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  1. Back in 2008 And now in 2019
  2. I right clicked about every top folder I had and selected DELETE and now have a very well organized inventory! This strategy probably only works though after a long break finding out your entire inventory is massively outdated. But I can recomend it!
  3. Thank you! And yes it works. It hands out cups of coffee https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/what-next-Colonna-Coffee-Station-Full-Set/10678021 Thanks, the couch is by Apple Fall. I can not find it in MP but I got it in the world store: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Apple Fall/47/129/29
  4. Still decorating it, but so far my house
  5. Thanks for the response all! Just visited ColdAsh and I am gratefull they had a summersale, or I would probably not be able to pay my rent for the next year. Great store! Will work down the list, probably bankrupting myself in the proces.
  6. Just returning to SL after a long break, and trying to get myself set up again. Got me a Jake body, Catwa head and some other stuff like skin and AO. Now I have spend a large part of the day running around shops and MP but so far only got me some suits from Deadwool and their hair, but I cant really find anything else to my taste. So my question: could someone point me in the right direction for casual chic clothing, and good quality male mesh hair. I do not care much for "street" or "biker" style, but that seems to be mostly what I keep running into.
  7. Did you get this problem resolved eventualy? I am having this same issue. Not laptop but a PC. The busier the sim the more often it happens, usualy when cam zooming around avatars. Not when I am looking at static objects. I started using the 64 bit viewer linked here but no difference really. Before upgrading my PC (memory and graphics) I never had this problem. 16gb memory Windows 10 Installed on SSD Nvidia GTX 1080ti When the game crashes it just pops back to windows and ot give an error, not in application or system log either. All updates and latest drivers have been installed.
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