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  1. I logged on one day and I was a red cloud so I restarted the program and I am still a red cloud. My friend told me to rebake so I did, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled about 3 times and I am still a red cloud. Can someone please tell how I can stop being a red cloud. Also my friend sees me just fine he even took a pitcure and I looked normal but I can see that I am a red cloud. My computer is Windows 7 The viewer I am using is Firestorm
  2. Hello, I have tried this question before, but the answers did not help. Every time I click on upload my viwer crashes and sends a error report and close. When I log back in, it does it again. I really want to upload some pictures so if you could please help, that would make me really happy. I just dont understand why the viewer crashes as soon as I press upload :( REPLIES OMG!! thank you guys sooo much!! both of you were very helpful and I fixed the problem.. I could not find the last part of the chart, I guess I didnt have it but its ok I just uninstalled it completely!! lol Im sooo happy I can send pictures and textures again. I was about to give up all hope! But thanks again, and I wonder why you cant have both? thats a little weird lol but ummm thank you thank you thank you :) :)
  3. Disregard this one I only made a new one because I could not find my other one, but I did find my other one and put the suggestions on there. If I could delete this one I would but I do not know how
  4. Ok you are right, It is the program that is crashing but now it is worse! :( First I tried to upload a photo and the viewer kept crashing on me. Then it finally did a major crash and it wont let me log in.. It wont even get pass the initializing VFS part. It wont let me log in or anything. I have restarted my computer multiple times and I have uninstalled and re installed the viewer! But nothing seems to work. The program is crashing because when I click upload the screen turns white and a message pops up saying program not responding, and I cannot log in to get the specific information you asked for. And also I would tell my mechanic "My car won't go when I want it to" because I would not be able to clearly tell them whats wrong. The same goes for on here I dont know what is wrong that is why I am going on the forum. I am not trying to sound rude or stupid but I just truly dont know what is happening with the second life viewer. I dont know how to reply to you lol so I am just typing it in the question. I cant even get to the log in page, like it wont launch at all and as for the VFS thank you very much! I will start googling now :)
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