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  1. I found the answer I was looking for, after receiving an IM inworld! As it seems you are right, you cannot have multiple UV maps on any mesh you upload on SL. So I had to merge my 2 UV maps in one, following the instructions on this video: After that everything worked like a charm. I just baked the different materials on 2 different textures and I was done.
  2. Hello, I created a mesh dress in Blender, I have unwrapped it on 2 UV maps, the "Dress" UV map and the "Shirt" UV map. I then sculpted it, baked the normal maps for each UV map and rigged it. Because I only recently started using Blender for unwrapping ( I was using 3ds max up until now) I came across a problem. I couldn't make the 2 UV maps not overlap each other. After some googling I found out (???) that I cannot make parts of the mesh to appear only to one UV map. I had to choose the parts I wanted on each map and then weld the other parts (vertices) in a dot and move them out of my map. That didn't sound like a legit solution to my problem but I carried on to see how that goes. Inside Blender (Cycles) I defined my materials just fine with selecting which map I want for each material so I had accurate visual results. When I tried to upload to SL I had the results below: In the picture you can see 2 different uploads of the same dress. I am using 7 different materials. In the left one, I had selected on Blender the "Dress" UV map so when I tried to apply on SL my normal map, it was like SL could only see the "Dress" UV map (and the shirt part as a dot) and couldn't see the second UV map. Same with the textures. They were applied normally on all the dress parts but it was distorted to hell in the shirt part. I then tried to upload a copy with the "Shirt" UV map enabled on blender. The results are shown on the model on the right. The exact opposite effect. I believe that I messed up with unwrapping multiple UV maps but I can't figure out how to solve it. Any help please?
  3. Thank you for your answer Kyrah, good to know... Does that vert increase play any part in the LI calculation? Or should I ignore it and start messing with physics now for more optimized results?
  4. Hello, I am working on a mesh building and I am currently trying to reduce my poly count, before messing with LOD and physics . I was looking for building components in my design, that increase by much my poly count. After a lot of trial and error, I found a "guilty" spotlight rack which was mirrored along the whole building (4 racks total). Even if it had low vert count, it had 50LI. I removed the mirror modifier and exported one single rack which then had around 3LI. Because 50LI is way more than the 3x4=12LI , I supposed there was something wrong with the physics calculation so I moved on and tried to reduce even more the poly count of this rack. My original model had 358 verts and 640 tris, after some modification I ended up with 288 verts and 516 tris. When I tried to upload the new model to SL I noticed that the LI didn't change by much. I also noticed that even though the tris count was identical on blender and on uploader the vert count shown on uploader is 785 while blender shows 288 verts. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something obvious here? I also forgot to mention that I was using both Avastar and the default export for exporting the dae file
  5. Added the channel offset as you suggested and an encryption code I found and the script runs like a charm. Thank you all for your help!
  6. As a matter of fact...NO! Duh... I reset the script so many times while trying to set my llSetPrimitiveParams and I must have accidentally clicked the "Running" box.. Thanks Xiija! And since we are on the subject...the initial thought was to have my texture UUIDs on the HUD script and send them via the channel to the Listener but I was wondering if there are possible security risks or should I keep them on the Listener script? Do I need to add any other bits of code for a more secure communication between the 2 objects to avoid UUID theft?
  7. Well since this is very close to what I am trying to do, I am going to post here my problem instead of a new topic. I am building a HUD with multiple prim buttons for one of my products. The HUD should send to a mesh object (with multiple faces) just the HUD button name that was touched, and the listener should take care of the rest with consequent if and else ifs. Before I even get to the point to set the code for each button touch, I try a simple llSay for both HUD and Listener object to see if they communicate, and while the HUD seem to send the right information, the Listener script doesn't seem to listen anything. Here is the source code for HUD: integer MyChannel; key MyOwner; default { state_entry() { llPassTouches(TRUE); MyOwner = llGetOwner();//store the owner's uuid as a constant, because you often need to check it several times, and it's pointless to keep on looking it up MyChannel = 0x80000000 | (integer)("0x"+(string)MyOwner);//perform some bitwise magic that makes Innula's head ache, and you end up with long, unique, negative number based on the owner's uuid } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) { //something's changed! Was it my owner? Yes, it was. llResetScript();//reset the script when my owner changes, to you recalculate the value of MyChannel } } touch_start(integer total_number) { if(llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { //Detect which button was touched integer button_link = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); string button_name = llGetLinkName(button_link); //Announce the button name llOwnerSay("Touched "+button_name); // llOwnerSay("Channel "+(string)MyChannel); llSay(MyChannel,button_name); } } } And this is the code for the Listener script: integer MyChannel; key MyOwner; default { state_entry() { MyOwner = llGetOwner(); MyChannel = 0x80000000 | (integer)("0x"+(string)MyOwner); llListen(MyChannel,"",NULL_KEY,""); llOwnerSay("Channel "+(string)MyChannel); //prints nothing on screen } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) { //something's changed! Was it my owner? Yes, it was. llResetScript(); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) { llOwnerSay("Channel "+(string)MyChannel); llSay(0,"Received "+msg); //prints nothing on screen if (llGetOwnerKey(id)== MyOwner) { llSay(0,"Received "+msg); //prints nothing on screen } } } Am I missing something?
