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  1. I purchased a product on Marketplace a couple of weeks ago and after using it decided to write a review. I tried but was "told" I needed to purchase the product to write a review. !!! Where is the disconnect here?
  2. The auto hide works great! As for the feet, the pose doesn't seem to be saved along with the outfit. When I change from a flat foot outfit to a high heel one, the foot remains flat. The body hud is saved with the outfit but doesn't seem to have any effect on the foot pose. You suggested making a copy of the feet in the desired pose: what would I do with the copy (placed in a separate folder) and how would I re-link it to the outfit with it being overwritten by the one already there? Would renaming the body part cause errors? thanks, again, for the autohide suggestion!
  3. I'm using the Lara body hud and would like to save the alpha and foot settings with an outfit. How would I do that?
  4. I'm not sure how these dimensions above were determined. For a Profile Picture I've taken an equilateral pic (512x512, etc.) and scaled it down to 133x133 since LL insists on forcing it into a 178x133 area and pasted it as a layer on a background of 178x133. The dimensions of the original are preserved (see head shot 1). For Pick Pictures, I found that a background of 266x133 with the original pic scaled to 133x133 preserves the proportions fairly well. In the original pic, the head image is almost an equilateral triangle. The Pick Photo as uploaded has a 2:1 aspect ratio but when scrun
  5. LL shrinks all profile pictures to 178x133 (4:3). The easy way (using Gimp) is to scale any equilateral pic (512x512, etc) down to 133x133. Then, create a background layer 178x133 and color it to complement the pic. Finally, paste the pic as a new layer, export as a .jpg, and upload to SL. It takes just a couple of minutes with the free Gimp. I've puzzled over this for years and read lengthy notes on how to do it and not sure why it took me this long to figure out an easy way.
  6. I'd like to be able to send an IM while I'm offline (unable to launch browser). I've checked "My Second Life" and some friends do not have "Feed" available ... some do and it appears to be those who have changed display name. With MySecondLife not an option, is there another way to send an IM if I'm offline?
  7. On my Dashboard friends list, I see names in black and in green ... what do the different colors mean?
  8. Wow! fantastic!!! thanks so much for the alert! ;))
  9. OK!! I never heard of Baked on Mesh! available on MP?
  10. Wow! thanks!! I have tons of makeup from the old classic avatar days ... I'll check out alaskametro!
  11. Yes, it's the default SL head .. so I can use an Omega or Maitreya applier?
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