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  1. Raven1 Short wrote: Gone formal. Picture by Neal. Raven, as always, a vision of loveliness
  2. UncommonTruth wrote: Saraya, I Love that dress too! You look like a celtic bride or something, very pretty Kelli, your pirate definitely has the booty! Great shot Raven you look so pretty! Were you going dancing? Love the hair too edited cause I thought I'd already said WOW to Marianne's closeup, but guess I hadn't D: My newest crosspost lol, since I'm not on as much, I don't take as many pictures and the ones I do take I wind up posting Everywhere <_< oh well, this way they're well documented :smileylol: Aww. thankyou Kylan. I am trying to stay interested in SL thes
  3. Thankyou Marianne It is from White Armory, I love their clothes.
  4. Splatulated wrote: http://i.imgur.com/hXQaTta.png *does a little happy dance in case it is true* Try rereading that again, Splat
  5. Kenbro Utu wrote: Splatulated wrote: last time i attached a sword was a week or so ago and im just having this issue today Your account is irrevocably compromised. You must delete all your accounts and never log in to SL again. /me whispers: Did it work? Apparently not, she is still posting . *sighs*
  6. Splatulated wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: Splatulated wrote: i tried firestorm and its great until you have 26 IMS and a notice feed you cant turn off which blocks 1/4th of my screen and moving everything out of the way would make the huds just be in way of where im trying to view i usaully have chat feed then space to see then invent / editing window then huds move stuff over and i hae no room to see whats around me I have no idea what you mean about "changing how Singularity views mesh," but this is how you can completely customize how Firestorm handles chat: http://lettep
  7. Sassy Romano wrote: Splat... Meet Gus, Gus, meet Splat. *grins and falls over laughing* Oh, and Splat, grammar and punctuation are still your friends, learn to use them
  8. Well Splat, it seems the consensus is for you to stop freeloading on someone elses land. Find your own and pay for it!
  9. Latest pic wearing my Slink body, I love the smoothness of it
  10. Splatulated wrote: i think they wanted to stop paying for the sim or something trying to find a spot with little to nothing rezzed like the sim was before it got blocked off It never fails, each day I come on these Forums to see yet another inane topic or post from you, Splat. Why don't you do what Pamela says and try again?
  11. Anna Ermintrood wrote: Loving all the new pictures on the thread everyone looks amazing thought I would add my new look.....I love the Slink hands & feet so thought I would just go all the way and get the body and head and I have to say I am very pleased with my new look. Very lovely, Anna. I too have the Slink body, hands and feet, but I stopped short at getting the head.
  12. Nice to see life in this thread again Kylan, beautiful as always Raven, I love the hair on you Umaeril, love the look, beautiful dress Here is my latest, I had briefly, well for the past week played with the idea of getting a new skin but after trying so many demos I decided I could not find anything I liked more than what I have now
  13. Beautifully romantic, wonderful work. I love it
  14. Sad to say Baby gave up on WowMeh, so no more of it Whoever has it, has it. Sadly others are out of luck The DMCA and all the crap that went with it was apparently too much for her. Now if Slink upgrades their body to give the butt a lot better curve I might try it, but from the Demo of that I hated it, I like my curves and the Slink body doesn't do it for me.
  15. Thankyou, Umaeril. And welcome to The Vanity Thread Hope to see more pics from you
  16. UncommonTruth wrote: Welcome back to the thread Saraya! Love this pic, are you still using the mesh body? @ Raven~ That is a freaky zombie o_o @ Neal~ This first of the two little boy pics is so sweet! He looks like one of the little rascals @ Umaeril~ Welcome to the thread! Great ava Hey, thanks Yeah I am still using Wowmeh for now
  17. Marianne Little wrote: You got the latest update, or is it all closed now? I think I saw a much better Slink fit with it. Well, not the underside of the wrist. i used the same appliers as I had on the previous version, the 3.1. Hmm, now I have both Wowmeh and Physique from Slink. I wish I had Wowmeh hips on Physique, lol. I even bought Physique for an alt. I need to get things while it is new, I am terrible to wait. I have spent so much on mesh parts that's not necessary anymore. Tangos, Puffy, phatazz, cute azz... and 3 moore boobs I don't remember in fitted mesh. But the amount of wo
  18. I have the WowMeh body and while I love the look of it, there are still flaws I can't get past. For the life of me I can't get the neck blender to look right and it looks like I just set my head on top of this body And also, which is a big deal for me, I have so many mesh clothes and even system clothes that I cannot wear. The WowMeh alpha leaves a lot to be desired and, hell, I miss all my clothes. Forget asking for any help in the group chat because it is nuts in there If anyone knows any workarounds on the alpha issue please let me know because I would love to use the body again
  19. My own Mesh body, WowMeh, after wearing this I find it so hard to go back to that ugly SL shape.. Just wish there were more clothes for it
  20. *picks jaw up off the floor* Ok, that is yummy
  21. UncommonTruth wrote: NealCrz wrote: thanks Madam for the feedback. My new house has no walls lol. went from a super modern house to no roof no walls. Guess the song all we need is love works in SL . This is true, BUT, I still like walls :matte-motes-nerdy: So do I Kylan, so do I
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