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  1. Magnek Fang

    How does your avatar look today ?

    You wouldn't believe how lucky I was to get the deer body.
  2. Magnek Fang

    American people vanished or it is just me?

    Well, things will calm down soonish, then the weather will get colder, so more people will be indoors. Maybe then the concurrency will go up a little.
  3. Magnek Fang

    Mesh designers: Who will update to BoM for free?

    I already have a body which has it's tattoo layer as a separate thing. Also, while BoM will work for some clothes, I think that a lot of people will want materials, so the clothing layer will prolly stay.
  4. Magnek Fang

    Do you have advanced lighting enabled?

    I did, for awhile. Then I turned it off because my rusty old rig was starting to choke. A pity, really.
  5. Magnek Fang

    Avatar Height In Second Life

    I've had to yank up the height sliders on quite a few of my Kuroo-form avis (up to a point, the feet are not fitmesh so they start looking small once you're tall enough) out of fear of child avatar accusations (it's also a reason that I bought a chest for the Kemono). But these were ones with a more human face, thankfully people aren't nearly as inclined to assign a age to non-human avatars. Then again, I haven't wandered into a non-store Adult area recently.
  6. Magnek Fang

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    "Gee, I wish the Lindens would pay more attention to us." *LL does so* "OMG Favoritism!" Hey, I'm not too fond of Blueberry (I was disappointed with thier wings), but at least it's not C****. Anyways, maybe it's the 3 year neglect we had (which I left somewhere in the middle of), but I think it's nice that we get more acknowledgement. Then again, I have to remind myself that in about every MMO game the forumgoers are the Loud Minority.
  7. Magnek Fang

    Secondlife declining player base

    I do not like all this talk of a forced ARC limit. For one, WHOSE limits? You know damn well there's folk with a grudge against non-human avatars or a particular mesh body and will gladly try to shoehorn everybody else into a specific aesthetic if they can get away with it. Or there are people who will happily force people to dump items older than a certain arbitrarily set date because they think it's 'ugly', 'inefficient', or 'holding SL back'. You can do better with actual education than forcing it. Myself, I've deleted several old avatars for high complexity, and I am slowly getting new hairs to replace some sculpt complexity bombs. I think I've been doing pretty well so far. Thing is, there is no one magic solution to this. There's a lot of factors here, and to focus on just one thing ain't gonna cut it. Even so, I still think reminding people SL is still here should be enough.
  8. Well, that jogs my memory a bit. What year was it when they tried to make SL more like Facebook?
  9. Magnek Fang

    Then and Now in SL...

    Yeah, I don't exactly miss prim-fitting, especially when you have a wide variety of avatars to slap them on. Which reminds me, I gotta go through all the jewelry that I've been finding on all those hunts (hats are okay though, you don't need to adjust those much). Mesh clothing (and avatars) were a bit of relief, even when there was standard sizing (there are fewer sliders below the neck). It was when I came back after about two years that I got culture shock. Somewhere along the line it became nearly mandatory to have a mesh body in order to have decent clothing (or even any clothes at all). It's a good thing that I bought a Kemono before my hiatus so I was able to adjust to such things as alpha cuts and appliers. Now this, Kuroo, and Geralt are a part of my repertoire. I'm not getting a Maitreya until after BoM.
  10. Magnek Fang

    Secondlife declining player base

    Why is it that nearly all the suggestions to breathe new life into SL end up boiling down to 'throw out the stuff I think is old'? As a scavenger and appreciator of the old, I find this rather disturbing. I don't appreciate being forced to toss stuff out because some hipster thought I should 'get with the times', and I know I'm not the only one that feels that way. Yes I do have mesh stuff, but that's more due to scrimping and saving than anything else. I mean, that's half the charm. The last time LL tried to make something new, we go Sansar, which isn't exactly thriving (and prolly never will as long as VR rigs are expensive, need large amounts of space, and induce vertigo, or for that matter as long as VRchat exists). What we may need to do is make it easier for new people to find stuff to do, like maybe give the search engine a tweak, or maybe just remind the rest of the world that we're still here and there's more than sex.
  11. I'll just leave this here (TvTropes warning) https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SingleIssueWonk
  12. I'm not getting a Lara until BoM's on Firestorm, because then I will relish wearing my KZK blue Renamon again. And I know I will have clothes for it.
  13. Magnek Fang

    Feature Wish | Name rant

    How do you make those dippy things in the first place? I'm running into those a bit more often than there are people that know unicode.
  14. Magnek Fang

    The Great SL War is just started.

    ... Wat?
  15. Magnek Fang

    What did your avatar look like when you first started SL?

    Well, here's *a* old one, and when Kinzart came out with a blue Renamon (not long before my hiatus), I grabbed that too. Mind you, even back then, I kept changing my avatars as I grabbed new things, new clothes and new parts. Also, I'm more likely to be male than female.