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  1. I got a couple of my water-side little beach-house lookin' thing. Only outside pics, though. Indoors is for people that are allowed to drink booze only, Burd included. That empty spot is a discount personal sandbox, mainly for editing avatar appearances and such. EDIT: Sorry for the bland graphics, didn't bother to experiment for the photos.
  2. I'm kinda skeptical. Will they function in a sphere or a box? What would the minimum time be to eject someone from the parcel? Can they eject anyone aside from those you've given exceptions to? EDIT: Will the ban-line ban also apply to the old style of Linden homes, too?
  3. I am in a similar situation, down in Heirlong. This burd has a roost, just missing a fancy car and contempt neighbors, lol
  4. Well whatever you do, don't put up your own fencing, hedges, or walls if your parcel don't have any, or you might tick off a neighbor even though it's in theme.
  5. Hey, I love being wrong~! Means I can still learn things.
  6. My own prediction is November at the earliest; It's not exactly something that can be slapped together with flex tape and super glue.
  7. Can confirm I was merely poking a bit of fun at you. Sorry. It is true though, at least for the most part: Sensible people nowadays don't care whether or not you're a boy, a girl, otherkin, or whatever other gender there is, and would rather judge on merits and interactions. Momma always told me it's what's inside a person that counts the most, and we're all the same color on the inside, ain't we? Anyways, Welcome to Diamond City Second Life and all that.
  8. Sex? Here on the internet, we don't care about your sex. EVERYONE's a dog on the internet, and yet no one seems to know it.
  9. In case it wasn't already asked, will the new Linden Homes be of the 1024m size?
  10. 1 & 3: While it is true that there are more options for female avatars, I can confirm that IRL dudes tend not to care as fashion as much as an irl lady. For the average Joe, if the shoe fits, they'll wear it. 2: Sexuality can apply to ANYONE, Man or Woman. The age we're in is generally accepting. 4: Momma always taught me it's what's inside a person that counts the most. If you're still unsure, do what I do and go with Furry avatars.
  11. Is there any update on the new Linden Homes that's 100% official and able to be shared, as well as a guesstimated ETA? Also regarding the Last Names returning: Will we pick from a randomized list like we have in the past?
  12. Aside from Ruth, the first image is my first avatar' appearance.
  13. Imma try and branch out from my phoenix. Dunno how well that's gonna work.
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