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  1. My first Bellisseria home was in Venber. A Traditional that I got on 5/25/19 after a full month of refreshing....it was an abandon. I kept this one for about 2 months.....but finally left because I never got to know any neighbors there. Seemed to me a lonely neighborhood. The next one I got was in Sweetmarsh on a release day & got to know my next door neighbor the same day - which made it more fun.....I have since moved from there after about 2 months - but kept my new friend......
  2. Thanks guys for your answers....that figures.... I never wanted a Skybox anyway, but when I saw that one that Coby Foden posted...it was so cute & open - I was going to consider one.
  3. I don't know much about Skyboxes.....When you have one - does the LI for it & all the contents count against your LI allowance on the ground?
  4. Yes - third from end..in Cantrip Coast....glad you got it, enjoy.....I loved the location.....I liked that I could walk from the boat to a road....and it is not far from campgrounds, just around the corner...so you can enjoy walking thru them.
  5. Nika - I did not wait around to see if someone got it....I refreshed right away - only 2x - but I did not see a boat available......
  6. Garnet - I did get a Vic in Lockwood...perhaps it was yours......thanks.
  7. I am about to abandon my Houseboat in Cantrip Coast in a few minutes.....I love the location.....but am getting antsy......I think I need a new kind of home to decorate...so I will be trying for a Victorian......I will probably be waiting quite a while......but I am finding that I don't log on very often right now - and a new kind of house will re-new my interest.....will abandon at 3:15....SL time. Update: I abandoned....then I refreshed the Land page - twice - & a Victorian popped up - in Lockwood.....wow, I am amazed...... I don't know this area...will look around to be sure
  8. It might belong to Abnor Mole, while I was looking at the new Log homes - I believe it was him who said in the chat....something like....I wonder what happened to my car...I am sure I parked it around here somewhere........
  9. I loved seeing the Galaxy in the waters of Bellisseria.....I did not know that this cruise ship even existed until yesterday. I would not mind at all if I could see it from my Houseboat.....I went exploring on in for a bit yesterday & it was amazing.
  10. Coby, your pictures are always so Vibrant.....is it because of the Windlight? Can you let me know which Windlight you are using here? I am only just starting to explore Windlights.....
  11. Well, yesterday, I decided to pick up all my items & abandon my Houseboat in Brodovima.....I wanted a better location for me - this one - like the last one I had in Floaton - was not attached to the land - with the houses & the roads.....so I went houseboat hunting. The nice thing is - there were houseboats every time....so I got one in Manywave.....not attached to land....so I abandoned......got another...but this one was the same one in Brodovima that I had just got rid of....so abandoned....then I got one in Cobbs Marina....this one was attached to land with houses & roads.
  12. I just went onto the land page with my alt...who is not premium.....& there was a Victorian, Traditional & Camper...several times in a row...but when I click "Next" - it wants me to sign up for Premium......not wanting to do that.......I currently have a houseboat that I am going to stay in til after Christmas.....then I will try to get a better location of a Houseboat.....will get a Victorian at some point in the future.....but just wanted to check the land page to see if there were any available & there are....it is so nice to see lots of choices for Bellisseria available.
  13. I would love to see one of the new styles of houses be to bring updated homes similar to Meadowbrook.....I loved & still do love the Plumtree, Quad & Lofthouse.....those homes updated within the Bellisseria neighborhoods would be wonderful & most likely my favorite choice of where to live....
  14. My show too - been watching since .....the 70"s I think.....
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