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  1. Love the windows in the the dining area...gorgeous!
  2. Thanks Chic for the info - I am going to give that a try.
  3. I totally agree.....I need more room to walk around in...in SL.....in RL - I would love to live in a Tiny House or Trailer.....but in SL - it is hard to move my camera around in a small space.....I am not that savy with camera settings....perhaps it is possible.....but I have no clue how to do it any differently. It will be nice if the campgrounds are near our current homes.....a wonderful place to go walking, bike riding or horse riding around.
  4. Can't wait to see them in person, when I get home from work this afternoon......I love, love, love trailers in RL, but I have a feeling they will be too small inside in SL.
  5. That's too bad....at least the rest of the trip sounds great.
  6. Did you have a great time on the river cruise? I always wanted to do that.....
  7. I have bought 2 different Golf carts...the first one was so hard to steer...a tiny tap on the right or left arrow key & I was heading into someones house or bushes....the 2nd one works a bit better....but I really prefer my trusty bicycle....goes much slower - but I can control much better.
  8. mmmm Zombie's huh?......I just got thru watching Sundays episode of Fear the Walking Dead......I know you can pick a Zombie avatar.....1 time - when I had a Meadowbrook home....I was on a posing stand changing my body, clothes & stuff & someone spoke to me & when I looked - there was a Zombie looking in my window....I was quite startled....but it was kind of funny. I may stop by & say hello sometime.
  9. I went right by your home today...did not know it - I went on that walkway under the bridge........love that.
  10. Loved your video....can I ask what your draw distance is on the video?
  11. I think I have found my spot I would choose.....a view of houseboats, other houses, water - with a road in front......the only thing that would make it more perfect is if there was a mountain view on the opposite side where the houseboats are.....
  12. I really enjoyed GOT and am sad it is over.
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