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  1. Well thanks Claire. I used to use Onrez/SLB and XSL. XSL paid out within minutes and SLM basically is XSL, just torn apart and hacked back together. I'm just leary of firstly finding a decent third party exchange and then it being bought out by LL. Can you recommend any reputable exchanges specifically?
  2. Seriously...how many transfers do I have to do (numerous) and how many years do I need to be a resident with verified payment information on account (8 years) before it stops taking 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks to get a PayPal transfer done? Do I need to sign up for some premium program before the one guy they apparently have in charge of transfers who works an hour a day will look at my stuff?
  3. I met a couple people in RL coincidentally who played SL and they were both creepy to the max. Now, if I extrapolate that data we can see that everyone who plays SL is creepy in real life. (except me, I'm the only exception)
  4. You could have just linked to the original College Humor website where it came from, instead of making people muck through Hulu ads.
  5. Buy stuff from merchants with good reviews (not just shill reviews). Don't just buy the most expensive or the most cheap. As far as boycotting/protesting LL goes...they were already inefficient and ineffective before they fired a third of their staff...somehow I don't think complaining is going to change that. But do feel free to put in a support ticket.
  6. I would just reiterate, a game that is a haven for people to hide their identities and pretend to be a completely different person probably isn't the best place to go looking for an RL relationship. My advice, is go local. Step outside, go somewhere, do something maybe even shake your thang at the local watering hole. I don't think anyone here could begin to tell you how many people have had long term relationships in SL only to find out that their partner was not the gender they said they were, severely mentally disturbed, weighed about 100 pounds more than they said they did and lied about any other number of aspects of their life such as has no job, already married or in a relationship, lives with parents, etc., etc. Suffice to say...a lot.
  7. Amazing...and it only took 2 days? There must have been some rare celestial alignment event.
  8. Welcome to Second Life, an open source, virtual playground for real life douchebags.
  9. I'm pretty sure you and your SL boyfriend breaking up might have had something to do with revealing your real life gender to him. That kinda stuff doesn't really surprise me but the ridiculous amounts of drama is why I have made it a point not to engage in "relationships" in SL, be they real, virtual or a combination of the two. I can't help but think if you just ignored this alleged "bully" that would be the end of it. However, on the various websites and forums you've posted this stuff too it seems like you're more obsessed about the whole deal than the supposed bully is. And if you are indeed being cyber-trolled then constantly calling this person out publicly (which I see you edited out) is only providing them with fodder. Also, I couldn't help but also notice the following from the exact same thread you posted in the SLU forums under your SLU name Virtual.Barbie, which makes me wonder if some of this drama isn't self-inflicted. Originally Posted by Excerpt from Virtual.Barbie's profile pick "Enjoy sucking my ex boyfriends ****, oh btw how does my *** taste?" To which I can only respond with:
  10. Please be patient and someone with deeply, disturbing mental and emotional issues will be with you shortly.
  11. Linden Labs deals with Griefers the same way they deal with Billing Inquiries...wait a few weeks and see if you stop complaining. <_<
  12. Even better than wearing a Garlic Necklace is SL's built in ignore/block function. :matte-motes-asleep:
  13. Well, my personal advice is don't do anything on an alt account that you wouldn't want others to know about on your main account. That's if you care deeply about what others think about your main or alt's activities in SL. That probably doesn't help you but...that's my advice.
