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  1. I'm on 'friends only' at shopping events, and what I do every time I *think* I bumped into someone is say 'sorry'. I really don't know how much a impact that makes though.
  2. Cosplaying as something so obscure nobody in your crowd knows what it is. Searching for stuff in the marketplace. Okay, since when is a tunic dress a bloody poncho.
  3. I think one reason, at least for furry sims, for a sim to be marked A is to keep out throwaway griefer accounts.
  4. New peeve: LL comes out with a new shiny, and your viewer of choice is taking FOREVER. I wanna play with BoM!
  5. Anyone else just grabbing a Ruth or Roth 2.0 so that they can pay with the new shiny? Also, there are so many Firestorm features that I miss already.
  6. I do use 'show Friends only' when I go to shopping events because I want the VENDORS to rez and not the 1024 gem in some bit of jewelry worn by some lady halfway across the sim. As for objects, I haven't derendered anything permamently, just long enough to get it out of the way of something I wanna click.
  7. I'm certain that I don't want it on Apple's app store, because it was the removal of the Tumblr app from there that triggered last year's adult art purge.
  8. I've endured that laghole doing my freebie hunting, and I'll say that there are maybe two other stores with nonhuman parts that I may visit NEXT WEEK at the earliest. And while Tinies are a thriving community and pretty much a part of SL, it's still a niche thing.
  9. Yeah, this is pretty much my thoughts too. If Twitch didn't ban SL, we might have saw more people trying to troll for the sweet ragebux.
  10. Depends on your style really, but I think Lightstar might work.
  11. Another problem is some people have a bad habit of not knowing what is and isn't a child avatar these days. I've heard many complaints from people with avatars in the big-eyes-small-mouth anime style about being mistaken for child avatars. This is why I don't like to use the default head with the kemono.
  12. It can be easy to forget, but SL is part of the Internet, and lying to make yourself look good is a grand tradition.
  13. About the only RLV thing that I used was a relay that turned me into a mermaid when I enter Linden water.
  14. As a Twisted Hunt veteran, I have to ask how bad it is.
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