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  1. I really love the hair Tatiana, who makes it?
  2. Definitely the Black coat Guess I know what I will be spending my Lindens on now, been looking for decent Winter clothing
  3. Hang in there Mandy ? lol. I was the last of my friends last night to get kicked off and haven't been able to login since.
  4. I got back in, lasted a few minutes and got kicked again. So, just going to wait till tomorrow and hope it is better.
  5. Yep..people are dropping like flies here..so far I am lucky..
  6. Originally from Massachusetts, but now living in Vermont.
  7. My alt has this head and I was kicking myself that I did not get it for my Main But once I saw your post I hopped on and got it, I am so excited..lol. Going to be fun tweaking it and trying new skins for it. Glam Affair has some appliers for it now, so I am going to Demo those too
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