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  1. Okay so I have been busy with the holidays and all that but I'm happy the links are working! I'm currently at family's house that has poor internet so I cannot login to check on things but I'm happy people are joining!!! We definitely need to all meet up when I can get online.
  2. Alrighty so the group is made!! Finally lol. Its called: G.W.A.B & B.W.A.G I need to figure out how to insert group links (I'm sure its easy I'm just responding on a phone so I'd have to switch over to my laptop) but feel free to look it up in search and join. 😊
  3. That sounds great and yeah I'd definitely love to hang out! Sorry I'm taking so long to make it. This account is just a throw away alt so I could gauge how people felt about the idea without outting myself just yet. Ugh. So far I like the G.I.R.L title my only issue is that another group is called that. Anyone have any other ideas for a group name?
  4. That's not a bad idea. I guess I could open it up for both genders my only issue is that guys BTA already have groups. I also couldn't find any groups inworld that is primarily for girls BTA. But I guess I'll see depending on the number of people interested.
  5. Thanks! I actually really like this response. I guess it isn't anyone's business what gender I am IRL. Though, I'd still love to meet people who do the same thing. We don't even have to be all that open about it.
  6. Good point. And in regards to making a group, how would I get people to join? I know I need L$100 to even make one but where do I go from there?
  7. I was just curious if their was a group inwolrd for girls that enjoy having guy avatars, and I don't mean as an alt that you use for photos or rp. Like the full on guy lifestyle. 24/7 on second life. I've played a guy for about a year now and I just find it more freeing and fun. I can seriously say that when I log into SL my whole mind frame changes. Its like I suddenly get transported into a man's thought process and behave completely different than I regularly do offline. Plus being a guy, I can definitely get away with acting a certain way without being like judged and whatever. P
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