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  1. I mean it's a constant struggle between us users. Do we: Look up an old thread for info, then necropost when we want clarification on said info because what is found is unclear? OR Make an entirely new thread, then get told to look up the old threads anyway?
  2. Can further confirm , 'open houses' are fine according to the Covenant. People can allows or disallow anyone onto their parcel at will (with a security orb now) meaning they can allow people to come and go or keep it as a sort of private spot. There's also the following line: "*Residents may decorate the interior of their house to their liking. The exterior should always remain in theme out of consideration for your neighbors." Only thing people can't do is show their homes in search, hence the group chat landmarks are more of an informal "You can come into my house if you want." I can also confirm that the Knowledge Base concerning Linden Homes are not entirely outdated, but rather incomplete: There's one mention of not being able to modify the home.. for a 512m2 parcel size. IMO, after reading the rest of the thread, sounds like a bit of buttmad they ain't using your stuff.
  3. You don't NEED all those super duper fancy decorative pieces of furniture. With all mine done decorated, I still got like 120 prims left. Enough for my own little sandbox.
  4. In case the subtext is too small, it reads: "There are reasons why you shouldn't look at some things online while at the office." But yeah, that's my attempt at the whole warning for the 'behind closed doors' rule.
  5. Do what I do, and keep yourself your own little personal sandbox for small simple builds, unpacking, and avatar modifications.
  6. Alright, I'm convinced, I'll show mine off a bit. I had to black out some of my wall hanging images and doctor up my desktop, though. Should be fine, nothing naughty's showing. Now if I could only get over my social anxiety and say hello to my neighbors...
  7. Alright, I'm convinced, I'll show mine off a bit. I had to black out some of my wall hanging images and doctor up my desktop, though. Should be fine, nothing naughty's showing.
  8. In case it hasn't been said already, the Old 512sqm Styles are still available. The 175 prim count is mitigated by Mesh, and there's plenty of footspace still do to stuff. EDIT: If they DO get rid of the 512s, it'll have to be after the 1024s are all complete. We're only in Phase 1.
  9. Question: Most of my lot is sand, so I don't have a garden. Am I still okay to post pictures?
  10. I'm more for the 'essentials.' Y'know, toilet, bath, bed, table, hot tub, bar, TV with a rug in front of it, kitchen set, my security orb, fancy sports car, some framed images, and a 'clothing optional' sign. Still got 161 prims to play around with.
  11. "Hi, how are you?" and variants. Response: "No, officer, it's how high are you."
  12. From that description, it seems to me that the 'fish' it rezzes are 'temp,' as in 'temporary.' They will delete themselves after ~60 seconds.
  13. Likely is that, from the look of an image of a full bright hedge: Could be running on a weaker machine, newbie resident that don't know any better, etc. Best I can suggest for that would be to offer to help them figure out how textures work in SL. If they respond, well, poorly, then that's a different situation.
  14. I was being specific cuz that was happened to me: My 'wall' is only barely taller than my normal height avatar, and is not the only 'barrier' in Heirlong. Heck, there's one that's taller few houses down actually right next door, though it is more of a fence. It could only be considered an eyesore because their home sat empty until they left.
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