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  1. In my opinion, Gary Moore will always be the Best Blues Guitarist ever
  2. Hello Love, this is really a nice thread. A great pick me up , cause I really need it these days. Sending you a great big hug
  3. Could not pass up the LAQ Bento head, Neve. For sale until Dec. 24th. It is 500 Lindens. It is not my usual style as I usually go for a more Mature look, but as I said, I could not pass up such a deal The hair is a group gift from Argrace.
  4. Been lurking on this thread for a long time. I have seen some fantastic pics from so many, but the ones from the men on here, well.. I can't find the words And, now here is my av's latest look..
  5. Same here, nothing would rez and on trying to login again, can't connect.
  6. Nice to see the thread back up..my contribution. Latest look, Lelutka Cate Bento Head, Tram hair, Earrings by Mandala.
  7. Cully Andel wrote: It's Sunday and yet again I'm getting messages about the asset server. I can't take or rez inventory. Every Sunday now without fail there seems to be some problem on a Sunday. I know there are skeleton crew but why? Surely the weekend is the busiest time for Sl and it's also the worst. Sadly, it's the same for me *sighs* Very frustrating indeed. Nothing rezzing, and that includes my av
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: Who's selfie is it? The muscular guy or the bighorn sheep? HIgh 5's Val and grins :smileylol: Umm, to me, a bit too muscular. But hell, what do I know?
  9. Devlin Davis wrote: Huzzah for Vanty Threads! Heres an attempt of a selfie pic lol. Nice shot, Devlin
  10. I gave it a shot, but I am not cut out to be a blonde, So I am back to Red
  11. Apolez Taurus wrote: OH really well koodo's for you , your brilliant. That would be.. Oh really? Well kudos for you, you are brilliant. But then, from this post, I can see that you are not.
  12. Josephine Carissa wrote: Ms. Saraya, It doesn't matter which color of hair you choose, you always look so beautiful.....the skin you chose is for sure a keeper it looks great ! Have a good day Kind Regards, Josephine Why thankyou, Josephine , That is a lovely thing to say And I hope you have a fine day
  13. Well, obviously things are still broken. Since early last night I cannot buy Lindens no matter which payment method I use. Not sure what the hell is going on, but it is getting frustrating. :matte-motes-angry:
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