  14. How to start a successful skin business in SL: (for entertainment purposes only, not actually good advice) 1. Download Eloh Eliot's free skin templates. 2. Spend a minute or two and make a couple very minor changes here or there, like changing a color or hue. 3. Give your skins some snazzy names like, "Samantha", "Melissa" or even "Daniel"...ooh! 4. Take one skin, adjust the saturation/color on it at least 10 times each. Make each one a separate product. 5. Viola! Your skin business is ready! 6. If anyone points out these are Eloh Eliot skins with little or no changes at all, with your CAPSLOCK ON tell them that you, A: Have never heard of Eloh Eliot! B: Made them yourself. C: Only used them as a reference, and totally made all these changes and stuff which makes them worth (at least) 3000L per skin. 7. BONUS File DMCAs and Abuse Reports on anyone else using Eloh Eliot templates for their skins because they're obviously ripping you off. P.S. I actually encountered someone before who was selling EE's skins (without even bothering to change anything) and claiming they were her own original skins. When I pointed out to her (facetiously) that this Eloh Eliot person was "ripping them off" from her she actually agreed with me. <_<
  15. "Thanks Ariel - Yes she has submitted a ticket but to date the only response she has had is some crazy email from them about not accepting gift cards - no idea what that was about!" This is pretty much spot on for LL support. In fact, it's amazing you guys got that response even though it obviously has nothing to do with your situation. Still...it's a response! According to my calculations about 2 months after you've already lost your land and then subsequently rallied an outcry on the forums about it someone in support should be able to fix this for you...after you file another ticket... :matte-motes-bored:
  16. Global Economic tanking has had an obvious impact on SL in the past years. Putting aside IRL economic factors SL has still always been a risky investment. People who think they're going to buy some land then open "TEH HAWTEST CLUB IN SL!!!!!!!!" have always been the butt of jokes. They're basically an allegory for people who have absolutely no idea what they're doing, how to market, promote, manage, etc. They think they can just buy some land, slap a generic building on it, add some lights and rake in the money. Remember, people are cheap, especially in SL. If you want to make money you have to provide a good service and hopefully appeal to a niche. There are a handful of residents with good business sense but there's innumerous ones that merely make money by ripping off other merchants and scamming people. At any rate, before you embark on any financial endeavor in SL that requires a lot of out of pocket money I advise you make a detailed plan and maybe consult with some people who have similar businesses and are willing to share good advice. Crunch the numbers. If you add them up correctly, you should show a visible loss Seriously, though... ^^ Also, have a product/business/product line and marketing/promotion set up or planned before you start buying land. Otherwise, you're just as likely to sit there with a big empty plot of land for months losing money and if you start promoting it before there's any product/service available then you're screwing yourself on top of that.
  17. Well, anyway... The reason I'm irked is because this is delaying my purchase of Worms Ultimate Mayhem, which I believe is a reasonable gripe. However, I did find a great explanation as to why it takes forever times infinity for LL to process Paypal transfers here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/Why-is-my-money-quot-in-progress-quot-from-lindex-to-paypal-SO/qaq-p/697956 Apparently, instead of using Mass Pay, LL prefers to get their sticky hands in the peanut butter jar and process/approve the transactions manually themselves. I'm assuming their is one guy assigned to this task, who is also assigned to many other tasks who maybe works half a day and most certainly doesn't do holidays and weekends...ever, so it's more like one reluctant sticky finger. I thought my 2+ weeks on my last request was bad but apparently there are people going on a month or more routinely. Efficiency and customer service at it's finest. I think it's funny, because when you're putting money in or when LL is taking money out for premium/land fees that money is gone quicker than a jackrabbit in a Texan analogy. I suppose the mere fact that you have to wait an average of two weeks in itself is a safety measure because if you actually monitor your account that gives you a good two weeks to catch any transfers you may have not made, if your account became compromised.
  18. For more accurate results if any, Google the phrase, like so with quotes: "victoria resident" "second life"
  19. I gotta say as a resident going on 8 years SL gets olds after a while. I'd imagine it's at least doubly so for Torley.
  20. It was my understanding that memory leaks are included as a standard feature.
  21. First off: @Tammy As I clearly stated in the post I'm not talking about the time it takes to withdraw from PayPal to one's bank account. I'm talking about the time it takes for SL to send one's money to their PayPal account. On XSL it routinely took me about a minute to see my money from XSL get transferred to my PayPal account. It's referred to as "mass pay". And no, I'm not going to miss paying a bill because I have to wait X to the Xth power days to actually get my money in my PayPal but I think it would be more convenient to not have to put in a withdrawal request at least a week before I would actually like to put in a withdrawal request. Now, I'm not sure what alternate dimension LL holds our money in once someone requests a withdrawal but... @Qie: I assume that the reason SL's advertised 0-5 days, possible 1-3 weeks depending on whether their transaction system decides to crap out is in place is to ensure that all withdrawals are safe as possible, hence "transaction safety".
  22. I miss getting my paypal withrdawals from the XSL exchange within a minute of withdrawing. Apparently, that's the one trade secret they didn't impart to LL when they took it over.
  23. I recommend finding a "partner" who doesn't have deeply disturbing emotional issues with possible underlying serial killer characteristics...not something easy to find in Second Life.
  24. For pretty much anything that could confuse someone I include simple instructions written as if someone was a first day resident. Things like hats, I leave up to the wearer to figure out though That said, even with step by step instructions or disclaimers for scripted products I still get questions. In the past I actually spent half an hour personally walking someone through setting up a dj booth/radio that I sold for like 25L that included simple and precise instructions that covered pretty much all possible scenarios, owned land, rented land, deeded, shared, etc. If I have the time, I generally don't mind though. The way I see it, service is part of the sale.
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