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  1. Yeah. I'm of the opinion that Vics and Trads should be merged in the mailbox and called one theme on two different land styles. They're way too similar. That's also why I think styles 7 and 8 will be 'more of the same'. They seem to not want to go too far out there. There's what I wish we could get (Jetson's /Star Was Cloud Cities, cities hundreds of meters underwater, fantasy, etc)... And what I think is the best I could hope for (container houses, brownstones - still similar to what we have, but nice enough that I might like them). Yeah. That's k
  2. My High School had a whole huge African Studies department. The only class I ever took there was "African Dance" as one semester of P.E. The school put a lot of 'social pressure' on non-Black students to NOT take classes there. And it put a lot of pressure on Black students to take every class they could through that department. In effect - the end result was the school I went to in an ultra 'left wing liberal Bay Area city' managed to use "African Studies" as a way to create segregation. The only time I saw Black students in the same class was in P.E. I would have been tracked
  3. With the new legacy bodies - you can apply BOM onto even a demo. BOM is just an applied texture - so any body that allows appliers can allow BOM Compliance. being native BOM however - by removing (or having the ability to take off / remove) all the onion layers is another matter. I do not know if Legacy does this... Maitreya 5.x+ and I gather Slink Redux both let you wear the body without any onion layers - unless I am misinformed about Slink Redux.
  4. Oh... I got an idea now for the 512m size if that becomes theme 7 or 8. Micro homes and/or homes built out of Containers: You could actually put half of these on piers over the water and half of them in hills / mountains (hint hint hint).
  5. The existence of Horizons might blunt their desire to do a spacey theme again - though I hope not as I would like to see that, but only if it featured skyboxes as the prefabs. (Like a series of sky platform houses - and things floating around on the 'protected space' in between such as traffic signs or little robots. We have 5 themes out so far. a 6th announced. The plan was 8? I suspect the last 2 won't be anything too fancy. They will probably mirror some common form of real world housing. If we guess one will be a 512 and the other a 1024 - I'm not sure what that 512 could be
  6. My neighbor has an example of a great basement on his plot that neighbors me on Zindra mainland. Of course our region allows you to go +/- somewhere above 40m. That said - he was able to use mesh prims that he textured to match the local ground to great effect. My own attempt to do the same thing on my plot a year or two ago... looked like an absolute mess. At various points in time many of the neighbors have had underground builds there. The neighbor on the other side of me also hase a deep basement, but did it with a simple prim raised above the ground and textured in a b
  7. Yeah... one of the reasons male alts don't get much time from me - I like Bishonen looking men, not the body builder look...
  8. Jake is on v2 by the way. Check to see if your Jake has an update. I gather it's also long overdue for an update also... Jake v2 came out while Nixon was still in office...
  9. The default animations of SL though - tend to look very unnatural to many of us. Even if I wanted a static mostly still look, they're not what I would go for. And they actually fail to hold the head or hands still. My suggestion is to go to a high quality pose and AO/Animation shop and demo stacks of animations until you find the poses / subtle animations you like - buy those 1 by 1, and put them into an AO-HUD.
  10. As an observer of the bodies... Slink has a feature that ends up being a flaw. It has the male bits built in. - But they are small and non-functional. So... they're only good for display on an 'M' rated nude hangout where you want to look less endowed than the other guys - that's usually not a goal of most men. I think I measured it once as a 2-incher... now many guys get bigger when they get erect, but that's a LOT of growth room needed and the shape is not that which you tend to see on a guy that 'expands'... I imagine that, if it did have the ability to 'get to performan
  11. Taking these 3. Is my understanding of this correct? The first item has a texture on face 0 The second item has a texture that is used on two faces, 0 and 1 The third items re-used a texture on 6 faces; 0 through 5 - all sharing a common texture with each other. Which means that third item is well optimized.
  12. I find it a bit small. All a matter of perspective. Note that hip width, muscle, body fat, and saddlebags will also effect how it looks. I think a few other dials also. Hip length - a longer length can actually make it look smaller. Because when your hip length is too short - a problem I see in most SL 'off the shelf' shapes - it's compressing what should be a long arc into a shorter compacted curve - making that curve more prominent.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songhai_Empire If you try to study Songhai you will see that because of it's total collapse it's a bit like studying the Maya or Troy. What is known is a mix of myth / legend, propaganda, and archeology. The 'Wakada-ization' of Songhai will likely erode over time as Archeologist unravel more of the myths to get to the truth inside. But it's a vital part of Africa's story anyway - because it was the lynchpin that turned a trickle of bandits on the fringes capturing people and selling them abroad as slaves, or minor wars and debts being resolved throu
  14. So... if this is to be a thread that also talks of culture, issues, and spirituality... Imma throw another grenade into the room... The oldest existing unbroken line of a Jewish community: Ethiopia's Jews. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_Israel - some things to note there. Ethiopia was founded during the lifetime of the Biblical King Solomon. It was founded, at that point, as a Jewish Empire ruled by, according to Ethiopians, Solomon's firstborn but out-of-wedlock son. It was during this time that the 'Ark of the Covenant' vanished, and Jews of Israel claim to parts u
  15. Racism If you want to be 'polite' you could claim it was just Imperialism or Colonialism... but that's really the same thing now isn't it... Wikipedia claims that the corrected Gall-Peters projection map is used in the UK school system. Is this true (I imagine it was not true when most people here went to school - but was it true in 2019 when... school as a concept last existed...)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gall–Peters_projection In the USA, unless you are currently in the Boston public school system, your chances of having ever seen this truth are slim...
  16. Yep. Back in 2009 my first plot had a greenlane (a road without the road prims). The project to 'finally finish all the roads' happened later that year (or maybe early 2010) and they put the road a few meter above the height of the ground were I was add then raised the ground on the "protected" part of the land - putting a 'land wall' on my edge because I was already at max height... Eventually I had to move. When I dropped by a few years later - I noticed that at some point some other linden had come by and fixed things.
  17. After they get all the 'core 8' done... I would love if theme 9 and 10 were a mini-version of 'the top 3 themes' packed together - but on G land, and A land, and with at least a 2-region but sailable / driveable gap between them and 'M rated' bellisseria. That's my big ask. Basically a 'half Horizons' but with Bellisseria's covenant and locked to prefabs.
  18. I suspect because the inventory list is likely just a reference pointer. It's a list of references to entries in the SL database and your access permissions thereof. It's likely not the actual objects. It's probably just an array of variables. You need to instantiate an instance of a given entry in that array in order to have that bundle of variable 'exist' and be available to functions that that call on it and examine it. (I should be calling this an 'object' but SL users think of an 'object' as an object... but in code it means basically a bundle of concepts that are somewhat
  19. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one gets a right to their own facts. - Which, it must be noted, also means that as we uncover more truths, the opinions that some with outdated facts hold to, get rightly lambasted.
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