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  1. Hi again Second life Fourms. It's a long while since i was on the game and i have been working on alot of scripts. Recently i re-watched the HBO chernobyl serie and got inspired to try and build a Powerplant in second life with a few friends. Tho i strongly recall that we all had 1 issue with the game. The prim count- Our main problem with Second life is that we would like a big building with alot of small rooms but it would take up 200+ prims. Dose anyone know of a program, designer and/or place you can make/buy/get buildings with a low-prim count? Thanks to everyone
  2. This is what the script looks like now- integer listen_handle; integer channel = 0; default { attach(key id) { if (id) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); listen_handle = llListen(channel, "", NULL_KEY, ""); } } run_time_permissions( integer perm ) { if (perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { llOwnerSay("Permissions has been granted automatically."); } } listen(integer channel, string name, ke
  3. Wow that worked (both of you) THANSK! now when i read it i can see the falut *face palm*. Guess i don't have such a good grip after all ^^' Thanks again tho! you guys are the best
  4. So it kinda works! I can now make the bot sit by using the following: (it's croped) listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if ( llGetPermissions() & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION ) { if (llToLower(message) == "bot sit") { llSay(0, "roger, roger."); llStopAnimation(""); llStartAnimation("sit_ground"); } if (llToLower(message) == "bot stand") { llSay(0, "roger, roger.");
  5. Oh thanks! I will give it a quick try and see if i can make it work- I will also try to post the finished code here with a few edits so that ppl might be able to use it later as refmaterial- (or maybe it should be in "LSL lib?")
  6. I have been looking around but could not find the "sit_ground_constrained" in my inventory- But maybe im looking the wrong place? ^^ also thanks for the help
  7. Thanks for that i will give it a try tho i'm not sure if i understand this correct- Are you saying i should create an object that i can attach to the bot which will make it sit or that i need to make an object it can sit on. incase it's an object for it to sit on, that is not what im looking for. I need a function that uses the "Sit here" function you normaly have when you right click on you avi.
  8. Hello again fourm- I have been working on my "bot" and was wondering if there is a LSL function or command to make an avatar sit on ground (Not on an object)? Here is the current code i'm working with (also thanks to Rolig Loon for making the original script this is based off from.) integer listen_handle; integer channel = 0; default { attach(key id) { if (id) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); listen_handle = llListen(channel, "", NULL_KEY, ""); } }
  9. Alright thanks! ^^ I must have added payment to the account at a point by accident then-
  10. Yes that is correct! But will that not also remove the ability to "buy L$" from my main ("perg0" this one)
  11. I have been working on some really fun project in LSL lately and wanted to give the AGENT and "BOT" functions a try too! You see i have an alt account that i would like to use... Tho i do not like the fact that i can use the "BUY $L" function on that account- Is there a way i can block that account incase of my code or anything else going totaly wrong- Don't wanna end up sleeping in a box on the street during this corona stuff. ^^' Thanks for your help and sorry for the bad grammar. I hope you all have a great day. ~Perg0
  12. Thanks for the help! ^^ I have gotten a better understanding of the code now and i even tried your code- unfortunately it seams to only go one direction. None the less i now have an idear of which part of the code dose what. Thanks again! ❤️
  13. Thanks! ^^ i will have a look if i can't make the other work. I'm taking a break from scripting all day so i will have a look later ^^ Thanks again everyone :3 this is the sort of community i was missing back in the day when i started with other scripts.
  14. Well thanks! i will give "llTakeControls" a try then! ^^ I'm happy for your help.
  15. This may be considert an "idiotic question" but i'm really curious- I'm working on a script that should make you able to sit on a poseball that is linked to other objects and move all of them, like if you were walking around "normaly". Do you NEED to use llVehicle functions, or can you use make it so the object can be attached to your avi and the object will still have functional poseballs? I hope this makes sense and thanks again for the help! This LSL scripting has really gotten me hooked during the Covid 19 crisis. ~Perg0
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