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  1. It certainly was a good day - if you wanted to get a camper.....I saw them for the longest time....& still seeing them now....I have also seen 3 houses.......but - only 1 houseboat - which is what I am trying for...and I could not get it.
  2. I have been trying for a Houseboat all day.....I did get one of the campers in Spring Creek, but tossed it back... There seems to be a lot available right now - they keep coming up.....I saw a Traditional also, but did not try for it.
  3. You never know how long it might take to see a camper come up .....Just this morning at 6am SL time - I decided to abandon my Houseboat......love it - but not the location so much, so I am trying to get another..... Anyway - I picked a really bad day to do this I guess, no one seems to be abandoning but me....so not one thing, Traditional, Houseboat or Camper - has come up since I have been refreshing now for 1 1/2 hours...... I may have to wait quite a long time before I see anything......people are maybe busy with other things on this holiday weekend.
  4. One quick pic before Thanksgiving is over.....even though I am eager to start decorating for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving from my Bellisseria houseboat.....
  5. I love this - will - for sure (could not spell definately) go visit - it is beautiful.....love your style.
  6. Thanks, Marianne & Karynmaria.....I searched the MP & did not find it - but went to the Dust Bunny store & there it was.....I got it & also fell in love with their Christmas tree so got that....so thanks for the expensive shopping trip, lol.
  7. Marianne, the shelves you have in the Living room with the TV on it - I have seen that piece over & over, but have not had any luck finding it actually for sale anywhere...I really love it. I think it is Dust Bunny, but not sure....do you know if it is still an item for sale somewhere?
  8. Some pics of my 1st Houseboat I got about a week ago. I also got the cutest little baby unicorn, who wanders around my boat.
  9. I did that once....and lost about 3 or 4 of my no copy items....so I will not do that again.
  10. I can see the lighthouse from the upper deck - looking towards the left front of boat.
  11. Well thanks anyway.....thanks to you I started refreshing quickly at the time I thought you were going to release, not waiting for the refresh......
  12. Yeah - I got one in Floaton....was that yours?
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