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  1. Hah Syn, ok... Apparently there was a way I could get bitten and stay human... a blood doll or something... and truthfully, I’d been fantasising about this for months. I called my Vampire Queen and told her I was ready... she summond me to this eerie graveyard which had a thick mist slowly rolling through the wrought iron fence and over the tops of the gravestones. The scene was set… I was nervous… This was going to be the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me in my young Second Life… I braced myself… the pop up appeared asking for permission to animate my avatar… I clicked
  2. Standing by a money tree waiting for a L$1 bill to spawn... (I couldn't get my credit card to work in SL for the first three months) Making my first proper SL friend and spending hours just chatting. Taking months to decide if i was going to let a certain Vampire Queen bite me.
  3. I was just updating my profile picture on my.secondlife.com & Flickr so decided to do the forum too. It's been years and years since I last posted on the VaNiTy ThReAd so... hello... and glad it's still going 🙃
  4. You're not alone. I can't access it either. It's always been pretty unstable. Lets hope it gets fixed this week.
  5. Thank you for posting this Saraya. I hadn't notice Val pop up on my friends list for a while and she was missed at Hippiestock. What a lovely lady she was. A loss to our SL world. My sincere condolences to you Saraya.
  6. Hah! Thanks for the picture Lil and it was good to meet you inworld. Laurin looks a bit serious
  7. It's been broken for months and months. There's been a Jira open since April for people who couldn't post pictures https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-48148
  8. Still no progress has been made. It doesn't even look like they have started to try and fix it.
  9. Thats because it's a fork... not a shovel
  10. I read a good book about this by Robert J Sawyer: http://amzn.eu/fTcHKlW My answer... maybe yes. and we discussed something similar one evening at the Basilique chat salon: Transfer your consciousness and live forever live in a virtual world? https://www.flickr.com/photos/temhaalan/16097033314
  11. TL;DR But... do the Christmas weeks count as high season or low season?
  12. Phil, I think you should post some pictures of your progress. We want to see how the new you is shaping up
  13. A very good point. "No redeliveries" would have to be in the small print.
  14. People make alts for lots of reasons. That will continue to happen. What the OP is suggesting is just another service.
  15. Ok... but you're using the example of stalking an ex. I would imagine you could create an alt and kit them out with all the latest stuff for less than L$30k if all you wanted to was stalk someone. There's two sides to this. What about the person who wants a fresh start because they want to get away from a creepy or abusive ex? Of course, this is the practicle reason why it's unlikley to happen. But as the OP rightly said, there are plenty of other online platforms where you can do a name change for a payment.
  16. But they can stalk an ex anyway... for free.. with an alt
  17. 3,000 USD I think its safe to say that no one would take up that offer.
  18. The cost of doing this should be made high, perhaps in the region of L$ 20-30,000. Then it becomes an unattractive propostion and a money maker for LL.
  19. No... I'm just not submitting a ticket I would suggest that the friends list stays intact. It would be up to the individual to remove anyone they no longer wanted as friends prior to changing their name.
  20. I'm not sure I think its *that* much of a good idea
  21. I think this is a great idea. For people starting over or someone who's stuck with a name they don't like. The price should be high to stop it being changed every week.
  22. Just to add to Alwin's answer. You can go someway to personalising your non-bento mesh head using different skins, facial hair etc (just like the old system heads). If you go with the creators standard skin and eyes you will look like a clone though.
  23. Isn't there some sort of penance to pay for necroposting?
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