  8. I won't even comment on how alarming the 19,533,910 L$ that are selling at the price of 257 L$/USD (!!!!) can be. Or how there are L$ sold even at 259L$/USD I know there were given many explanations but not an official one and this is what disappoints me. When you are a company that respects itself, when you see panic on the content creator base, you make a statement to calm everyone down. Like when a company is closing and they say "no employees will get fired" even though they will. My only explanation is that SL will soon shut down permanently. With the release of SL2 which is coming they want to get rid of every little Linden they have which will be useless when SL2 gets announced (I don't know who "they" are, maybe big merchants with connections to LL, maybe LL itself) Now in order to return to the original topic: I have waited a bit before requesting a process credit (I am trying to lower that 1,5% fee as much as I can) so as you can imagine I was at best annoyed, not to say furious, when I saw that it took 4 business days for my money to appear on my skrill account!!! I opened the process credit request at Wednesday morning (local time) and normally I would see the money on my skrill account Wednesday evening (next's week) or Thursday morning. Now by paying 14USD more I saved a WHOLE FREAKING DAY and received them on Tuesday! I don't know about you but for me that was like a very big "F@#$ YOU SUCKER" on my face from LL.
  9. OzwellWayfarer wrote: it seems like LL maaaaaay have a cashflow problem going on. ^^This! If the new fees are for a faster service, then it should have given us the option to choose between "Standard Shipping" or "Fast Delivery" like when you buy goods online (just saying). From the looks of it, it seems like the SL economy is sinking along with LL's financials, so the new payout fee policy is a win-win senario for LL. And I explain myself: If I don't want to pay the full 1,5% for an amount of money, then I should pile up my USD and make a big withdrawal. By piling up, the USD stay in the LL's disposal for much more time which translates to financial liquidity and additional interest. If I don't want to wait, then I pay a cumulative ridiculus fee which translates to a pure profit for LL...makes sense...if you are LL anyway... For me that I used to make big withdrawals anyway the extra 14USD per transaction have a huge impact on my monthly income. Now combine that, with the selling price of L$ going at 249L$/USD and the fact that I have to exchange my L$ only through Lindex so I have to pay an extra 3% fee on paypal/skrill to turn USD to euros...That translates to a monthly loss of more than 110$/month
  10. Sassy Romano wrote: Yes we've known about this since the beginning. Replace it with "the retarded word filter blocked this supersmall clothing size" Oh that is a very, very good idea!
  11. I was trying to enlist a mesh object that comes in XXS size (amongst others), but the maturity filter had other plans. Apparently the "XX" is a forbidden letter combo!! Any ideas what to replace it with, without looking too dumb? I came up with 2XS, but looks like it is written by an idiot... Oh btw congrats on the bright mind that came up with this! Last time I checked XXX was an adult content indicator, not XX...
  12. I am pretty sure it's Truth as well. As Alexandra said, I am not sure it is still available, since Truth retired many of her old haircuts during the massive hair color and store revamp.
  13. From my point of view, the item number is far from useless. It is the only number that is connected directly to your listing. For example in your listed item: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AS-Chahna-Sesame-Soft-Beige-with-Jeweled-Accents-Indian-Inspired/4117650 you can notice the 7-digit number in the end of the url, that is item number that is recorded in the transaction history. All the other item numbers in the Marketplace reports are just unique, one-use-only sequence of numbers to identify all the items ever ordered in the Marketplace.
  14. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it intended? Did I miss the memo? I maintain a database with all the sales and transactions logs, which is filled by a software I have coded myself. The thing is that the code uses the item number, in the description field of transaction history report, to identify which item is sold. Since 07/07/13 I noticed that the software stopped working and tried to solve the issue. I then found out that the description field format in transaction history report was slightly changed and was causing the program to fail. In an attempt to fix that issue, I came upon some orders that miss the item number entirely. I m now trying to figure out if there is a pattern on the orders that miss the item number or if it is a random bug. Any hints?
  15. Vick Forcella wrote: You prove my point. There was and is only one place where L$ is transferred into us$ and therefore the fees did apply then, as they do now. Only now you can see it more clearly. Third party exchanges were not a charitable organisation. Using them you would pay double exchange fees. Once for LL and once for the other exchange. A 3PE exchange could play better on the LindeX. Time and bulk means they had a better deal with a limited sell on the LindeX. No, I think you got it all wrong. You don't pay double fee. You pay the exchange fee only once, with no additional fee for currency exchange, and you pay that to TPE. You still missing the point here. We are not talking about US merchants. For them, transaction speed aside, LindeX is probably still the best place to exchange their Lindens. But consider that, a TPE doesn't have to get every transaction through LindeX. For example, I am a german that wants to sell 10k Linden to buy euros. I then pay an ATM that is connected to an avatar, say Timothy Bank. Now Mr.Bank has 10k Linden. An Italian guy then comes and wants to buy 5k Lindens. Mr. Bank can give them to him directly from his balance. Ofc Mr. Bank has to have some kind of transactions with LindeX to acquire some Lindens in the first place, and has to charge some fees for his services, for matching those buyers and sellers. But the gain for those buyers and sellers is that they can exchange everything in their own currency.
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