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  1. Cruising trough that nice French village mentioned here earlier
  2. Well, considering the amount of my money that went to them, yeah you could say I am their sponsor
  3. Welllll.. at your own risk. But you might want to consider just having a beer and skip the steak. I know I did.
  4. Making diner. Very well done steak, beer doused.
  5. Ever tried beating an AI with chess? It really does not mater what I do...
  6. The only challenging part is finding a proper wedding to crash.
  7. Failing to acquire a new cloths for a while now, I am afraid I have no new outfit to show off.
  8. When I signed up for SL, I was under the impression it was a pre-build open world, where you could be anything. Had read something on a forum or whatever from a guy who was a mobster on SL. Sounded cool, as I loved playing mafia and mobster games. So I went with a name that sounded fit to that theme. Lomba was one of the names on the list provided, and Frank kinda felt right with it. Quite the surprise when I logged in SL and it was nothing at all as I expected.
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