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  1. Whirly Fizzle wrote: It's a bug that started with the last round of Web end updates. We need to wait till LL fix this but there is a workaround in the comments on the bug report here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41015 It seems like the web end for profile images at my.secondlife.com and "everything else" (scripts pulling profile images, mini profile icon in the viewer, profiles in search, legacy profiles in TPVs & world.secondlife.com) are no longer in sync. If you use a TPV (like Firestorm) to update your profile image via the legacy profile then all the other services will update the profile image correctly. I'm grateful that someone has filed a JIRA (lots of people by the looks of things). It's becomming an issue on my.secondlife.com with a lot of avatars missing mini profiles pictures. The workround doesn't work for some people. I've had no success with it. One other aquaintance said it didn't work for him either and the girl who you helped on the JIRA page doesn't seem to have had any success with it either Thanks for trying anyway. Fingers crossed LL get this sorted soon.
  2. Crikey Maddy, I'm not sure how long ago you changed your avatar badge but this one is almost pornographic... I love it!
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote In Wisconsin (where I live), setting people on fire is illegal. Yet I've done it countless (okay 76) times! Hah! Maddy, fancy seeing you down here in the depths of the forum Being set on fire by you has been one of the highlights of my SL (and she didn't even charge me for it!)
  4. \o/
  5. I’m a fan of “Topless Tuesday” on the SL Feed and this week I was going to contribute but by the time I got my picture set up it was already Wednesday… So....as it’s almost a year since I last posted in the VaNiTy thread, and there’s nothing like a bit of SL Vanity,… And don’t forget… every Tuesday is “Topless Tuesday” (© Uccie Poultry) on the feed
  6. That is a pretty amazing avi Val and Uncommon is right, for some reason it does look French.
  7. Fabulous! I missed you doing these... It's been a while since you did one right?
  8. Hey Nyll, Thanks for posting this. Somehow, I completely missed the story of his death in the news. An amazing man.
  9. Linden Lab wrote: Hello all, Just a note that potential winning entries are reviewed and winners are determined based on adherence to the guidelines and rules of the contest. Thank you! Middle management jargon....love it!! \o/ Tem Haalan chuckles to himself
  10. This certainly leaves a sour taste in the mouth. The picture I voted for was also mysteriously removed, without explanation. When people make the effort to contribute here they should be treated with some respect. Someone from SL judged the contest and it wouldn’t have taken much effort to send out a generic email to those whose photos had been removed with some sort of explanation. I hope this is just poor customer service from LL.
  11. Congratulations Argus!!
  12. I missed this thread on Sunday but didn't miss the build. Nicely done.
  13. Qwalyphi004 wrote: I might have made a little mistake with my other account. How to start over? I think you got away with it..... no need to start over :smileywink:
  14. 16 wrote: just want to say thanks for this thread. was heaps of fun \o/ Yes, nice one Qwal, a very fun thread indeed.