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  1. DJ Board Display Not Working Properly

    Aye, the website backend got updated without me knowing, effectively stopping the site. After a restart everything worked again fortunately. Sorry about the confusion regarding the instructions, it has been a bit hectic getting everything in place. I've just finished the upgrades for the SRN boards as well, and my updater is properly giving out instructions on all SRC/SRN boards to goto my shop to get a replacement on the upgrade station. All shoutcast/icecast boards, except for the jukebox, are now converted to mesh and updated to not only work on the new simulator software, but also receive proper song information where available. It's now autodetecting the streamtype as well. The jukebox obviously needs a lot of work to be redone in mesh, as i'm not grabbing anything from free blender model sources and do a quick upload, but create my own. This will take some time. If you have any questions, just contact me in-world. Saii Hallard, SHX.
  2. DJ Board Display Not Working Properly

    Just adding to the above post that for all SRN types the update is available too, same procedure: menu: [options] - [update] to get an updater. I'll be releasing an update again soon, to a fully mesh board for all types. Most of the other products, such as the tipjars, welcome boards etc. will get revamped as well in the coming weeks. If you need help, just give me a shout in SL. Kind regards, Saii Hallard.
  3. DJ Board Display Not Working Properly

    Contact me in SL when you're on, we'll have a look together
  4. DJ Board Display Not Working Properly

    An update for all SRC receivers is available: Just click [update] under [options] of the boards menu to receive one. Do note that applying the update, while your region is not upgraded to magnum will have the board malfunction. Best just wait until you get "http" script errors, then apply the update. If in doubt or you need help, contact me in SL. I'm not online 24/7, but mostly somewhere between 10am-10pm CET. The update also fixes that new icecast servers didn't show song info, it will now and automatically detects old/new servers. Updates for other equipment is coming soon where necessary. And i'll be working on new stuff. I'm open to ideas and suggestions, just hit me up. Kind regards, Saii Hallard.
  5. DJ Board Display Not Working Properly

    Contact me in SL, i got an update ready ... For SHX that is
  6. DJ Board Display Not Working Properly

    Hello guys and gals :), SHX creator reporting in! First of all my apologies, due to personal first life stuff i've been not on top of things in Second Life for quite a while. Oz Linden has brought to my attention that this update is happening, and pointed out this thread. I've made the necessary changes and will rollout an update tomorrow morning, which is probably between 8am and 9am CET. This update will also include an updated parser for Icecast, because newer icecast server versions did not display the song info due to changes in the structure. Do note that due to the changes in the Magnum sim-version, it will obviously not work on the current simulator software versions. So you best wait till the magnum rollout is completed before applying the SHX board update. During the course of the day i will be updating the radio stations on here: Again my sincere apologies for not being around, i can't really go into the reason why, but i'm sure you can understand that in a more than 11 years span there are some times you have other obligations. I've always strived to have the best support we can give, and will make sure it will be so again. If you have anything you want to see changed, added or need support, just hit me up. Preferably with a notecard, so i can read up and contact you when necessary. With kind regards, Saii Hallard
  7. Viewer 2 really gets on my nerves

    Luc Starsider wrote: @Ansariel. I didn't know im logs used the display name as a file name. Regarding the UI. What I mostly want is an officially supported skinning option, and some changes to the area where group notices, IM toasts, system messages and object menus pop up. It's like a whack-a-mole game the way it is now. Too much information fighting for the same space. I do agree. I think that you mean to say to modify the skin yourself, which would be a good idea. Though it would have been better to make a tabular window where you can mount several windows to your leisure. The clunky sidebar is just plain shïte. The ability to undock the windows is a small improvement, but indeed take up too much space and I personally keep trying to click an X (close) button, which results in minimizing the window. I don't see the point in minimizing it, if at all, it should dock back again. An option to rearrange the screen-layout, like almost all current MMORPG's have at the moment, would be good to set where you want to see menu popups, IM popups etcetera. Anyway, I won't spend more time venting my frustration with this viewer. In conclusion, the interface is a bad design, the colors are grave and not inviting, graphically it uses too much space, there is no consistency in interface elements, some font types are distorted (specially in the notecard/scripts) meaning that characters overlap, making it unreadable.. and it still got basic gui bugs. Pay me a few months, and i'll make a viewer that conforms to the current standard MMORPG gui, that everyone can use without scratching their head
  8. Viewer 2 really gets on my nerves

    I got Maya in use for some time, which works perfectly. But when time allows, will have a look at Blender again. Regarding mesh import; I think that is a debate on itself. You could try to police ip infringements, but it's practically impossible. Most of the people will not know if a particular mesh is ripped from a game with 3d ripper, or stolen content from one of the thousands 3D sites offered on torrentz. And I say "most of the people" on purpose, because LL will not actively validate content, of course.. that is undoable. So it's up to the people to spot and report possible ip infringements. Possibly could see large companies and/or 3d shops sueing LL for having copyrighted content. After all the TOS states that LL owns all content. But well, all depends on how crazy people get on importing stuff. I understand the need to keep SL alive, and mesh import is a nice impuls for getting good and new content. But if this is a good move for SL in the long run, I do not know. Time will tell. Perhaps in time it will drive out the people who make and sell stuff with normal prims.. but we haven't seen that with sculpts too, so i don't know. Yep, i have to get use to v2. I see it like to be forced driving a Trabant with a new mp3-player in it. You just have to open 5 hatches to be able to get it to play
  9. Viewer 2 really gets on my nerves

