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  1. I wonder if LL is going to add any infrastructure to the new continent. At the moment I have a Linden Home at a region of the Meadowbrook Type. Houses are crowded in a way they would never be in RL, only a very few pathways next to the sea but even those are ugly. Though I see many dots on the map I never see any avatars. Obviously everyone hast turned Avtars on his parcel to invisible - like I did - to get some privacy. In a normal RL community you also cannot see your neighbours IN their houses, but there are streets and parks and you meet them at the supermarket or at a restaurant or bar. Something like that totally lacks in the present Linden- Home regions (or didn't I find it?). The new homes at the exibition at least had gardens and streets. Will there be any places were Avatars can meet in a natural way aswell? Will there be benches and plants and a natural landscape? This for example is allready the most "beautyful" scenery in all my region I could find! And I am lucky! I live in a reason that is next to water.
  2. I see no problem in having adult furniture, even in the garden. Most of my furniture is adult though nowadays I don't use it that way. It is several years now since I last indulged in any adult activities in SL, but I can do so if I want - just like in real life. But in RL your neighbours cannot scan through your walls and curtains and see you naked in your bath or making love with your husband. So for me it is a matter of course to set the avatars on my parcel to invisible, for what I usually do in my SL home is standing around naked, unpacking parcels and trying on clothes. And if you do set avatars to invisible that refers to the whole parcel, garden aswell as house so (contrary to RL) nobody will see me taking a shower in my garden unless he walks in. But how do I keep people from walking into my garden? Maybe I ivnest in an orbit - which would you advise? - or I keep access restricted to people I whitelist. But that will set uo those banlines, won't it? On the other hand I can make them invisible - anyone can - but that lies in the eyes (viewer) of the beholder. What's wrong with banlines then? And what's the alternative? I found an orbit script on the MP only 299L$ - is that a good one? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Security-Orb-Set-Full-Perm-Set/4461266
  3. Inspired by Blush and Prokofy I made myself a rule, wore it and set about to measure my favourite house. The rule is a sort of board 1 m wide and 10 m long, set to PHANTOM and textured with some meter Texture I had. I forst attached it to my foot, later to my spine and anyway its rather tricky to get it into exaktly the right position. Kueche1 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr SchlafzL by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr The first room on the groundfloor (my kitchen) ist 5,5m x 6m, the other room with the gardendoor (my livingroom) is about 9 x 6 Upstairs there is one big room 7 x 9,5 m and the balcony 9,5 x 3,5 (all roughly). Now I am off to a sandbox and will make some sort of platforms in the size of the rooms to see how my nice new furniture will fit in.
  4. Just now there is a big SALE going on at the Pixel Dreams Inworld Store - lots of lovely furniture for next to no money! I bought LOTS and tested several items at the preview exibition in the way I learned here - by wearing them. The kitchen big piece is a bit to long for the front room but as you can put it to pieces I will make it fit in nicely. Kuechenzeile by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr And in the garden of my favourite house even a pool could be placed! SwimmingPool by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr PS: it really WORKS! Went to a sandbox, dissassebled the long kitchen piece - reassembled the components - now I have a fridge, a sink, an oven, a cupboard and so on! The small room in the basement towards the street is ideal for the kitchen! The big room towards the garden will be my livingroom.
  5. NOW I understand. SSP is the new continent and it was open for a short period to look at. Now it is closed again and there is only this Preview exibition where you cannot rezz. But I had the impression that the houses were smaller then your lovely pictures with the orange wallpaper. There was never an extra room to squeeze a bathroom in . There are basically only three types of houses: The 1 story bungalow, the narrow high one and my favourite type: the one you can build an extra porch to - with one big bedroom in the upper floor. But none of them has place for a bathroom.
  6. I refferedto your Photos with lots of furniture - the whole house with the otange walls - fully furnished - where have these photos been taken?
  7. Where is that? I just went to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Linden%20Homes%20Preview/66/137/28 and tried to rezz there - no chance!
  8. I seem to be a little dump. You must have been in one of the new houses and allowed to REZZ there to furnish it, right? Are you a tester? Did they allow you in a real house before they are released?
  9. That looks GREAT!! How did you do that ?? I mean how did you furnish the house and take the photos?? Do you allready HAVE one of the new houses??? I thought they were yet to come.
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