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  1. isn't occulus like strapping a cellphone onto your face? and then it has a facebook inside so they can spy on you everywhere? i don't think i want one. think of the eye strain... ouchy :catsurprised:
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbyZDq76T74 Hooray itsa cat party!!!
  3. might as well just start meowing! :catvery-happy: meeeeeoooooowwwww!!!!!
  4. meow meow meow! hooray!!!! :catvery-happy:
  5. :cathappy:Meow????? :catvery-happy:I'm a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. :catvery-happy: i'm a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. So.... Linden Lab is stealing our money. What else is new? :catsad:
  8. Why so serious? I used to take SL a little bit seriously but then seeing the full reality of it... not any more! It is a joke and will always be a joke :catlol::catlol::catlol::catlol::catlol: ^^^I do not mean this in an insulting way it is just that it makes me laugh when I think of it. The executives and employees of Linden Lab clearly do not take SL seriously at all, it is a joke to them too. SL is a very absurd thing to be existing? If you try to take it seriously that would only drive you crazy! :catlol::catlol::catlol::catlol::catlol:
  9. having no CEO is an option which a small company like LL should seriously consider. a CEO is not necessary.
  10. its a cat on a skateboard! i know theres some clever video editing done at points but still... ITS A CAT ON A SKATEBOARD! pretty incredible:catsurprised:
  11. :catsurprised:OH NOES!!!!! ITS HAPPENING!!!:catsurprised: :catsurprised:ITS HABBENING!!!:catsurprised: just kidding we all know CEOs do pretty much nothing at all... yet get paid 354x more than everyone else on average... BIG THUMBS UP LL! Its 2014! time to throw the tradition of fat cat CEOs into the dustbin of history! this is a great cost-cutting measure Linden Lab!! now how about using some of that money previously wasted on this 1%er salary to develop SL instead? :catvery-happy::catlol::catvery-happy::catlol::catvery-happy::catlol::catvery-happy::catlol:
  12. Tarina Sewell wrote: This is why many legit mesh creators are leaving and focusing on other worlds and or just using 3d modeling sites to sell their creations. (which of course are then brought into SL as own content) Yes I did not leave because I support my customer base here but this is why I have not created any new content for SL in years now. Its very unfortunate how Linden Lab decided to profiteer from asset theft and encourage IP violations to run rampant here by actively exploiting legal loopholes. Its just too disrespectful to artists and original producers so I do not want to be associated with it. The current setup does force many people who value original content or/and make original content to go elsewhere. Actually I am glad I was forced out since it made me really push myself to grow and blossom as a creator... it also got me connecting with new audiences. Audiences which are larger ....larger by several orders of magnitude than SL ever will be... so its all very exciting!!! Its worthless to comment about this situation much though since Linden Lab will obviously never change their ways until IP laws change ...and that is probably the day SL suddenly closes. Right now is too easy and makes Linden Lab too much $$$$$ so they cannot stop. They got nothing else
  13. first advice is don't use the word "hire" it has rather exact legal implications. call it something else like... 'opportunity'.
  14. OMG.... its full of cats :catvery-happy::catvery-happy::catvery-happy::catvery-happy::catvery-happy::catvery-happy::catvery-happy: var cat : boolean = true; while (cat==true) { yield WaitForSeconds(1.0); print("meow!"); } =^_^=
  15. haha lindens finish something? :catlol: second life only remains in the linden lab portfolio as a revenue draw to fund their mobile apps. i wouldn't hold your breath waiting for any developments of anything here. if anything brace for a surprise closure notice :catsurprised:
  16. i think you just did it. asking here is probably the best way to connect with people :catembarrassed:
  17. Wow that is pretty low of them... thanks for posting I was not aware. I am very happy I spent all my creative production time elsewhere lately.
  18. Yeah Second Life got way slower for me lately and then it got worse... I haven't logged in lately because the last SL update literally destroyed one of my computers here! That forced update. Opened SL after updating & it was the worst lag ever and then SL crashed but the viewer window stayed open & it was frozen although finder said the application had quit? Then the computer went dead. It can't startup any more since... junked basically. Thanks a lot Lindens... Now I am too scared to use SL on my nicer computers ever since.
  19. true true hehe :catvery-happy: somebody could be on hallucinogens or what have you :catlol: but you get my point no? there could be a lot more done to eliminate fragmentation.
  20. I just think when they bring in new features like mesh or new materials/shaders it should be like WHAM drop it everywhere at once in one day... thats your new world. enjoy! slowly trickling things in is just annoying. and yes i think the viewer has way too many settings and the default ones are always terrible. good default settings, that are optimized to properly display any new features, is highly important.... as most people will never change any settings. they should try harder to make it one shared world, you know, a world that works the way reality works... in that we all see the scene the same way.
  21. Does this mean no more viewer 1 floating about soon? If so... yay! It would be nice if everyone in SL can finally see basic mesh at least... hopefully with standard out of the box viewers, not fiddling with all sorts of hidden settings. I really dislike the current viewer fragmentation & disunity of the Second Life shared experience, too much variation where some see nothing, or see random artifacts, or others only see a very poor facsimile of the world :catsad:
  22. my expectation was it would have more game-like elements and be much more fantastical & imaginative, less like a mirror of reality. i thought avatar had to eat to live at first and people led me on to think so, so at first I spent a lot of time trying to find food items with no linden money... that was fun hehehe :catvery-happy: i was also surprised that most avatars look like regular people, most people wear fashion you'd find in a mall, and most places generally look pretty much like real world places with shopping centers, cars, and houses.
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