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  1. A point to add my comments on wait time is that we live in an age of instant exchanges. The market demands instant exchanges, and user are less likely to use a service that does not provide them.
  2. Listed below are my thoughts on the switch to making the Lindex the sole exchange source, along with the wait time and limits on withdrawal metheds that this entails. The wait time is in place to prevent people from withdrawing money gained by hacking other people's acounts or by other fraudulant means. As a person who relies on the stability of the L$, I am glad that there is vigilance to protect the currency. As a merchant however, I am dismayed at the amount of time it takes to get cash from the account at LL to paypal through a process credit. A good possible solution for the wait time could be a trust system. Under such a system, a new user would have to wait a bit of time for the source of the L$ and the paypal account to be verified; while a regular user conducting a withdrawl of a normal amount for them, which is going to their normal paypal account, would be flagged for instant withdrawal. This sort of system is already widely used in the financial world. Banks and credit card companies use it all the time to track and catch suspcious activity, while still allowing their customer base the financial freedom they require to run a successful venture. As for only using paypal, wake up LL, if you stifle the business community by making them go by the terms which are most convenient to you, there will be less business conducted, which at a time when the economy and user base are shrinking, is not a good thing. If you want residents to conduct more business, provide use with the tools to do so in a manner most convenient and relevant to us. Overall, having the Lindex as the sole system of exchange is not a bad thing, but if this is the course that LL wishes to pursure, they will have to make changes or face the reality that more merchants will leave due to inconvenience, thus further eroding the value of their product.
  3. yes...and the patriot act in the US, which authorized illegal spying and violation of civil rights was a "security measure" and the Russian KGB was a "security force." The problem with such "security" is that it often comes at a cost of freedom. I am a liberal and a socialist, so dont take me as some crazy conservative on a rant, but I work hard for my money in SL. I should not have to wait three days. This measure will make SL commerce far less palatable to the business community, and could cause a major crash in the market. In the end the real reason for this is that LL profits from the L$ exchange, so it is a way to corner the market.
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