    Regarding mentioning blender; It's the interface i saw two years ago.. which was the most unintuitive i've ever seen, but forgive me if it's changed for the better in the meantime. I just find it too risky to use Phoenix with my main avatar (in terms of possible data mining... and yeah, i'm sure they don't, but better safe then sorry) Aye, Thinkerer, of course there are ways of doing things differently as oppose to viewer 1.x.  But why should one have to bend in other ways with 2.x, just because the interface lacks easy accessible functions that were there in 1.x? And no, i'm not adding more bugs to the JIRA. I did that at the beta, they yet have to fix the problem i described... and we're about 9 versions further. With no feedback, no help, no direct communication, no reward, i'm not going to help fixing rudimentary problems that should not have been there in the first place. I'm very sorry to be negative, i'd rather not be. My hope is that in stead of releasing mesh import, which will fill the grid with meshes stolen from every game out there with 3d ripper, they would put that time into making a viewer that does not get you suffer from RSI when you have to work with it. Idle hope... *shakes head again and frowns*
  10. Viewer 2 really gets on my nerves

    I completely removed anything to do with Second Life, from all hidden folders to even registry entries... knowing this could lead to problems (another silly thing really, the wizardshield script should take care of such things) So, before anyone says it could be due to an old install... it can't The bugs i mentioned are there, and repeatable. Perhaps it's due to a OS difference that it is no problem at your side. I'm using Vista 32bits The file problem is not a bug, but just a change in how they store chat logs in files.In 1.x the files were stored as the avatar names, with appropiate case and spaces. Now they changed it to all lowercase and an underscore for the space. Basically an up-yours to veteran users, or just not realizing people rely on logs in communication with customers. In general I am surprised that i find very rudimentary problems within a few minutes after install. It makes me think there is something very wrong with the testing process, or it's not tested at all before release. Do note that i have 30+ years experience in developing software and seen a lot of badly made software... but to see such basic things go wrong... come on... it's 2011, not 1980!
  11. I do customer support daily, mostly by sending back answers via a notecard to people.. When trying to do that in Viewer 2, the new profile wont allow drop of inventory, so you have to click at least 5 times to send out a notecard. When using viewer 2.7, i spotted 3 bugs in 2 minutes: 1) In world-about land, when the music url gets the focus the value gets cleared 2) when typing in a name in the map (CTRL-M), and hitting the enter key will result nothing, only clicking the search button works 3) the chat log file format has changed, where a space now must be a underscore... very annoying, since i got thousands of IM logs of people for over 5 years... had to quickly write a file conversion to be able to see the chat history in world so, pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft took me an hour to get going with this horrible looking viewer, where there is so much whitespace in graphics, its really the worst interface i've ever seen. (well except maybe for blender) at least it doesnt take 2 minutes anymore to open a large script. Although to be able to read the script without getting a headache i had to edit the fonts.xml to make the font larger. Anyway, just writing off my frustration trying to use this viewer once again, since it's forced use now with the new search (which obviously is also not something to cheer about) EDIT: Window position and size is not saved... so you have to resize every single notecard... AAAAH the annoyance! Font cursor in notecards is not on the exact location, making edits very difficult. *shakes head*
  12. Viewer 2.4 Released!

    Happy new year everyone I'd really commit myself to start using 2.x in this new year. There seem to be some good changes to this flawed viewer, but it's still a long way from usable. 90% of all I do in SL is scripting, but I'm afraid I have to drop this viewer again, it's just not workable. Opening a 1000+ line script not only take a long time, it even locks up the viewer and shows a black screen for some time. Shared media is still not functioning right. I think I did a JIRA entry on this subject over a year ago. A rudimentary usage of showing a webimage fully on a primface can not be scripted, because it has to be aligned (by clicking a button)... I'm sure much work has gone into making this, but such rudimentary things should work. Shared media filtering to keep a user on a certain website does not work. Disabling bar/permissions on shared media for the owner does not work. And many more simple things that can be found when using the shared media for 10 minutes are flawed. The default fontsize for scripts and notecards is still too small, they set a size that is not only difficult to read, but distorting the font itself. Biggest annoyance is that although the notification on the 1.x viewer says that the new viewer will not replace your old viewer, it will change all settings, remove clothing/huds, clears your cache, create folders in your inventory, reset the auto-help etc. So, when you think to start using the 1.x again to get rid of the headache you got when using 2.x, your confronted with making adjustments to all settings, colors, and clicking on the "this is your inventory" popups. I even tried the special mesh-import viewer, tried about 5 meshes from various sources, 3 crashed the viewer and 2 just did nothing on import, no notification it failed... just nothing. I'm afraid if that will be another source of frustration if it's released in the same state as this 2.x viewer. Using an non-official viewer is out of the question, with the history of data mining, i'm afraid my password is not safe by using Phoenix or the like. I'll try 2.x for a bit more, but I'm afraid it will be a serious test of my patience having to wait every time i open a script.