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  1. Okay so I have been busy with the holidays and all that but I'm happy the links are working! I'm currently at family's house that has poor internet so I cannot login to check on things but I'm happy people are joining!!! We definitely need to all meet up when I can get online.
  2. Alrighty so the group is made!! Finally lol. Its called: G.W.A.B & B.W.A.G I need to figure out how to insert group links (I'm sure its easy I'm just responding on a phone so I'd have to switch over to my laptop) but feel free to look it up in search and join. 😊
  3. That sounds great and yeah I'd definitely love to hang out! Sorry I'm taking so long to make it. This account is just a throw away alt so I could gauge how people felt about the idea without outting myself just yet. Ugh. So far I like the G.I.R.L title my only issue is that another group is called that. Anyone have any other ideas for a group name?
  4. That's not a bad idea. I guess I could open it up for both genders my only issue is that guys BTA already have groups. I also couldn't find any groups inworld that is primarily for girls BTA. But I guess I'll see depending on the number of people interested.
  5. Thanks! I actually really like this response. I guess it isn't anyone's business what gender I am IRL. Though, I'd still love to meet people who do the same thing. We don't even have to be all that open about it.
  6. Good point. And in regards to making a group, how would I get people to join? I know I need L$100 to even make one but where do I go from there?
  7. I was just curious if their was a group inwolrd for girls that enjoy having guy avatars, and I don't mean as an alt that you use for photos or rp. Like the full on guy lifestyle. 24/7 on second life. I've played a guy for about a year now and I just find it more freeing and fun. I can seriously say that when I log into SL my whole mind frame changes. Its like I suddenly get transported into a man's thought process and behave completely different than I regularly do offline. Plus being a guy, I can definitely get away with acting a certain way without being like judged and whatever. People seem to like emotionally unstable dudes for whatever reason. Could be the whole "savior complex" mentality I've noticed with a lot of people I dated. Now my issue is I'm done hiding it. I hate making up excuses for why I can't voice and I hate having people get all pissy about me not showing a reallife photo. And when I do show photoshoped photo a feel like I'm catfishing. I'd love to be out and open about being a chick irl and would love to meet people who are the same. I honestly hated losing friendships and/or having people lose interest the moment I tell them I'm female.So I'd much rather know from the begining if people are cool with it, without the fear of rejection. I've been with dudes and chicks while in my guy avatar and I always felt bad claiming to be this hot, misunderstood (I'm gagging its that clingy), sensitive boy irl even though I'm not. I would be lying if I didnt say im totally down to date a person who is also female irl but is playing as a male in sl. We can be little yaoi boys if you want just know I'm always top XP. Let me know if this exists or if people like this would be willing to link up and be "bros" together lol. I have to admit that when I'm "me", I'm like this light-hearted shy little school girl, but as a dude I'm dark asf. So if you can handle that...and the sudden high pitched voice if we ever talk on mic (I'll try to sound as manly as my vocal cords will allow)...hit me up.
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