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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone 😄: I'm looking for friends in SL, family members too. This world is so big but it can make you feel alone, many of my friends left over the years and the rest that I had left quit SL. I've been here since 2009 and I always enjoyed sharing with other people and exploring. So send me a friend requests or a notecard and we can meet up or chat first. It doesnt matter where you come from, if you are a newbie or some, what you like to do here, your religion or orientation, everyone should be treated the same as we are all equal 💚 Love, rOrii 🤗
  2. Hi, I am starting this as a spin-off from another thread. The thread was about a houseboat owner who had: A fake sand beach, a raised pool and palm trees. I looked at the images (that is removed) and agreed that it was not the best use of a houseboat... but it was not a direct breach of the height restrictions. The problem is how to interpret: "However, you may customize it by adding tasteful extensions, as long as they are compatible with the theme and style of the house. " http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019 Maybe this is special for boats, my impression is that an occurring issue is that houseboat owners treat their water as ground, and build on it. The houseboats is placed side by side, they do not have so much public ground between them. Often only a pier. I tried to view this as a house owner: A Traditional house at the water's edge. The owner places a 4 m high fence, an add-on build, an overground pool, a pergola on top of the pool surround and a couple of palm trees. The house behind has lost their view, so they AR it because his garden items is blocking their view. Nothing is over 14 m, and the trees does not encroach. Yes or no, should this be removed? Should only the palm trees be removed since there are no Mole made palm trees, and so palms are not in theme? Are houseboats under a special obligation to keep open views for the neighbors, but not houses on ground? Should houseboats have a special note in the covenant? Like a rule for the use of water: It can not have permanent builds that raise more than 0,75 m above water? This would still allow fake sand. Should the note also say that wood piers is allowed, but not sand? Should only potted plants be allowed? My worries is that if we raise a petition to LL about tightening the covenant, and this is agreed upon by LL who updates the covenant, what stops another group from doing the same, and so on.
  3. I am probably going to get roasted for what i'm about to say but i'll say it anyway. Having visited the new reveal sim, i'm slightly disappointed to say the least on the latest genre of LL homes that will become available shortly. Victorian ? They just look the same as the traditional homes that are available now but with modded add-on's. The size of the homes is also an issue i think, given that they are quite large for the prim allowance allocated, thus making it seem emptier. I was really pumped and excited to think that a completely new theme would be introduced - like the trailers, but i'm sadly disheartened to see the 'new' style. It would have been nice to have had something different - maybe an urban theme - manhattan brownstone houses come to mind, in a urban setting .. less 'surburbian'. Feel like a community, block parties, etc warehouse conversions .. just not your average, everyday chintzy houses. LL could have transitioned from the suburbs into the 'city', easily. Oh well, here's hoping for the next new theme, one can only hope it's entirely new this next time and not one that feels like a rehash of whats already available
  4. Jupiter Projects brings all you lovely Bellisserians an interactive Haunted House just in time for Halloween. Enter if you dare! Best viewed with the Firestorm viewer. With other viewers please set your environment settings to something spooky or perhaps midnight. The House will be open until November 1st. Click on the the furniture, and various objects to interact, RP and have fun! You can even cuddle in the funeral hearse. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/184/41/46
  5. Just wanted to say something about the spirit of Mainland. This week has been full of wonderful memories of Mainland. I have met more people than I have in my entire Slife living on private land, just on the road, doing every day things. I met a random guy who visited my parcel and we struck up a nice conversation about orbs and ban lines. He said he and his wife were looking for land to be able to enjoy flying and boating without excessive navigational challenges and I shared with him some land landmark NCs I had and he thanked me, and off he went. I met my neighbor and his girlfriend, and it was such a nice, intelligent conversation, that spanned different topics. He invited me to use the public strip of land between us and I invited him to come to the premises and enjoy the view any time. He recommended a nice "Flexible" security system he uses, and I used his recommendations to purchase such security system. We swapped small talk later on as well about some funny issues in our neighborhood. I work with a couple of landlords and they are all so pleasant, professional, and considerate. One especially goes out of the way to be concerned for me. I met yet another neighbor on another parcel, and it was so sweet to meet her! She loves horses and loves running around as a Dinkie, same as I, and we ran around hanging out and exploring all levels of her large parcel. We are now going to collaborate on a building project together. I met yet another neighbor on Bellisseria (still part of Mainland), who acquired my Bellisseria House (still keeping my houseboat but left the house in order to buy more Mainland), and we had an awesome convo about decorating, and her wanting a Bellisseria house so badly, and I offered to decorate for free for her, and now I've got that project and that connection. I met Asadorable Delightful and we had an awesome conversation about mainland and now I will help her with some stuff for LRC. And of course there's Profoky Neva who is as bad-ass as he is on the forums, who advises me time to time and who I shared a prototype of the DiscoverMain HUD with, and with whom I will work with closely on the Mainland Appreciation Society project. Here's some pictures that, to me represent the spirit of Mainland: Collaboration, Passion, Neighborliness, and Friendliness. Meeting my neighbors on my land ❤️ Showing my new Dinkie neighbor the set up of a parcel I'm currently renting. ...And here is us, by the roadside of her land Prokofy touring my Bellisseria house before I abandoned it to free up tier for Mainland. A delightful GTFO hub...Very nice to see a different style of a GFTO hub! Atmospheric shot of one of the beaches on the outskirts of Bay City, isn't this pretty? No matter what corner you're in, Mainland is where a bigger family is.
  6. I have loved visiting the various places around Bellisseria which some of the residents have kindly made open to the public. Is there any kind of theme or somewhere you would love to hang out or visit which you haven't found yet?
  7. Anyone interested in having a dramedy group, focused on chaotically self-deprecating humor, related to residents (actual or wanna be) of Bellisseria? Think, lots of wine.
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