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  1. Magnek Fang

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Worked on another look.
  2. Magnek Fang

    What fonts can you use in your name?

    A little cursive is fine, I can read that. But some people take it way too far. I would show no surprise if I saw somebody with wingdings. Me, I can't exactly do the keyboard acrobatics needed to do half that stuff.
  3. Nah, they're still around. I don't blame them for being a bit insualar though, after all the crap some parts of the internet put them through.
  4. Magnek Fang

    Racism about Furry

    I don't know where you've been hanging out, but let me say that ridiculously oversized naughty bits are not the sole province of furries. To each thier own.
  5. Magnek Fang

    Viewer is hijacked. How to fix?

    This is why you don't leave your relay open. Also, for the love of gods buy a kid-friendly HUD, you know they make them.
  6. Magnek Fang


    What the eff? Are we being deliberately attacked or are we just collateral damage?
  7. I have such a wide variety of avis, and I never suffered any hate for it. Complements, sometimes confusion, but never any static. But I get what the OP is saying, this is about as old as the Internet, but these days you'd have to go out of your way to find furry anything. To be honest, about the only anti-furries left are those influenced by 4Chan.
  8. Magnek Fang

    Is the Grid down!

    Waitwaitwait, mesh is being blamed for this?
  9. Magnek Fang


    Aaaaand not happening again.
  10. Magnek Fang


    Is it safe yet?
  11. Magnek Fang

    America's Black Slavery in Second Life

    I dunno, when I see a Black man/white woman thing, I start to wonder: How many of these people (on either side) are actually alt-right, because holy catfish is this subgroup obsessed with this fetish, to the point that thier go-to insult is slung around so much that you can be forgiven if you mistook them for werechickens. As for Roleplay and Politics, that issue's been around, since, SL8B. I get the feeling that if we can dig around deep enough in the archives, we'd find a lot of the same arguments.
  12. Magnek Fang

    Halloween - Bored with it already 😫

    What do you mean she can't wear that stuff outside of Halloween? It's a state of mind.
  13. Magnek Fang

    How do you get to someone's MarketPlace wishlist?

    Well, I only got things that I want, but are low-priority. Everything else I try to save up for.
  14. Oh come on, old LR was easier to farm, true, but that mucky fire stuff was awful to look at, plus there was a whole bunch of gems you couldn't grab due to physics. One tiny problem I have so far.... would it have hurt to put a checkpoint close to the lava jump puzzle?
  15. Magnek Fang

    Second Life personality traits

    Maybe you should expand your horizons a bit.