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  1. @Zeta Vandyke Thanks for the tip!, i joined the group.😁
  2. I joined! And i had my flickr already....only so much pictures to retouch and upload now...
  3. why thank you!, Probably this will be always the caseπŸ˜‚ hit me up, whenever somebody is still wanting to be friends! Common interests and a Europe (-ish) timezone would be fun!
  4. haha, @Orwar, ok, lets quit the explanation about the old country thing...this is going way off topic (yes, i started it, i knowπŸ˜‰), but thanks for explaining it to me.πŸ˜ƒ BTW, i changed it back to europe. Same, not always, but often!
  5. it is?....joking ofcourse, i knew that! but thanks for pointing that out to me.. Now THAT i didn't know.... i just knew that it was called that, not into detail though...i guess i made a mistake there😁
  6. Not exactly, It does seem that EU folks are more scattered over SL, which makes us, as inhabitants of Europe play more detective on the grid to find others from the same part of the world.
  7. Hahaha, hilarious!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. i took this selfportrait a while earlier, but converted it into something cartoonish:
  9. Ok i'll go take a look at deadwool, maybe i'm just too picky how clothes look, i guess that's the biggest drawback of being the purist that i am.😁 That said, i'll be checking them all out soon!
  10. @yoyonkova3, what everybody means here is like going to the store. You go to the store and get an item you want, in return you pay money. Seems like you're looking for the same thing, you want some, you have to give something in return. In your case, that probably won't be money, but it might a favor.
  11. Can anyone recommend a store where they actually sell decent jeans or slacks that are a really good quality? so far i've only been able to find 1 pair of jeans that fits somewhat decent. All of the other pants i bought got me into having too thin legs, or they just have weird creases and folds that make my legs look like shrivelled paper. i've tried adjusting my shape many times, but it seems most of the pants are just designed that way. even when they're made for my body (Signature Gianni)
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