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  1. This poor thread is dying.. Well, I will give it a kick New Skin for Sara. I needed to change or just up and leave SL...
  2. Cheesypuff wrote: Should SL DJs use voice? Do you like DJs in SL clubs to talk on mic between and over songs? I don't like it and think they shouldn't! But it seems every club owner in Inworld Employment disagrees :smileysurprised: Well maybe you do not like it but I do. Speaking for myself if a DJ didn't talk at all I would not even go to see him/her. MIght as well toss up a stream and be done with it if you think that way. I find the interaction between sets of songs great and I have learned a lot from some DJ's about certain genres of music, particularly The Blues.
  3. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: I absolutely love the black and white!!! Thankyou Aislin , I just think Black and White looks so much better
  4. valerie Inshan wrote: Sara! You'll never cease to amaze me with your beauty! What a lovely picture! I just adore b&w! :heart: Aww Val, thanks so much, so sweet to say :heart: I love B&W as well
  5. Hippie Bowman wrote: Hi all! Hippie Bowman here. I would like to impart to you some way to get respect. First off. Respect is not given. It must be earned. This applies to real live as well as Second Life. I have found this to be true in my life. Here are some ways to earn respect. CHOOSE JOY Joy does not simply happen. We have to choose joy, and keep choosing it every day. HONOR ONE ANOTHER To honor is to give preference to another. It is the act of extending to another the first opportunity. Giving preference is more than good manners; it gives prefer
  6. My little snowy pic.. my sim was set to snow so I took this. Have to love Winter in SL, you don't feel the cold or have to shovel :smileyvery-happy:
  7. Umaeril wrote: Oh my gosh Saraya, that is so pretty, looks just like a perfect winter postcard. And of couse you are stunning. I love the snow, you can see the crystals. Aww thankyou, Umaeril, that is sweet to say Yeah, the Snow is gorgeous, it is from Skye, love his stuff
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: An attempt to create an alt looking as much different from Val as possible! Blonde, no makeup, nude total look! Absolutely beautiful Val as always, alt or not The beauty shines through :heart: I love the hair too.. I have many hairs from D!va as well
  9. Since my sim was set today to snow, I spent most of today decorating and landscaping .. so..a snowy day pic...
  10. valerie Inshan wrote: I so love when you're being vain Sara and Aislin! You redheads are so lovely and sexy! Keep those pics coming! Yay for vanity! :heart: Aww, you are sweet Val, thanks :heart:
  11. Been awhile since I have posted any pics..so here is my Vanity contribution for the day :smileytongue:
  12. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: HOW am I supposed to be vain with no responses???? :matte-motes-sarcasm: LOL Aislin You avatar is gorgeous, but then you are a redhead so it goes without saying :matte-motes-tongue: Seriously though, lovely look and I love that hair
  13. hollowgirl78 wrote: For those who believe that a linden home is a waste, and you couldn't possibly decorate it to look nice on only 117 prims, I present to you "Casa De Surly" Not shown is the 24 prim greedy table hot tub I have outside. Also, I still have 12 prims to spare for unpacking boxes and such. http://i.imgur.com/m5mw4Yu.jpg Wonderful job, Hollowgirl I did one for my daughter when she came into SL, it was fun to find low prim things to make it look like a home for her
  14. Ok, so I was bored today :smileytongue: At home on a cool Fall day..
  15. *kicks the forum and frowns* I can't get my pics to show..been having trouble all day..they show in preview but on posting, nothing comes up
  16. I have found less and less to do in SL these days and decorating over and over starts to get old. So I have been redoing an old alt of mine hoping I can get that spark of interest in SL again. She is very different from Sara. Unedited pic.. Formal pic..
  17. valerie Inshan wrote: Wonderful pictures everyone! Lately, my "vanity" resides more in landscaping and decorating than in my avatars... Fall has always been my favorite season. Val So good to see you here, as always, your decorating skills are wonderful. Always making your place look like home. I too, did up my land in Autumn colors. Not that I am here much anymore to enjoy it though
  18. valerie Inshan wrote: After many months really hectic in both lives, I thought it was time to give Val a break and resurrect an old alt. Natural look, no makeup, I wanted something rather close to Cate Blanchett! There's nothing like a radical change to feel alive again! Oh my goodness Val, absolutely gorgeous :heart: I am glad you are still in SL , sometimes a change is just what we need. You have done a stunning job with this avie, she does look remarkably like Cate
  19. Marianne Little wrote: Messing about with an image. I always wonder if I do too much or too little. Or overdoing it. I call the finished image "Golddigger". Or perhaps rolling in dough? Here's the unedited one straight from SL: Your pics, as always, just amaze me
  20. Marianne Little wrote: My favourite in B/W, I think. Thankyou Marianne, I prefer the Black and White as well
  21. Ok now..lol, courtesy of my very smart teenage son, I found out how to frame my pictures Same pic but in Black and White, and framed
  22. Oh, thanks so much Umaeril It looked familiar and now I shall buy it! lol
  23. My latest pic..trying to learn PS, maybe someday I will get it right
  24. Umaeril wrote: Kelli I just adore your pirate outfit, that is great looking! Raven you are gorgeous in that gown. Uncommon you always have such atmospheric phtotographs, I really like it. Here is me playing the piano at Dysphoria: I love this pic Umaeril. And your hair I have to have, who makes it please?
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