers. It could be that the Lindens / Moles started by looking at what was selling well. It's a common theory also that some of those Moles are actually well known merchants that got invited into the Mole team as a result... and if that's true, they probably brough
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