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  1. You can put snow on the Cabin, just go inside & click on the controller on the wall......I do that alot.
  2. Been there, done that, lol......but you can't help but hope that a lower priced item will be great.....sometimes they are.
  3. I am a little exhausted after watching her workout, lol.
  4. Can't seem to stop changing things, lol. Changed the outside colors & moved things around a bit & added some Halloween decor. Made changes on the inside.
  5. Had a nice day.....sunbathed awhile on the roof of my trailer. Then while I was out riding my horse, I came across a bear sleeping on a log in Lake Tatakaka. I decided to do a little boating. Moored my boat at the Lodge. What a wonderful view from the roof.
  6. It's gorgeous, Ziggy.
  7. I do currently have a camper - but thought I would post pics of my last old Linden home I had prior to Bellisseria. The Loftroom......I was going for a 50's vibe, and I did love it.
  8. I would be all over that if that happened.
  9. The Loftroom was my favorite home of the old Linden Homes......I would not mind seeing that exact same home in Bellisseria.....I love the openness of the inside......that is the only thing I don't care for in the newer Traditional homes.....the rooms are too separate and feel tight....... But overall - the Bellisseria neighborhoods, streets, yards are so much more enjoyable than the way the houses were situated in the old areas....
  10. Congratulations! @Patch Linden - well deserved! 😀
  11. Perfectly suitable for SL day to day living, lol.....love the furniture....so cute.
  12. I decided to change from the bigger Tiny House (Winchester) to the Sun Valley trailer. I like the way the sliding doors open out the back. It comes with a deck....but the deck has railings around it with no way to step off....so I put up my own deck. I think I like this one better than the bigger one - for a change....I actually do think I could live in a trailer or a tiny house for real.....maybe.....
  13. Super cute kitchen.
  14. Have a nice, restful vacation....sounds wonderful.
  15. I have a Crock pot and a file box of recipes (that I hardly ever use) on top of my RL fridge, lol.
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