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  1. I'm starting to think there's something else going on. So maybe they have been deliberately removing items associated with certain keywords, because... (you fill it in yourself) I'm probably wrong, but one can only guess. It's not like they give much information to go on. If were still in begin 90s, it might have been a harddrive failure, but in 2017 that's out of the question. So, what's going on? And why does it take so long to get it fixed? At least tell us something?
  2. Any news on a fix, or outlook on when it's going to be fixed? Should we relist the items, or just wait?
  3. I would appreciate it, if you just address me directly if it's about me. I'm not sure if the sarcastic sneer is meant for me, because I could be reached all the time during my absence via a guy (Fabio) who kept doing support, my website has never been down and there's an email contact form on it, plus I have no knowledge about a security change that broke DJ boards; the boards i made have been working fine from 2007 until july 2017. I got many statements of people who used it for 10 years to back that up. Nevertheless it might be a fair point to point out hypocritical conduct, if you
  4. In this case, the doctor clogged the artery just before going away for a long weekend and switched off his cellphone
  5. Since last Wednesday, many Marketplace listings have been removed without a warning, affecting a lot of creators, including me. It seems to be from some sort algorithm put in place, which they decided to implement just before the thanksgiving holiday. This is my assesment, because when relisting the items, they just get deleted again the next day. I've tried to contact support, but just got a standard reply last week Thursday.. and subsequently it was silent until today. Meaning they broke the Marketplace, went on holiday and gave us the middlefinger. I've send a ticket again,
  6. I received no hint, but i did not ask for that though,.... My question was specifically if they are working on it, which was confirmed. But again, there's no evidence to support that claim, quite the contrary. Given that there's still no reply to my tickets, there's no reply here on this forum from a Linden, nothing happening on the Marketplace other than just magically removing items every day for 5 days in a row already, I don't think the lights are on at Linden Office. It's quite concerning.
  7. I've talked to live help yesterday, who assured me they were working on it. Though i have a hard time believing that, since when re-listing an item, it's removed again the next day. Meaning that they have a script in place which is causing the removal of MP items. Logically it would be the first thing to remove, if they are really working on it. I don't want to say this lovely lady from live help was lying to me; I really hope not. But if they are, there's seemingly not much going on. No feedback, no reply to tickets, removal script is still in place, no help on what to do (sh
  8. Would be just wrong if they did. Certainly seems like it, given the radio silence. But did they indeed? Their problem will be though, that it will be unexplainable to say next monday that they cannot fix it. You don't need a week to make that assessment; that can be determined in a matter of hours.
  9. Seems the've put a script in place that keeps doing it as well, because the items i've re-listed were gone again this morning. I wonder if they are really gone on holiday, because that would just be wrong. Still got a hard time believing anyone would pull a stunt like that.
  10. I understand it's a holiday now in the USA.... So they messed up the database and now went on holiday? That can't be true, i'm sure they still working to fix it? Right?
  11. Re-entering the listings is unacceptable. And i would advise against it. Best to wait till they fix this.
  12. Although you've said to have tried several radiostation urls, i still would highly suspect the stations (streams) to be the culprit. What is important in this case, is what viewer you are using, as the streamplayer is contained within the viewer. Any external software should not have an influence to the extend that it works intermittently.. it either does, or it does not. Just hit me up in SL, and i'll give you some urls that i know are working fine and would not suffer from lag or connection problems.
  13. Since yesterday half of my Marketplace listings are suddenly unassociated and subsequently the items are not available anymore on the Marketplace. Probably due to some database purging / migrating that went wrong. Whatever the reason, it would be nice to know what's going on. Any Linden want to step up here?
  14. Same problem here.. half the list is unassociated. Something is gone wrong!
  15. Aye, the website backend got updated without me knowing, effectively stopping the site. After a restart everything worked again fortunately. Sorry about the confusion regarding the instructions, it has been a bit hectic getting everything in place. I've just finished the upgrades for the SRN boards as well, and my updater is properly giving out instructions on all SRC/SRN boards to goto my shop to get a replacement on the upgrade station. All shoutcast/icecast boards, except for the jukebox, are now converted to mesh and updated to not only work on the new simulator software, but also rec
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