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  1. Depends on your style really, but I think Lightstar might work.
  2. Another problem is some people have a bad habit of not knowing what is and isn't a child avatar these days. I've heard many complaints from people with avatars in the big-eyes-small-mouth anime style about being mistaken for child avatars. This is why I don't like to use the default head with the kemono.
  3. It can be easy to forget, but SL is part of the Internet, and lying to make yourself look good is a grand tradition.
  4. About the only RLV thing that I used was a relay that turned me into a mermaid when I enter Linden water.
  5. As a Twisted Hunt veteran, I have to ask how bad it is.
  6. 135k and I'm gaining faster than I'm purging. Ah the joys of hunt season.
  7. I'm not even sure if it is possible to troll inworld anymore, what with most of the safe hub of yore being empty and people being quicker to hit the ban hammer than before. Not that I ever wanted to, but I remember eavesdropping on quite a few conversations.
  8. If I wanted to include a MMO element to my SL, I'd grab one of those lifestyle/crafting games in which people can join in when THEY want, even if most of these are Linden sinks. I've played Xeolife for a bit, and I'd buy that Needs HUD for my less human forms as soon as I find out whether or not I can turn off the bladder (or maybe not, it's 950l). As for these vampgames, I'd think that there enough of a Bloodlines community that they no longer need to recruit newbies (still gonna be a Linden drain though), the Hunger may or may not be dying, and Progeny and Angels & Demons are free but invite only, and only the latter has a public destination. Makes you wonder.
  9. Wait a bit, aren't Femdom and Findom seperate things, or am I confused? Help? I'm scared of AFK, because I don't want to risk my account because some griefer was bored and determined enough to switch to a kid avatar, then have a alt screenshot and AR the results. BBC, on the other hand, it makes me wonder how many of both the guys and the girls are actually white guys, particularly those who belong to a certain internet demograph who use chicken clucking as thier go-to insult, and have the audacity call furries perverts, when it's very obvious that they are obsessed with a particular fetish to the point that it's the origin of said insult.
  10. I'd say ditto on the multiple region crossings. I've played GTFO for a few hauls and had several things fly off my body when I took off the HUD. And yeah, it was my pants at least once.
  11. Yeah, I think I'll be avoiding vore from now on, yeesh. I do remember saying no permadeath in my profile tank gods.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can't get a virus from a gift card. Still won't trust it though, just to be on the safe side.
  13. The fact that this has come back up shows it's still a issue. I've had to buy a chest for the Kemono out of fear of being mistaken for a kid. And quite a few people still lump anime avatars and child avatars in the same basket :/. So yeah....
  14. What turned me off from Aesthetic was the fact that it uses *9* 1024s, including one for the *toenails*, though going bara furry does mitigate that. Also, I'm not into the musclely types, I like my manbodes to be a bit slimmer.
  15. Here's just a few: Firestorm choking when I'm in a non-Tiny crowd to the point where I have to set rendering to 'friends only' in crowded shopping events just so that I can function (and so that the viewer would render the vendors instead of some tiny piece of jewelry some lady halfway across the sim is wearing). The fun little GTFO minigame: Seeing how much of me flies off when I take off the HUD. The constant terror of being accused of being a child avatar whenever I'm wearing a default head kemono. Having to buy a Maitreya in order to wear clothes at all. The scarcity of male clothes for mainstream male bodies that aren't Modern Casual (or as some put it: What your Dad thinks is cool.) Firestorm taking a few minutes to boot up when the texture cache is big enough. The explosion of Gatcha rezable objects (as in will get lost in a server hiccup). Events on top of events, with a side dish of events (and you wonder why a lot of creators are plundering Turbosquid these days?)
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